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Want to know more about your Husband through Sun Signs

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)
Do you still believe that husband is God (Pati-Parmeshwar) or you consider marriage a partnership for living together and to what extent you adjust with your husband for happy and harmonious life including showing love and affection for parents-in –laws and other relations of your husband.
In earlier issues of the journal many aspects of married life, marriage, pitfalls in married life and about marriage compatibility have been discussed. One of readers ‘had specially asked ‘how is my husband’ though while having personal consultation. For the benefit of all our readers, the qualities and characteristics have been discussed with reference to his sign (with reference to his date of birth). PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE ARE JUST GENERAL OBSERVATIONS AS PER VERIOUS VERSIONS GIVEN IN THE CLASSICS AND NOW BY MODERN AUTHORIS. Therefore, don’t take anything to your head. Its Editor owes no responsibility for any action one may take in any walk of her/ his life.
Some medications may be possible on account of mode of marriage, tradition marriage, love marriage or other personal bond between the husband and wife. In one case, both partners agreed that the wife shall not cook the food- then have either maid- servant or eat outside. This is one example of adjustment.

Now Know in detail about your husband through their Sun Signs

The husband and wife or partner, if married legally or by an agreement, are the wheels of a chariot to make life happy and successful. If both understand each other and supplement their efficiencies, deficiencies properly and knowingly, there is full scope to avert frustration and disappointment.

Characteristics of the sign rising on Ascendant (Lagna) should correspond to oneself where as the rising on Descendant should be considered as that of the partner, viz, Aries- Libra, Taurus- Scorpio etc.

Description of each sign will be helpful to understand each other and to adjust physical as well as psychological i.e. by conduct.

“HUSBAND with Aries sun sign”

1.      The husband is a very desirable person, usually he selects a beautiful, romantic and spendthrift. Rash and passionate. He is an electrically charged dynamo. One can depend on him for excitement.

2.      He has creative energy, is passionate and warm, impatient, bold and confident. Generous and intolerant. Unless his wife is a Scorpio. he is passionate with every and any woman who could ask. When he is in love he is then scrupulously faithful, loyal and devoted. She should be ready to greet him with all her charms when he is with her or when he comes back from office. In case she neglects his romance, she can be heartbroken.

3.      He is possessive and jealous to the extreme: Due to his rash behavior in driving. He can get head or face injury, cuts or burns. He may change jobs frequently unless he becomes own boss. Normally devoted to children.

4.      Professions connected with him are army, defense department, surgeons, police, chemists, law, Accounts, MBA iron, steel, machines, factories, engineering industry or sports goods.

5.      He wants a fair lady, ultra feminine. He expects praise from her but never a slave. When his ego has been wounded and things beyond his control happen, it will make him sarcastic, bitter and cruel, so she should understand him. He believes in forgive and forget. She will have to like all his friends. He will dominate the home or leave it, she has to adjust. He is a man’s man. Devoted to children and a little bossy over them, but do not to worry at all. He does not like her to run to clubs every night. Finally the lady, has to manage all this to be a good housewife and have a hold over him, so that she can enjoy a happy married life.

“HUSBAND with Taurus sun sign”

1.      Taurus Lagna Husband is devoted to his wife, reliable, generous and faithful. He will never neglect the house and her needs. He likes to see his wife well dressed, attractive and pleasing. Cooperative and will love her extensively. Practical, not very romantic, lacks in taking decision. She should apologies to him for her mistake. He is of stubborn mood, he will protect her always. He is extremely patient, too practical, likes his freedom too much. He will not like or tolerate her bullying him in public.
2.       Financially, he is usually excellent. Less accumulation of wealth indicated. He does not like her to be a kitchen slave. Affectionate, loving, warm and a sympathetic father.

3.      Loves comforts, beautiful surroundings and pleasing partner. Sexual attachment is a prominent attribute and even temporary separation is felt by them to be unbearable. Persons born with Kartika and Mrigasira Nakshatra are bit rash in their manifestation but with Rohini are fond of easy living and luxurious life. His love is plain, simple and honest.

4.      He is not very romantic but is strongly attached to the opposite sex but does not waste time chasing anybody. He seldom worries and is not nervous. Love of food and drink makes him overweight which needs to be avoided. He starts with solid foundation and progresses slowly, until he builds a stable business and settles down in service and has a stable bank balance through hard labor. His ideas are sensible and thoughtful.

5.      He can be an accountant; a double career will be his spatiality. He may trade in cosmetics, luxury goods, scents, jewels etc. Any business connected with finance, agriculture or music, Transport business, cinema actors, film producers etc. Dealers in ladies garments, school dresses etc. are suitable.

“HUSBAND with Gemini sun sign”

1.      Gemini husband wants a yes wife. He can put an abrupt end to romance or married life if he finds it a source of expense and loss and cannot tolerate an overbearing wife. He has changeable personality. Love, ecstasy, intelligence, idealism, sorrow or joy- these merciful changes of Gemini’s expression are very fascinating. He can change love affairs, his job, his residences as quickly as he change his mind.

