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Learn Vedic Astrology - Lesson II

 So far we have briefly covered the basic principles of the main components of Vedic horoscope. Before we continue uncovering various advanced concepts and techniques we should go over more detailed information about the key players of Vedic Astrology- The planets (planets), the rashis (signs) and the bhavas (houses).

Planets and their Significations

So let us return back to the nine Planets. As we mentioned in Chapter- 1, each planet represents certain qualities of life. Here are the natural significations of each planet.

SURYA (The Sun) represents anything that embodies the center of a structure or which holds some power it signifies your higher self, your true inner nature, your ego, it represents your father or teacher, a head of your state of the country.

CHANDRA (The Moon) signifies your mind and emotions, your mother, females in your life and the general public.
Moon has two Phases: waxing and waning and the course every time it is placed in the same sign that the Sun in, it is considered to the New, while occupying a constellation directly opposite to the one occupied by the Sun, it becomes Full. Even though by nature Moon is benefic planet, it becomes weak while being in a waning or new state, and therefore loses some of its benefic potencies. A strong, bright, waxing Moon well- placed in the chart is said to give a great boost to the overall conditions of one’s life. Birth in the full Moon is considered to be highly auspicious in Vedic tradition.

MANGALA (Mars) signified your courage, strength, energy and your siblings, especially male siblings.

BUDHA (Mercury) signifies your intellect and mental capacity, as well as the quality of your verbal skill.

GURU (Jupiter) signifies wisdom, knowledge, fortune and religion.

SHUKRA (Venus) signifies romance, material and sexual desires, pleasure and comforts. It may also represent your beloved one.

SHANI (Saturn) signifies grief, old age, separation, restrictions and delays, as well as maturity and perseverance.

According to an ancient legend, Rahu and Ketu are two halves of a dragon. Rahu is the head of the dragon and Ketu is the headless trunk of the dragon. According to the legend, Rahu and Ketu hate the Sun and the Moon and always pursuit them, trying to shallow the Luminaries. They succeed, but just for an instance ( of course that is called an eclipse), then the luminaries escape, and the chase goes on. Rahu and Ketu are said to act in a chaotic, unpredictable manner and are capable of inflicting powerful suffering through their influence in the horoscope.

RAHU signifies obsession, foreign influences, unusual cravings, infections, strange occurrences, additions, and so on.

KETU signifies detachment, occult knowledge and spiritual techniques and untraditional healing methods.

Each day of the week corresponds to a particular Planet. The influences of a corresponding planet become the dominating influence of that day.

The Lunar Nodes, Rahu and Ketu do not get ruler ship over a day of the week.

Surya (Sun) rules over Sunday.
Chandra (Moon) rules over Monday.
Mangla (Mars) rules over Tuesday.
Budha (Mercury) rules over Wednesday.
Guru (Jupiter) rules over Thursday.
Shukra (Venus) rules over Friday.
Shani (Saturn) rules over Saturday.

1.1 Malefic and Benefices Planets

The Planet (planets) is divided into two groups according to their basic qualities and energies: natural malefic and natural benefices. Malefic planet are capable of producing unfavorable effect on the areas of life represented by the bhava (houses) that they affect by placement or aspects, while benefices influence the horoscope in a uplifting positive manner. Please note that the function nature of a planet may be different from its natural condition. Later on, we will explain what constitute the function nature of the planets.

Moon, Jupiter and Venus are Natural Benefices.

Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are Natural Malefic.

Mercury is Neutral.


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