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Rudraksha Therapy for Good Health

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Rudraksha is a Supreme Holistic Herbal Medicine. Rudrakshas’ mother land or birthplace is mountains of Himalayas, more so in Nepal. Rudrakshas are considered to be sacred and have many spiritual and medicinal values both as preventive and curative. Rudraksha is the King of Herbal medicine working effectively and positively on mental faculty and also correcting the physical conditions along with planetary positions both as preventive and as curative by using internally and externally aiming for PERFECT HEALTH of body, mind and spirit. We have taken up this project under Indian Medicine Academy and developed it is “RUDRAKSHA THERAPY”.

As now we have realized that the more indiscriminately we use the Allopathic Drugs, the worst the disturbance of the vital force and the human body’s natural mechanism – the resistance power of the body is gradually reduced. The mode of action of Rudraksha Therapy is covered by basic principles of Ayurveda and it also fulfils the ideals of gentle harmless and quick restoration of health basing on comprehensive principles. Persons of any age, sex and profession can take this therapy being purely herbal and most tolerable by Natural human body, and it has no side effects, after effects or reactions. Hence there is rapid growth in the usage and wearing of Rudraksha by more and more people in this Computer age in India and in various other parts of the world. It is mainly due to the positive results gained by Rudraksha’s wearing and internal usage for perfect health.

Rudraksha Therapy has been found useful broadly in the treatment of High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol content in the blood, thus keeps the Heart ailments away, various allergies, neurological diseases, early stage of Asthma, Diabetes, Cancer, many other circulatory and mental ailments, both as preventive and as curative. In chronic cases of lung sufferings with many complications, which could not be successfully treated by any other medical systems, Rudraksha mixed with various Ayurvedic herbs given internally, not only improves its effectiveness but also cuts short the treatment period, leading to speedy and early recovery. The treatment is given depending upon the patient’s condition, seriousness of the disease with any other complications with multiple occupational & domestic serious problems.

When the Japam is being performed with Rudraksha Mala keeping the beads little pressed and pushed, a type of acupressure is being done on the Accupressure points in the Thumb and Middle finger. This improves the blood circulation at eyes, mental nerves, pituitary and pineal and it prevents the cold and Asthma.

The latest research result is on wearing Rudraksha Necklace or Rudraksha Mala in helping to radiate out the accumulated static electricity growing due to internal bioelectrical current flow and radiating out the accumulated charge in outer space thereby allowing the free circulation and the uniform distribution to all the parts of human body. People of all castes, communities, can wear Rudraksha Ladies can also wear them. Ladies should not wear Rudraksha during the menstrual period and during the intercourse time at all. It is found that for the purpose of medicinal use and worshipping the bigger the Rudraksha is the best one. Smaller or medium size Rudraksha is most effective for wearing and Japam. Rudraksha can be worn on wrists, forearms, neck, chest, head and forehead in rings, on ear lobes, on stomach and also as Yagnopavitham, as per the expert’s advice and one’s need. Tulsi Mala will give psychic powers called siddhis, while the Rudraksha Mala will give Riddhi psychic powers and prosperity. To get complete benefit Rudraksha Mala can be made of 108, 54, 36, 27 or 18 beads. One should use those Rudraksha only which are nice, handsome, strong, auspicious and well thorny and clearly grooved faces and having natural central self-holed Rudrakshas are the best ones. Rudraksha wearer gets different types of benefits upon the Rudraksha’s faces.

Type of Rudrakshas

Depending on the faces (Vertical lines or furrows) on Rudrakshas – we find many types of Rudrakshas. Rudrakshas wearer gets different types of benefits depending upon the Rudrakshas faces.

We explain below Rudrakshas of one to fourteen Mukhas and their medicinal effects on human body.

1. EKA MUKHI (One faced): (It is incarnation of Lord Shiva). This Rudraksha will not be available easily and it is considered to be the most rare one. Those who possess this will possess all riches, happiness and prosperity and their all desires are fulfilled easily. It will develop divine attitude and mental and all-round happiness. One will get this only by luck but cannot purchase. The natural features of Naga Sarpa, Trishula, Shivalinga and Omkaram are found on this Rudraksha since its birth.

2. DWI MUKHI (Two Faced): (It is Ardha Nareeshwara incarnation of Shivaparvathi). Wearer will have control on his desires and will develop divinely outlook – very useful in Kundalini awakening – essential in Vashikarna Mental ailments of various types and arthinitis will be cured and success is pregnancy.