2.      Agile and taller than average; may have sharp features. The eyes are restless, alert and quick moving. He is sympathetic, friendless and unusually quick, but has graceful movements. Practical and adjustable. Argumentative, witty, sharply satirical and of changeable nature.

3.      In love, affairs he gives a nice outwardly sense of warm security. He has a restless and unpredictable spirit. He likes people, is a favorite with opposite sex, and has exquisite taste. After meeting him,, you will find him exciting, interesting, intelligent and feel drawn towards him. He is not possessive or suspicious. Love is not a strictly physical relationship with this man.

4.      For your Gemini husband, keep things cool and light, and not be very passionate or dramatic. Do not bore him always. Be as alert and interests in life as he is. He seeks a mental companion above all else. A Geminian tries to discard old friends for new ones due to his nature. There is seldom very deep lasting attachment to old memories, places, people and things. He is gregarious and hates, even fears, being alone. Do not leave him alone.

5.      Geminians have   interest in varied jobs as they are active, alert and industrious. Being good speakers, intelligent and humorous are fit for political. Other professions are broker, share market agents, businessmen, secretaries, scientists and advocates. Also journalists, travelling agents and jobs connected with them.

"Husband with Cancer sun sign"

1.      Such husbands are devoted to their wives. They would like to marry a homely girl and not a career one. They keep them cheerful, pleasing them in all ways. If critical, he interferes in routine household matters and creates unpleasant atmosphere.

2.      Mostly of changeable mood, has uncanny sense of publicity, has ups and downs in life, has fertile imagination is sentimental, sympathetic, talkative, Emotional and has a strong conventional nature and is romantic. Life without romance is monotonous to him, loyal, sincere and affectionate in love but lacks in expression. He is secretive, generous and helpful to needy persons.

3.      He flirts and is fickle minded. His changing personality puzzles you devoted and emotional. In case the birth is in Pushya Nakshatra, forced separation due to calamity or inevitable divorce indicated .In case of Ashlesha he is skilful in handling the partner and establishing himself independently from the family to create an empire of his own. Selection of girls for love or marriage is a problem for him and may take some time.

4.      To please him be dressed nicely speak sweet words respect his mother and do not throw away his old things. Go with him to pleasure resorts clubs etc. He is fond strap good food, money and children.

5.      Cimmerians have commercial career. May be sailor in Navy, Shipping Department import or export transport and travel.  Also a good caterer restaurant manger orator preacher contractors interested in developing Vedic and sacred texts.   

"Husband with Leo sun sign"

1.      Leonions are deprived of real and enjoyable married life for one reason or another in later life. Being fiery they have intense love and sincerity towards their partner but they rarely get a sportive and jolly partner. They are influenced by the opposite sex. Persons with Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra enjoy married life in the real sense whereas with Uttra Phalguni it is not so. They are dominating and imposing.

2.      Leo husbands are exciting and attractive to other ladies. If his wife understands him and agrees with him, then she will be liked, admired and loved. He cannot tolerate ill repute is passionate and of loving nature, rash in temperament, ambitious, generous, warm-hearted and manage- imbues, have independent views, practical nature, constructive, active, bold and a true friend. A Leo is sexy and will not accept superficial love. He wants to live in style and wants you to live accordingly.

3.      Intellectual, of majestic appearance, commanding and dignified. It is hard to stand in front of Lion- Leo- please do not find fault with him. By nature, he is totally loyal and sincerer. You must walk with him in dignity and with majestic appearance when he takes you to clubs, restaurants etc. He is jealous in romance; he cannot tolerate sharing your bed with your paramour or friend. Suspicious, he cannot tolerate your absence from home. To call him a flirt is your biggest folly. So he must get respect and confidence from you, otherwise you may lose him.

4.      MY advice to you is that once you win his heart with sincerely, not with selfish motive, then enjoy with him, he is so ardent that he will leave everybody, even his family members for you, Forgo comforts for your security. This is his secret of his life. If you relations are deep and sincere then he is a superb organizer, whatever he says, he means it. Forgiveness and sympathy are his basic traits. Gastric, Ulcer, accidents to arms, ankle or legs indicates but will recoup early. He wants first class luxuries of life and spends freely on fun and pleasures. He is generous with loans to the friends. In case of an emergency, he never shirks his duty.

5.      Leos can be best educators, politicians, occupy high positions in Government, of executive ability, managers of big concerns, corporation, director, Capitan, sales manager, etc.

“Husband with Virgo sun sign”

1.      A Virgo- born husband is practical and adjustable. He provides all comforts to his wife and children. Changes are his basic nature- wandering, change of residence and environments, etc. Believes in show business. Fond of learning, active mind, good mental and intellectual abilities, critical, emotional, lacks in decision making and self confidence.  Industrious and ambitious of wealth. Expert in finding faults with others. Careful and sensitive, methodical, will face ups and downs in life. Limited progeny. He builds castles in the air, not practical but lethargic. Elusive in love. He has clarity in his expressions and features are attractive, has grace and charm. Calm and soothing. He is unquestionably dependable and sincere. In romance he is called Cold Fish. Incapable of sitting very long. He is lavish not in love but in spending money. Saves for old age but selfish.

