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Astro Fashion – A New Concept

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

The subject of Fashion is of universal appeal. Today most of the people wear clothes and jewelry according to the fashion in vogue. Style and preferences are clearly visible and these differ from individual to individual. Fashion, in fact is a personal statement of Head, Mind & Heart.
Human being i.e. self has unlimited potential which can be exploited to cross any boundary. How to manage self and to tap the magical influence of clothing and jewelry most effectively for success and prosperity can be answered with the help of knowledge as contained in our ancient scriptures. Astrology, as a knowledge, which is a part of India Vedas can provide answer to this problem. Astrology reveals the relationship between the space and time. Planetary force indicates the manner in which pre- destined career of an individual is determined. These can be used to increases wealth longevity, power and popularity. Gems and clothing can maintain the figure and keep an individual ever young. They can be considered as a sarong line of defense against any disease.
Developing fashion according to astrological consideration can be of great help to an individual. In astrology Zodiac has been divided into 12 equal parts which are known as 12 signs of the zodiac. These signs play very important role in molding the personality of an individual and each sign has certain important characteristics which are visible in the personality of an individual born in these signs: 

The characteristic of the people born in different signs are as under:
1.                  ARIES: Middle status, lean and muscular body, fairly long neck, bushy eyebrows. Preference for blood red and other deep colors, pushful and aggressive nature, love for attaining glory, passion to be the head of all, love for enterprise, always worried about self and can never sacrifice personal desires for others, adventures, fond of arguments and quarrels, limitless confidence, sets up own standards of right and wrong, very successful in short term limitless confidence assignments.

Metals and Gems best suited- Gold, copper, coral, red woolen shawl.
2.     TARUS: middle stature, pulpy body, broad forehead, thick and stout neck, dark hair. Elegant style , preference for white and romantic colors which reflects emotional nature, practical way of dressing, amicable, cheerful, ambitious, found of ease, love and luxury, unbounded perseverance, highly diplomatic, too deep to be understood , self will, self esteem, spends all his earnings in ornaments, horticulture and things of material components, deep knowledge and institution.

  3.    GEMINI: Tall and well formed body, more than average height, long slender hands, clear speech.

Liking for green color clothes, Sober, pleasing styles, preference for tradition, pre- dominate in their observing style, yet do not compromise with glamour, sympathetic, intellectual ability, capable of grasping situations on the spur of the moment, perfection in every pursuit, business like attitude, brilliant writer and orator, unusual power of adaptability can make friend easily.

Metal and Gems best suited- Base metal, gold, silver, and emerald.
4. CANCER: Short stature, upper part of the body longer than lower, round face, timid look, dull complexion. Linking for whitish red color, fertile imagination, ability to imitate others, unstable, lacking energy, lives in feelings and emotions, reserved, domestic attachments, can not be relied upon as a friend, short temper, impatient, capacity of organizing, planning and commanding.

Metal and Gems best suited – Silver, Pearl.

5. LEO: Full stature, well developed bones, broad shoulders, commanding and royal appearance. Preference for light grey and masculine colors and garments, majesty and grace reflected in style and preference, generous, ambitious, firm will. forgiving spirit, endurance, confidence, broad outlook, leadership, attains eminence and fame, interested in fine arts, highly successful, love is blind for him, brilliant orator.

Metal and Gems best suited- Gold, copper, ruby.

6. VIRGO: Slender body, dark hair and eyes, curved eyebrows with much hair, shrill voice. Liking for feminine color but sober with immaculate dressing and stitching, highly intellectual and analytical, too critical, practical, carefulness, nervousness, impulsive, usually very shy.

Metal and Gems best suited- Base metal, gold, silver, and emerald.

7. LIBRA: Tall, slender, well proportioned strong body, beautiful and graceful outlook, fine skin, gleaming eyes.

Linking for dark colors with balanced texture and style, Gorgeous and lively garments, one has to be very particular while designing Libra garments, gentle, compassionate, courteous, honest, native craves for justice, harmony, love and peace at any cost, high degree of intuition, perceptive abilities, power of comparison, upright, systematic, flexible, sensitivity, love of pleasure, correctly weight pros & cons of both sides, always craves for society, involved in frequent trouble, preference for socialization and partying.

