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How to Earn Wealth and Wisdom!

Planetary Combinations Conferring Status, Wealth and Wisdom - (Raj Yogas or Auspicious Combinations in the Horoscope)

Rise and fall in life is well known. Some persons are born wealthy and others acquire wealth by their self efforts and hard labour and they continue prospering in their mission and reach at the height with the change of ‘Dasha’ of the Planets. Actually they are born with good and auspicious combinations to come up in their field. For example, the Sun in the 10th House is bound to take the native to hold a high position including in the Government. It has been seen that all High Government officials have their Sun either in the 10th House or in Leo sign or in exaltation sign- Aries. So these combinations are formed by planets. Similarly, afflicted Sun, Sun in Libra (debilitation sign) can give fall from the position.

2. The following principles will throw light on various combinations in your Horoscope specially for females.

i.) Guru in Lagna, Chandra in 7th or in his own Vargas and Sukra in 10th, the woman will become the wife of a king or a ruler, even if she is born in a poor family and inferior caste. Here it means that although a girl may be in humble circumstances and belong to a lower caste than that of the ruler, she will become his wife. Beauty is no doubt a powerful weapon for women to conquer men, but sometimes love is blind and women of ordinary complexion and beauty will be courted by a ruler, what we may call a lucky girl.

ii.) If benefices occupy the kendras or if they are in Lagna and if the 7th House falls in a Nara Rasi or signs like Mithuna, Kanya, Thula, the first half or Dhanus or Kumbha, occupied by evil planets the girl will have great wealth, will have patience and agreeable temper upon her as servants. She will have great political power.

iii.) If 11th house is occupied by Chandra and the 7th occupied by Sukra and Budha and have the aspect of Guru, she will become the bride of ruler and will have all comforts of life.

iv.) If Kanya becomes Lagna with Budha in it, and Guru is found located in the 11th, i.e. Kataka, in exaltation, she will become a queen and will command great respect and power. These two planets, Budha and Guru, are in exaltation and they produce Rajayoga.

v.) If Sukra (Venus) occupies Lagna, Budha is in the 3rd House and the powerful Guru possessed of Shadvarga strength and is located in the 4th, the girl will marry a king (VIP) and will have all royal enjoyments.

vi.) If at the time of birth there are three planets that have good Shadvargas, she will become the wife of a Raja (VIP). If four planets are so well situated with of a great emperor. If five planets have completely auspicious Shadvargas, she will become the wife of a very great emperor who has command over the three worlds and will travel in Vimanas (Aero planes).

vii.) If Budha joins Kanya or Mithuna and Jupiter accepted by Guru is with auspicious Shadvargas and the 4th has the aspect of Sukra, the girl will marry a Maharaja (king). The Sadvargas are:-

1.      Lagna of Birth or Ascendant.
2.      Hora or half of a Rasi or sign.
3.      Drekkana or one-third of a sign.
4.      Navamsa or one- ninth division of a Rasi.
5.      Dwadasamsa or one- twenty of a Zodiacal sign.
6.      Thrimsamsa or one- thirtieth division of a sign.
These six divisions constitute Shadvargas and when all are good, the planet is powerful. Other works mention Shodasavargas or 16 divisions and they are:

1.      Lagna       
2.      Hora         
3.      Drekkana
4.      Panchamsa
5.      Saptamsa
6.      Navamsa
7.      Dwadasamsa
8.      Trayodasamsa
9.      Panchadasamsa
10.  Shodasamsa
11.  Thrimsamsa
12.  Ekadasamsa
13.  Shashtamsa
14.  Ashtamsa
15.  Chaturthamsa
16.  Shashtiamsa

viii.) If Kuja occupies 3 or 6 and Sani with auspicious Shadvargas joins 11 and Guru aspects Lagna the native becomes the wife of warrior, will be fond of righteous conduct and will be loving her husband and be loved by him.

ix.) If the Sun occupies Mesha his sign of exaltation with all the auspicious Shadvargas, accepted or conjoined by benefices and the birth falls in a fixed sign, the girl will become a queen and will command many conveyances and servants.

x.) If lagna falls in Kanya with Budha combined there, Guru in the 11th, Sukra in the 2nd and Poorna Chandra (full Moon) in the 10th, she will be an empress. She will be charitable, generous, blessed with sympathetic speech, virtuous and helpful to the poor and distressed.

xi.) Look also to the position of Venus for all combinations- whether afflicted debilitated.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
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