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Marriage Compatibility and Matching of Horoscopes

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA) 

For matching horoscope of boys and girls, readymade tables in Panchanga and the basic factors including Yoni, Gana, Varan, Nadi, Varga and Vashya etc. must be taken into consideration before pronouncing judgment on the compatibility of marriage:

This is ascertained by comparison of Shadh- Vargas and House lord. Shadh- Vargas or six- classes seems to be a genetic classification of the human being. Their favorable comparison ensures compatibility in different spheres of life such as sex, temperament, acceptability, companionship or comradely and supplementing each other etc. These are (i) Yoni, (ii) Gana, (iii) Varan, (iv) Nadi, (v) Varga, (vi) Vashya.

(i)     Yoni: Yonies are 14 in number, each for two stars. They are 14 in number, each foe two stars. They are 1 & 24 Horse, 2- 27 Elephant, 8-3 Ram, 4-5 Serpant, 19-6 Dog, 9-7 Cat, 10-11 Rat, 12-26 Cow, 15-13 Buffalo, 16-14 Tiger, 18-17 Dear, 20-22 Monkey, 25- 23 Lion, 21- 22A Mangoose. The following pairs are enemies and hostile to each other. They are avoided. Cow & Tiger, Elephant & Lion, Horse & Buffalo, Dog & Dear, Serpent & Mangoose, Monkey & Ram, Cat & Rat. This classification refers to sex comparability, which forms the bed- rock of a married life.

(ii)   Gana: Dev, Manushya and Rakshash are three ganas. This is temperament comparison. They are based on birth star of a native thus: Nakshtras 1-5-7-8-13-15-17-22-27= Dev Gana, 2-4-6-11-12-20-21-25-26= Manushya Gana, 3-9-10-14-16-18-19-23-24= Rakshash Gana, Manushya Gana can adjust itself with either Dev or Rakshas. But Dev cannot pull on with rakshas. So Dev versus Rakshash should be avoided. Other pair as acceptable.

(iii) Varan: Varan is four in number viz. Brahmin, Krhatriya, Vaishya and Shoodra. This seems to signify mental awareness or level of consciousness. The base is Janma Rashi or radical Moon thus 4-8-12 signs are Brahmin, 1-5-9 Kashtriya and 2-6-10 Vaishya and  3-7-11 signs are Shoodra. Spouses should be of the same category. This is best but a girl of lower Varana can be taken if needed.

(iv)  Nadi: Nadis are of three categories viz Aadi, Madhya and Antya, Otherwise also there are three prominent Nadis in a human body viz Ida, Pingla and Shushumana. This classification practically compare with the human body viz. Vaat, Pita & Kaf. The basis is birth star thus:
1-6-7-12-13-18-19-24-25= Aadi or First 

2-5-8-11-14-17-20-23-26= Madhya or Middle 

3-4-9-10-15-16-21-22-27= Antya or last.

The spouse should not belong to the same Nadi. But if their birth star is common, this dosha does not prevail.

(v)    Varga: (8- vargas-directions) The basis of this classification is the starting alphabet of the name of native. Which again is based on birth star and its quarter (Charan or Phase). Devanagari alphabets are grouped as under:

A-     Varga (Vo.KZ) all the 16 vowels= Garund

                 K- Varga (Do.KZ)K, Kh, G, Gh etc.= Cat

                Ch- Varga (Po.KZ) Ch, Chh, J, Jh etc= Lion

                T- Varga (Vo. KZ) T, Th, D, Dh, N= Dog

                T- Varga (Ro. KZ) T, Th, D, Dh, N= Cobra

                P- Varga (lo. KZ) P, Ph, B, Bh, M= Rat

               Y- Varga (lo. KZ) Y, R, L, V or W= Deer

              Sh- Varga (lo. KZ) S, Sh,  or C, H= Ram as in Aries

On counting from any varga the fifth is enemy, 4th is friend and third is neutral. The enemity should be avoided.

(vi)       Vaishya- this literally means submissi- veness, amenability or subservience. This ensure mutual adjustability. The basis is Radical Moon sign and biological classification of the sign.

For 1 (Aries) = 5 (Leo) and 8 (Scorpio) are amenable

For 2 (Taurus) = 4 and 7 are amenable

For 3 (Gemini) = 6 –do-

For 4 (Cancer) = 8and 9 –do-

For 5 (Leo) = 7 –do- 

For 6 (Virgo) = 3 and 12 –do-

For 7 (Libra) = 6 and 10 –do-

For 8 (Scorpio) = 4 –do-

For 9 (Sagittarius) = 12 –do-

For 10 (Capricorn) = 1 and 11 –do-

For 11 (Aquarius) = 1 –do-

For 12 (Pisces) = 10 –do-

(vii)     A Brahmin must compare the Nadi. A Kshatriya must compare the Varna. 

Avaishya must compare the Gana. A Shudra must compare the Yoni. As a matter of fact everybody should compare them to ensure smooth matrimonial life.

(viii)          Apart from these six considerations, the birth signs or Rashis or radical Moon signs should not fall 2/12/, 5/9 and 6/8 when counted from each other. The last pair is worst of all and should be avoided out right. Other pairs can be allowed if squarely compensated from the other considerations such as Rashi- Maitri, Lagnesh- Maitri, Seventh Lord- Maitri and a high score of marks obtained from the comparison chart (Malapak- Sarni- Matri Tables given in the Panchanga)

All precaution have been taken for the ‘Gunas’ mentioned. You may re- check of the Panchangas.

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