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Sex & Astrology: Behaviour of Men and Women

  1. Faith- inter-se faith between the couples is the cement concrete foundation as Love is faith and faith in each other is Love. Actually this is the main foundation upon which the magnificent edifice of union of two sexes rests- therefore the foundation for love/ romance and ultimate sex must be strong. You can not enjoy and have martial bliss in the absence of faith. Some people are known to have lived for a long time on this faith without even marrying each other as both have fascination for each other and must continue the union/ friendship- whether with marital knot or not.

  1. Right from the history of civilization, men and women continue to be the principal wheels of great chariot of human civilization till today though the methods/ laws/ traditions have changed as per modern age in all countries. With astrological principles, if we involve the principles of physics science which has one principle i.e. like poles repel and unlike poles attract. This scientific principle is equally applicable to the attraction of each other i.e. between men and women. And to keep this attraction between men and women in harmony and proper order, institution of marriage had been established since times immemorial. Actually, astrology- the divine science had, has and will have its role to play in helping to keep this bondage of marriage alive with all efforts to make the lives smooth and also to make the human civilization mobile i.e. to adjust to the changes as per modern times.

  1. In the horoscope of a native, 7th house and 7th Lord have a major role to play apart from the benefic planet Venus. It is stated for the knowledge of common man that 7th house indicates marriage, wife or husband, partnerships etc. and while considering any matter about sex/ marriage, a first look at the 7th house and its lord is inevitable. For martial bliss of happy married life. Venus- the karka of marriage (wife) and Jupiter- the karka for husband must be strong i.e. free from affliction of Mars/ Saturn/ Ketu etc.

  1. The placement of particular planet in the 7th house has a different story to tell and combination/ association of two/ three planets in 7th house would give combined and different results. While delineating the effects of Sex/ Marriage/ Love etc. It must be seen what is the position of 7th house, where seventh lord is placed, what planets occupy seventh house, which planets aspect seventh house and which is the sign in 7th house i.e. whether it is fixed, movable or dual (for more details on effects of the sign in 7th house). Here it would suffice to briefly mention the following few effects of the planets in 7th house. Mention shall be made about the combined effects of more than one planet in the 7th house.

  1.  The following results are briefly summed up in respect of the planets occupying 7th house:-

Ø  SUN: - Unhappy conjugal life until inspected by benefic planets, wife may be of dominating nature/ temperament. Partner is ambitious.

Ø  Moon:- Happy and early marriage, romantic outlook of the partner, general prosperity. All depend on the Waxing or Waning Moon. The affliction on the Moon becomes determinative of the fact whether the wife would be unfaithful or virtuous and faithful to husband.

Ø  Mars:- Delay in marriage, ill health and even death of the partner and depending on the strength of Mars and other planets, the native can be affliction ate and passionate including of dominating type. Mars owning the 7th house, or expected by Jupiter or in Cancer sign is not considered normally bad.

Ø  Mercury:- Indicates artistic fortune and rich wife.

Ø  Jupiter:- Indicates a noble lucky, generous and co-operative partner all depends on strength of Jupiter- debilitated/ exalted etc.

Ø  Venus:- Indicates a loving wife who can be highly prosperous fortune and happy with a sensuous approach. With affrication on Venus can make the native licentious and unhappy.

Ø  Saturn:- Unhappy conjugal life, delay in marriage unless Saturn happens to be in Capricorn/ Aquarius and has no malefic aspect.

Ø  Rahu/ Ketu:- Immense trouble, separation, ill health and bad temper on  the partner.

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