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Special Predictive Notes With Reference to Transit (Gochar)

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

When birth chart is stronger, well placed Lagna Lsord, then the Jupiterian years (12 years) works well. If Navamsa is stronger than Lagna chart then 30 years (Saturnine) cycle works well. Sun and Mars culminates these events in the beginning of a Rasi say with- in 10 degrees, Venus & Jupiter between 10 and 20 degrees (middle of a Rasi) and Moon and Saturn between 20 to 30 degrees (last part of a Rasi) while Mercury and Rahu furnish results throughout the Rasi. The timing could be narrowed down depending upon the longitude gained by the planet and proportionately reduced.

2. Sarvashta-Varga
i.) For good events to happen the total bindus in Sarvashtavarga in respect of Saturn and Jupiter must be 58 and above and with a minimum of least 25 bindus for each one of them.

ii.) If in individual Ashtakvarga (Binnasahtakvarga) Saturn and Jupiter have a minimum of 5 bindus and 28 or more in Sarvashtavarga produce good results. If the Bindus are 3 or less and (25 or less in Sarvashtavarga) it indicates bad results.

iii.) If a planet is in Agocharavastha (i.e. posited in 6/812/ debilitation/ Combustion/ at the extreme sides of a Rasi (i.e. or 29 degree) they tend to give unfavorable results as per Sarvartha Chintamani).

iv.) Planets give the kind of results good or bad more effectively when they aspect the same house and same Lord (in transit) which they accepted in the natal chart. 

3. Vedha

i.) “Vedha” is an obstructing force or points which affect the good effect of the transacting planet in a particular sign. The planets during their transit produce good results if the sign concerned has more than four bindus, aspected by benefic and not having “Vadha”. If a planet causes Vedha the results that would be yielded by the planet in transit are thwarted by Vedha causing planet. Sun produces good effects while transiting 3, 6, 10 & 11th houses provided there is no other planet accepting the Sun from the 7th house therefore while in transit. However Saturn in transit posted 7th from the Sun in transit does not cause Vedhas there is supposed to be no obstruction between father and son, Moon in Transit causes good effects while transiting 1, 3, 6,7,10 and 11th house and deemed to have been obstructed if any other planet is transiting the houses 5, 9, 12, 2, 4 & 8 respectively except of course Mercury who happens to be his son.

ii.) Mars and Saturn have Subhasthanas of houses 3,6,11 while in Transit and their Vedhasthannas are 12, 5, 9, respectively. But no other planet simultaneously should transit the house 12 while Mars or Saturn transit 3rd house. There should be no planet transiting the 5th house or 9th house when Mars or Saturn transits the 6th or 11th house.

iii.) Mercury will provide good results when it transits the houses 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 11 and the relative Vedhasthans are 5, 3, 9, 1, 8 &12 respectively. Jupiter’³ Subhasthanas are 2,5,7,9 & 11 and Vedhasthanas are 12, 4,3,10 & 8 respectively. Venus in Transit produces good results in the houses 1,2,3,4,5,8,9,11 & 12 (except 6,7 &10) and their respective Vedhasthanas are 8,7,1,10,9,5,11,6 & 3.

iv.) Rahu and Ketu Subhasthanas are similar to the Sun i.e. 3,6,10 & 11 but their Vedhasthanas are 9,12,4 & 5 respectively. 

v.) If there is no Vedha at a time when a planet ransacks his Subhasthanas then he gives rise to the full good effect of Transit provided he has more than four bindus in his own Ashtakvarga.

i.) There are two schools of thoughts. According to Narada Vedhasthana is to be counted from Janma Rasi. Another school of thought count Vedhasthana from theSubhasthana of the Planet. Both are followed. But first one is preferred in view of better results. I am counting Vedharthana from Janma Rasi.

One must also consider another aspect called ‘Vipreet Vedha’. Suppose the Sun is in the 11th, according to Gochara the results will be honour and health, wealth and success. These good effects are produced only when the 5th (a house of Vedha) is not simultaneously transited by any planet other than Saturn. Conversely if the Sun in the 5th in course of Gochara, no evil will be produced provided 11th is being transitted by any other planet except Saturn. Similarly Vipreet Vedhasthana must be considered for all planets and the results predicted.

6. Value of weekly or monthly predictions given in Newspaper and Magazines?
i.) The Western astrologers take the radical position of the Sun at the time of birth and consider the relative position of the Planets transiting the Zodiac and give out their results. The Indian astrologers release the transiting position of the Moon with reference to Janama Rasi of the Native and predict the results both auspicious and inauspicious.

ii.) But the methods adopted are incomplete in the sense that without analysis of the birth chart the transit movement would serve no purpose. The Dasa system also should be favorable to fructification of the event. In the absence of these relevant and important data the predictions so made in News papers can only be applied generally. They may be relevant to a few persons but not all.

iii.) Take for example the case of two persons born on the same day and month but of a different year. The Sun in both the cases would be in the same Rasi and degrees. If both of them contest an election in the same constituency it is but natural one has to win and the other has to lose. But Sun in Transit would be favorable to both. It is not possible for both to win the same seat in such a contingency unless their horoscopes are as studied.

7. If we examine from Nakshtra angle (i.e. Janma Rasi) and Transit of the Moon, then too one cannot find the results for that would be applicable in all cases. A Pushya Nakshtra native can be a Police Inspector and arrest a criminal having Pushya Nakshatra. While the former will be happy the latter will be behind the bars.

8. Sravana Nakshatra born person could have a dispute and file a law suit against another Sarvana Nakshatra native. Ironically suppose the judge hearing their case was also born in Sarvana Nakshatra one will pronounce judgment, one will receive favorable decision while the third will lose the case. If the Moon in transit in all the cases is in favorable Subha- Sthana for these natives the prophecies found in the newspaper or magazine would appear to be not relevant to one of them. Hence to predict the transit results taking only the star position into account is incomplete.

9. The forecasts made on Janma Rasi or the Sun’s position can be general and as such having favorable assspects according to present Dasa and Antar Dasa in their horoscope will have favorable results from the indications made in dailies or weeklies while those having adverse aspects will experience these predictions to a lesser proportion. I wish all astrologers could evolve a fool proof and accurate method by which a correct prediction can be offered. A daily/ weekly/ fortnightly complete chart is therefore necessary with all Vargas and Dasa periods and the position of all planets transiting is to be judged with the position of all planets in the Chart. This is to ensure that the predictions published in newspapers and magazines do not vary widely than the actual happening so that the Divine Science may not suffer from severe criticism.

10. It may also be mentioned that transit, however, strong it may be can bring about what is not found in the natal chart. Transit results are to be studied in totality with other observations found in the Natal chart and Dasa and antar Dasa period prevailing at that time. Isolated analysis of transit effects from the Ascendant or the Moon or the Sun or from any planet will not give accurate results. Predicting events on the basis of simple transit of Jupiter or Saturn or Mars or any other sign is also very risky.

Planets do not give the same kind of transit result through out their transit in any particular sign. Transit results depend upon every degree of their movement Nakshtra and what is promised in the natal chart accourding to prevail Dasa, Bhuk this Ashtakvarga position- must br taken into account. These results would also depend upon Vedha concept, relationship between Janma Nakshtra and the Nakshtras of the planet in Transit. For example, when the Moon is in Aries look to Mars/ Ketu/ Venus/ Sun as the Moon Changes Nakshtra- Aswini, Bharni and Kritika-I.

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