3. TRI MUKHI (Three Faces): (Incarnation of Agni or Fire God. And also gets Brahma, Vishnu Maheshwar blessings). Helps in higher education, for the betterment of eye sight, for the cure of indigestion, Asthma, Malaria, Heart diseases. For the cure of common eye ailments, this Rudraksha is to rubbed in milk and applied to eye like kajal.

4. CHATUR MUKHI (Four Faced): (It is Brahma Swaroopa). By wearing this, Grasping Power, remembrance, intelligence and cleverness will increase. It treats certain types of skin diseases. It is more useful to dull minded and early stage of epilepsy. This Rudraksha is used internally with milk for 21 days for full benefit.

This type of Rudraksha is found very useful for dowsing by trying a black thin through the hole.

5. PANCHA MUKHI (Five Faced): (It is Kalagni Swaroopa and Rudragana). This Rudraksha provides more mental peace, normalizes blood circulation and controls Blood Pressure, prevents heart diseases, saves from the bad effects of evil eyes and keeps away poisonous insects. Excess sexual desires will be controlled and even lessens bad effects of sexual diseases and helps in purification of blood/mind.

6. SHAN MUKHI (Six Faced): (Incarnation of Lord Karthikeya). It is more useful in cases of Chest pain Hysteria, Fits and other feminine diseases. Due to its usage students will get increased attentive and retaining memory power. Hence it is most useful for students in getting good and higher education by more concentration. To become a good speaker this can be worn on Right hand like Rakhi.

7. SAPTHA MUKHI (Seven Faced): (Incarnation of Lord Manmadha). It is known as Ananga. This will increase sex power, will power, Stree Vashikarna and also gets rid of trauma of Mirgi or Petimal. Financial gains – Successful completion of projects.

8 ASHTA MUKHI (Eight Faced): (Incarnation of Lord Ganesh). This will increase concentration of mind develops knowledge and removes all obstacles in proposed plans and works. Helps for longevity. This is mostly worn by Pandits, Astrologers. Professors etc. It helps in curing early stage of Paralysis. Better in business.

9. NAVA MUKHI (Nine Faced): (Incarnation of Lord Bhairava main deity in Goddess Durga Devi). It is very effective in stopping miscarriage or abortions, helpful in Santhana Prapthi, heart diseases, small pox, skin problems, Ladies, with perfect devotion, wear this on right hand desires of having children. It is very rarely available. More Powerful.

10. DASHA MUKHI (Ten Faced): (It is Visnuswarupa and also known a sJanardhana). This is more useful in spiritual enlightment, keeps away whooping cough and heart born diseases, and releases the mental strain and stress. All round developer.

11. EKADASHA MUKHI (Eleven Faced): (Incarnation of Rudra and alternate to Ekamukhi):This should be worn on head, controls may types of diseases and helps in curing various feminine diseases and is helpful for Santhana Prapthi.

12 DWADASHA MUKHI (Twelve Faced): (It is the incarnation of Maha Vishnu – Adidevata is Sun) It is also known as Aditya, wearing of this on head brings enlightenment and new hope and confidence for patients with long sufferings and chronic diseases. It controls weak minds, excessive desire for sex and other bad habits. Also useful in jaundice. It will be more for Jyothisha and Vasthu Pandits.

13. TRAYODASHA MUKHI (Thirteen Faced). (It is incarnation of Lrod Indra). It is generally worn by ladies to fulfill their desires, increases their good look, beauty care and for skin diseases and early stage of Cancer. Prevents old age health problems.

14. CHATURDASHA MUKHI (Fourteen Faced). (Incarnation of Lord Shiva). It is all powerful for bestowing good health and proper wealth and is a Prathika of Lord Hanumana. Ithelps in curing the facial and partial paralysis, controls Anger and Sex. This is worn on fore head (Lalata). It is also very difficult to get this Rudraksha.

Rudraksha with 15 to 21 faces are also available but very rarely and costly. Hence we have not considered to use them in this Therapy. The two Joint Rudraksha known as Gowri-Sankar which is rarely available, increase the attachment of relationship between husband and wife. Natural three joined Rudraksha is Gowripath – all powerful.

Although in Puranas it is written that Rudrakshas are up to38 faces, but now a days Rudraksha with only 1 to 14 faces are available. Rudrakshas with only 1 to 14 faces are available. Rudraksha of other than 1 to 14 are very rarely available. Hence we have given details about 1 to 14 of Rudrakshas only.

On the basis of pharmacological experiments made by Indian and Foreign experts it is proved that Rudrakshas are beneficial in the treatment of Neurological diseases and various mental disorders. Rudraksha works as Central Nervous System Depressant, Anticonvulsant, Cardiac Stimulant and smooth muscle relaxant. Hypotensive and Hypoglycemic. Rudraksha showed the following biological activity. (1) Anti bacterial; (2) Anti Fungal; (3) Anti protozoal, (4) Anti helminthic; (5) Anti Viral and (6) Anti Cancer properties.

