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Astrological Remedial Measures!

remedies GIFHere I am giving some of the specific remedial measures and I am sure that same shall be useful and prove beneficial.

Remedial measures for all marriage problems

1) Problem – Second Marriage


(i) Sleep in north-west part of the house.

(ii) Take advice from well-wishers before commencing any new or important work, including proposal for marriage.

(iii) Give part of your food to a dog, a cow and a crow daily.

(iv) Take meals at least once inside the kitchen.

(v) Bury an earthen pot filled with honey in the cremation ground or desired area.

2) Problem – Dissatisfaction in married life.


(i) Keep a glassful of water near the head-side of your bed at bedtime. Next morning, pour that water on a plant/tree. (Do 43 days continuously)

(ii) While taking bath, mix a few spoonfuls of curd in the bathing water.

(iii) Keep your gold wrapped in green paper.

(iv) Distribute laddoos in the temple on Thursdays. Do not eat Non-Veg, garlic or onion on Thursdays.

3) Problem – Married, but living like a bachelor, other troubles.


 (i) Feed 100 healthy cows with green grass.

(ii) Drink milk with saffron and wear gold in the ear.

4) Problem – To increase marital harmony.


(i) Float an unpeeled dry coconut and a few dry almonds (with shell on them) in a flowing river.

(ii) Keep a square piece of silver with you.

(iii) Do not wear blue pants, underwears and socks. Donate radish generously. Maintain good relations with in Laws/maternal relatives.

(iv) Keep a handful of dry dates in your vehicle.

5) Problem – Unhappy Married life.


 (i) Give part of your food to a dog, a cow and crow daily.

(ii) Bury a bamboo flute (black colour) filled with sugar in a deserted place.

(iii) Offer sweet loaves of bread/biscuits to street dogs.

(iv) Take meals at least once inside the kitchen. (Preferably sit on the floor with crossed legs).

(v) If possible, do Kanya Daan.

(vi) Visit temple of Sai Baba and Sani Dev.

6) Problem – Delay in daughter’s marriage.


 (i) Daughter’s bed room may be kept be in north-west part of the house.

(ii) Give part of your food to a dog, a cow and a crow daily.

(iii) Put 100 handful of rice in any pond or well (not in river).

(iv) Float a dry unpeeled coconut in the river. Do for 11, 21 or 43 days.

(v) Burry an earthen pot filled with honey in the cremation ground or deserted area.

7) Problem – Want early marriage


(i) No non-veg; no drinks Maintain high quality of character. Keep away from undesirable persons. Not to tell a lie. Not to indulge in black-marketing or hoarding. Do noble deeds.

(ii) Visit Shiva Tirtha once in a year.

How to get rid of bad habits

1) Problem – Tendency to drink alcohol too much.


(i) Your bed room should be in south/west part of the house. Keep your head towards east or north, while sleeping.

(ii) Throw handful of dry almonds (with shell cover) in a flowing river or keep at the crossroads.

(iii) Worship Hanuman Ji and keep fasts on Tuesdays. Destribute sweets. [Remedies, may be performed by the native or his mother or wife.]

2) Problem – Drinking habit of the husband spoiling marital life.


(i) The husband should sleep keeping head in north or east direction only.

(ii) Keep a handful of dry almonds (with shell cover) in a black cloth and keep it in a dark place in your house.

(iii) Moist a handful of whole green (unbroken) – Moong pulse at bedtime, feed it to the birds next morning. To be done for 43 days.

(iv) Donate mushroom filled in an earthen pot in any religious place (temple/mosque).

(v) Do not accept any talisman from any “Sadhu or Faqir”.

(vi) Put a cupful of sweet milk with `Kesar’ to the roots of a banyan tree and put that wet soil on your navel and forehead (Remedies under problem No. 73 may also prove useful).

Remedial measures when always surrounded by many troubles and problems

1) Problem – Facing a lot of problems. And obstacles is every field.


(i) No gambling/speculation.

(ii) Keep solid metal on your person. Pay due regards to opposite sex.

(iii) Wear a silver ring in little finger in left hand.

(iv) Put 43 copper coins (One Daily) in a flowing river.

(v) Float 4 Kg. of white radish in a flowing river (not in well or pond or tank).

(vi) Float a dry unpeeled coconut and handful of dry almonds (with shell cover) in a flowing river or keep at the crossroads.

(vii) Put turmeric/saffron tilak on forehead.

(viii) Wear gold chain around the neck.

(ix) Offer milk to snakes and rice to fish (propitiating Lord Shiva/Recite Mantra of Lord Shiva and Recite Mantra for Rahu).

(x) Worship Hanuman Ji and keep fasts on Tuesdays. Distribute sweets. (Recite Hanuman Chalisa).

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