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Effects: When Sun in Pisces

Pisces is the last sign of Zodiac. The sign Pisces is ruled by benefic planet Jupiter who is friend of sun. Therefore, both the planets and other factors mentioned below must be taken into account while giving predictions when the Sun is in Pisces either at birth or in transit or while answering a question in “Horary”:

2. Pisces longitude is from 330 degrees to 360 degrees in the Zodiac. It covers the following Nakshtras:

a) 330.00 to 333.20 Degrees of Pisces or Purva- Badharapada (4)- 10.00 to 13.20 degrees in Pisces.

b) 330.20 to 346.40 of Pisces or Uttarbharapada-00.00 to 13.20 degrees of Pisces.

c) 346.40 to 360.00 of Pisces or Revati – 00.00 to 13.20 in Pisces.

3. See how many planets are involved to give predictions with regard to the sun in Pisces. The Art of predictions would depend on the knowledge of the astrologer and how things can be matched with regard to various characteristics of the planets involved including their Nakshtras. The native with the sun in Pisces will be friendly with a tendency to amass wealth, be fond of women and will remain happy. At the same time such persons have been found to be learned especially when Jupiter and Mercury are involved and the native become a scientist or historian when Saturn is involved. Please check the phase of the Nakshtra and decide. Normally such natives, depending on the planetary forces, would be endowed with wife and good sons with servants at command. Wealth is acquired on account of transactions via sea/ river – this can be including of shipping and import / export of goods via ship/ boats etc. Depending the placement of Mars and Rahu, some of such person can be liars/ cheats though the most of them are eloquent speakers depending on the strength of Mercury.

4. The sun in Pisces, especially when in 6th/ 7th/ 8th House of the horoscope can give disease of the private parts. Such natives normally have more then two co-borns. Some of the natives with the sun in Pisces (Purvabhadrapda) have been found to be restless and are emotional. They observe more and develop silent pshycic power get to believe more in invisible forces including all occult sciences. Such natives develop liking for products of sea- rather all articles connected with water. Now –a-days, the natives born with the Sun in Pisces are selling bottled water.

5. The Sun has different result to give in Pisces with reference to other sign (Lagna). The following broad result are indicated in Kalyan Varma`s Saravalli:

- Aries: The native may undertake meritorious acts. He may not be in the position to enjoy paternal wealth. In some cases, progeny may se delayed and in other cases childlessness had been noted. Delayed birth of a child is also indicated.

- Taurus: The native will have huge financial gains and will enjoy wide fame. Will be quite learned.

- Gemini: The native will live honourable life and will undertake visit to religious and holy places.

- Cancer: The native may not enjoy paternal happiness.

- Leo: He may suffer from diabetes, bladder problem and various kinds of urinary diseases. In some cases swollen testicles have been noted.

- Virgo: The native may suffer from many diseases and he may have only one child.

- Libra: The native may have to face many obstacles in life. Suffering from bilious diseases cannot be ruled out.

- Scorpio: The native will reap various benefits during Sun’s dasha and also gain name / fame will reach high position. But, loss of children is also indicated.

However this loss should not be taken as granted as it would also depend on the horoscope of the children / wife and other planetary position in the birth chart of the native.

- Saggiatrius: The native will enjoy long life, may have many conveyances, political power and other comforts of life. Both lagana 4th house belongs to Jupiter

- Capricorn: Long life indicated. The mode of earth may be fire, water. Etc. Hence the native may take the possible precautions.

- Aquarius: Not a good place for the Sun with reference to Aquarius. The native may be subjected to various diseases and if Jupiter aspects the Sun, dropsy may result.

- Pisces: The native become famous but prone to siekiness. But conjunction of the Moon and Sun in Pisces is not considerer good because it can given poverty or takes away the wealth.

6. Now, the Sun in uttar-bhadrapada ruled by Saturn would give different results. Generally, if this Sun is aspected by the Moon (Sum in opposition to Moon-Amavasaya) the native may have a beautiful son and attractive speech. But that is what the sage had said. One view is that the Sun in opposition is not good so far other signs are concerned. Exchange of views is welcome. If the Sun is aspected but Mar’s the native may join defense/ police department and earn name and fame but may be discarded by family members. If this Sun is aspected by Mercury, the native will be rich and interested collection of gold, silver and other precious metals. Such a native may also interested in collection of Sastras, mantras etc. If Jupiter aspected this Sun, the native may be a Minister or equal to that position. If this Sun is aspected by Venus, the native may be very rich but at the same time lot of expenditure is incurrd on social programmes including sexual enjoyment. Saturn aspecting this Sun would make the native to move in the bad company and may get associated with lowest person.

7. Restults of the Sun in various phases of the Nakshtra Uttarbhadrapada ruled by Saturn:

a) Sun in1st quarter (330.20 to 333.40 degrees) this position of the Sun alone is sufficient to endow the native with high position in the society with all comforts of life. But afflicated Sun may give Uterus Cancer.

b) Sun in 2nd quarter (336.40 to 340.00 degrees) – The native will proper by such industries as of agricultural operation i.e. irrigation and connected fields.

c) Sun in 3rd quarter (340.00 to 343.20 degrees). This Sun here gives different results in association with other planets. The native would be intelligent and learned if with Mercury. With Venus and Saturn in Swati (Rahu’s Nakshtra), the native is expected to be in senior Government service but with frequent changes.

d) Sun in 4th quarter (343.20 to 346.40 degrees) – Some may face trouble from the Government and they may be settling in foreign countries dedpending on other planetary position. Destruction of ancestral property cannot be ruled out.

8. Finally, the Sun in Revti Nakshtra would give the following results, of course, depending on other planetary positions:

a) The Sun in 1st quarter (346.40 to 350.00) – The native would be popular and wealthy, learned and intelligent rather a born scholar and may have knowledge of many Sastras. Believes in right- thinking.

b) The Sun in 2nd quarter (350.00 to 353.20 degrees) - Depending on the strength of the 5th house and fifth Lord, illness of children at birth is indicated. In some cases, Balarishta may take place.

c) The Sun in 3rd quarter (353.20 to 356.40 degrees) with weak Venus or Venus of 8th house debilitated Jupiter. The wife of the native may kill her husband or may get her husband killed in her own house. This principle needs further testing.

d) The Sun in 4th quarter (356.40 to 360 degrees) - considered to be the best position for the Sun. If aspected by Jupiter, the native is bound to attain a senior position -equal to the status of Minister.

More can be said about the Sun in Pisces but in view of limited space, still many things have been give to enable to Astrologers and other lovers of Astrology to have a good idea of the results of the Sun in Pisces and give predictions. 

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