It is evident from the subjective survey, that 30% people use it for spiritual purpose, 35% for mental troubles and 35% for cardiac troubles. As regards its effects, cardiac patients found to get 85% relief, followed by 71% relief of mental trouble sand 50% in spiritual group. These findings clearly indicate that Rudraksha has more therapeutic values as compared to spiritual values.

According to Ayurveda Shastra, Rudraksha contains more natural Vitamin “C” (Amla) which increases the body resistance power against any disease. Rudraksha is hot in nature, hence it helps in proper blood circulation, equal distribution of energy to all the parts of human body and melts out the excess quantity of cholesterol in the blood and thus keeps the heart ailments away. It is vatagna, hence Rudraksha plays a vital role in treating chest pain and in early stage of Rheumatic pains and will not allow any further complications to grow in Rheumatic cases and also works for mental alertness and makes man feel mentally and spiritually hale and healthy. Rudraksha is also Kaphanashak, hence it has curative effect on early stage of Asthma, various allergies, rhinitis, obesity, unwanted over swelling etc. It is also having characteristic of “Shirothi Shamanam” which means having curative qualities of head diseases which includes mainly mental diseases, eyes, nose, ears, throat ailments. It is Ruchyam, which means, it is used, to cure stomach especially, indigestion, gases, tastelessness of tongue etc. Bhutarah Vinashanam hence cures the various mental diseases, bad effects of evil spirits and planetary afflictions. Thus Rudraksha had a great role on Central Nervous System’s Regularisation and Normalisation of Physical and Mental Health.

Rudraksha health care by 4-fold methods

1) For Health Maintenance;

(2) Preventive (Resistance against diseases);

(3) Curative; and

(4) Yoga Sadhan

Rudraksha therapy treatment methods

Darshan: (By looking like Thrataka in Yoga)

Sparshan: (Bytouch and inhalation

(a) By wearing Rudraksha Mala; (b) By doing Japam with Rudraksha mala; (c) By Rudraksha Dhoopam; (d) Rubbing on Rudraksha Plates (Acupressure) having Magnts inside.

Sevana: Rudraksha Churan; Rudraksha Water Hima (Cold infusion), Rudraksha Decotion for Gargling; Rudraksha Bhasma; Rudraksha Vibhuti; Rudraksha Oil; Rudraksha Lehyam; Rudraksha eye drops & Rudraksha Paste.

Yoga Sadhana: Rudraksha Mandap; Rudraksha Kireetam; Rudraksha wearing below waist (in Yanthra – Manthra – Thanthra – Kshudra Prayogas).

Rudraksha Injections: Rudraksha Oil injections are prepared and used in Belgium – Indonesia and also exported to America.

Rudraksha Medicines are most effective as preventive and curative but one must use them for not less than 40 days or a Mandalam. As any other Ayurvedic herbs this also works from the root levels of the disease to eradicate the diseases and also normalizes and balances Tridosha and Sapthadhatus.

Few Rudraksha remedies

For the medicinal use of Rudraksha, Honey coloured is the best one although they are available in White, black and in mixed colours. Although its various twenty five species are found in the world in different countries. Still the best possible Rudraksha is found in only in Nepal. Four different varieties belonging to Rudraksha famly are available known as (1) Rudraksha (2) Bhadraksha (3) Roudraksha (4) Sadraksha or (Sudhaksha) but only RUDRAKSHA AYURVEDIC DOCTORS CONSULTATION IS A MUST BEFORE MEDICINAL USE OF RUDRAKSHA INTERNALLY.

(i) Continuous wearing of Rudraksha malas or necklace the depression, mental tension, activities and Central Nervous System, controls the blood pressure, builds up the self confidence and cures certain skin diseases.

(ii) Rudraksha mala wearing alongwith Tulasimala or Mala made of Rudraksha and Tulasi beads alternatively is found to be very much effective in T.B. and Lung diseases.

(iii) For Tongue cracks, tastelessness, heaviness, Rudraksha decoction’s garging is found to be very effective.

(iv) Ten Rudraksha boiled with 200 ml Gingely Oil (Til) (+) Nine garlic pieces for 30 minutes and filtered is a prepared Rudraksha Oil. This oil can be used by little warming up and applied on chest for cure of Pneumonia and chest pains of Spasmatic nature.

(v) Keep the Shanmukhi Rudraksha in a cup of boiling milk during night and drink before going to bed for 40 days. It corrects the mental weakness and improves the memory power.

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