Metal and Gems best suited- Silver, Copper, and Diamond.

8. SCORPIO: Middle stature, well proportioned body and limbs, robust health, broad face, curly hairs.

Linking for gold color clothing’s, not very particular about texture and appeal, frank fairness, great tenacity for will power, fertile mind, intelligence, unusual vitality, destructive ego, unusual interest in physics subjects and mysteries of nature, excellent research worker, enormous confidence in executive ability, very sexy.

Metal and Gems best suited- Gold, Copper, and Coral.

9. SAGITTARIUS: Well developed and handsome figure, fairly large and high forehead, tall long and big nose, light brown hair.

Linking for yellow color garments, style and preference of garments, reflects independence, frank, honest, generous, learns many branches of science, ambitious, full of hope, justice systematic, never leaves the work unfinished, desire for learning philosophy, happy and cheerful, systematic, religious.

Metal and Gems best suited- Gold, Topaz, yellow sapphire.
10. CAPRICORN: Weak slender body, thin face, dark coarse hair.
Preference for multi- colored clothing, not very particular about clothing, prudence, thought fullness, reasoning, practical, love of power, self reliant, early intellectual, scholar, deep thinker, reserved nature, pessimistic, enormous patience, economical, selfishness, victim of circumstances, impediment speech, cannot cultivate friendship with a stranger.

Metal and Gems best suited- Lead, coal, blue sapphire.
11. AQUARIUS: Middle stature, well built, strong fair complexion with light brown hair. Preference for dark brown colored clothing’s, preference for new creative style, lover of nature broad human understanding, love of study, goes deep into the subject, out spoken, humane, democratic, reserved and carefully weighs pro and cons before execution, lover of fine art, ideas and notions are fixed, intelligent, slow, silent worker, research on scientific lines, works for common and down trodden cause, fondness for domestic life, successful social worker.

Metal and Gems best suited- Lead, coal, blue sapphire.

12. PISCES: Short, pulpy figure small hand and feet, round shoulders light and silky hair.
Preference for  violet color clothing’s, preference for sober garments, liking for ultimate combination of color and texture, restless, imaginative, romantic, upright, honest, swayed by others, attracted towards all kind of pleasure and rich food, not able to make speedy progress in the material world, extremely sympathetic, forgiving, reliable.

Metal and Gems best suited- gold, topaz, yellow sapphire.

The concept of garments & jewelry according to zodiac signs leads us to the following statement for each sign:

1.      Aries- ‘The killer instinct’

2.      Taurus- ‘The Millennium woman’

3.      Gemini- ‘Life is Adventure’

4.      Cancer- ‘Where Past, Present & Future Converge’

5.      Leo- ‘The Graceful Glance’

6.      Virgo- ‘The Immaculate Conception’

7.      Libra- ‘We’

8.      Scorpio- ‘The Fire of Passion’

9.      Sagittarius- ‘Freedom is my Birthright’

10.  Capricorn- ‘Life is Action’

11.  Aquarius- ‘ The Rebel’

12.  Pisces- ‘Let us Create’

Astro- Fashion is basically a combination of astrology and fashion. This creates a synergy that counters the ill effects of stars and exalts the favorable aspects. Clothes & jewels with their various attributes like color, texture, shape, metals, and gems can play an important role in human life directly and subtly and every human being, being distinct, has personal preferences and traits to go with that. This has an astrological link, for our lives & personality are very much dictated by heavenly bodies. By making certain changes in fashion, we may do lot of good to a person in improving quality of life & managing ‘self’. The concept of Astro Fashion being thought of first time is to create awareness on how to capture & tap the magical influence of stars most effectively for success & prosperity through clothing & jewelry that everybody wears.

  Shanker Adawal

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