2.      In case you love him, do not pin your hopes on him; if your heart is hungry for love, you will starve. He seeks quality not quantity, He considers it a waste to spend money in clubs, restaurants, so avoid it. A difficult man to stir emotionally. Once his love flame is ignited and he is deeply in love with you.

3.      Virgos are slaves to work, hard task masters and like to be left alone. So they are fit for becoming a broker, accountant, lawyer, Journalist, engineer, surgeon and connected with liquids, etc.

“Husband with Libra sun sign”

1.      Normally husband is cheerful, passionate, adjustable nature, accommodative and will provide for his wife and family all comforts of life. Good demonstrator of love. In case he does not get a response from you, he will become disappointed but will seek divorce. Fond of dress, beauty, perfumes, art and music. He has fertile imaginational affectionate, sexy, passionate, kind and generous. Fond of the opposite sex, he has a strong conjugal affection and for him the most important thing is pleasure. Your connection with him will be too strong to break. Love and Libra are synonymous. He will not ever lose interest in the opposite sex. He cannot say ‘No’ to anybody. Once you catch him passionately, he will be a miserable prisoner of love. He is terribly trust worthy. He is on the whole a balanced, harmonious man. He hates quarrels, is amiable and not dishonest. Cultural shows and parties are his favorite places, where he can enjoy good food, wine and mingle with the opposite sex. Normally has sound financial position.

2.      Keep your house in order. He needs harmony for a stable home, so please adjust. Do not shout at him, he does not like you to excel him in anything.

3.      A Government servant or Officer will lead a public social life. Best suited for law, chemist, liquid items, electrical engineer, transport, Navy or painters etc. Dealing with articles of feminine interest and actor.  

“Husband with Scorpio sun sign”

1.      Scorpion husband has a good personality, well proportioned body, sharp and clearly drawn features. He will care for his wife and honor her though rash in temperament. But of adjustable nature. He is quick, frank, critical, has a controlled nature and keen judgment. A few are of practical nature.  Impulsive, forceful has constructive and destructive tendencies. Emotional, cunning but very true, loyal, faithful and reliable. Also revengeful, restless and selfish.

2.      Further, Scorpio husband is intense, dynamic, energetic in romance and love but of complex moods. Highly passionate and sexy. He cannot tolerate any criticism. In finance he is lick. Extravagant and cannot remain idle. He fights boldly odds of life and never surrenders. Fond of contests and travels. Enjoys good health and luxury and likes to be respected. He can be a saint or a sinner. Law abiding to the last moment until somebody provokes him to violence. Choosy about friends and wife. A stern father, a good advisor and friend to children. 

3.      You should be of adjustable nature, knowing how to please and contain him, otherwise you will lose him. You should not be sarcastic to and critical of him, he will not be able to bear it. Be patient. Do not allow him to be a bad Scorpio, otherwise he will create anarchy, lawlessness and destruction as he is a firebrand.

4.      Scorpions deal with chemistry, medicine, insurance, maternity department and surgeons. Research work, C.I.D detectives, iron and steel work, military and navel decomposer of great musical works, actor and dramatist.

Husband with Sagittarius sun sign”

1.      Sagittarius husband has a well- developed body. Generally tall, slender, with long or oval face, charming appearance, graceful look and handsome. Normally restless, flares up quickly for a short time. Fond of games, sports and clubs which are more important to him than his family life. A person of morality and dignity, Active, impulsive, fond of travelling and outdoor life. Optimistic, frank, seeks casual relations, likes various including in sex. The married life is generally happy and prosperous.

2.      If you are his friend, wife or mistress, do not be jealous, or be suspicious, weep, nag or threaten to leave him. But allow him freedom. Just do what he wants. In travelling, accompany him. Do not restrict him. Fond of overeating good food, so please him. Be not of vindictive nature.

3.      He can be a good teacher, orator, bank employee or politician. Attached to religious and educational institutions. Editing and publishing will be rewarding. He can be a master of company law, civil engineer, contractor, on foreign assignments. Speculation will not be helpful.
“Husband with Capricorn sun sign”

1.      Capricorn Husband is not emotional and romantic but is economical, self –willed, reserved, pensive, reasonable, thoughtful and of practical nature. Calculative and business like, will have push and confidence. Desirous of power, authority, ability for managing and organizing. Melancholy and seriousness surround him. A self discipline, never deviates an inch from his decision- stubborn.

2.      In romance, not emotional, cautious approach to opposite sex, not bold and rash and never takes the lead, the opposite sex remain worried and puzzled by his hesitancy and undemonstrative love. More contended. Marries for money or social status. He becomes nervous in the presence of the opposite sex. Normally his married life is solid, he abhors divorce, but when he does it, is final. So, be careful. He is not a fiery lover but deliciously romantic.

3.      Be moderate and do not hate his relatives, parents, brothers and friends. Insulting, hurting and making false statements should be avoided. Do not be of a vindictive mind. Do not interfere in his affairs. Do not suggest anything unless asked for. Be of adjustable nature and helpful to him. If he is wrong, be polite with him.

4.      Contractor, cement broker, dealer  in scientific instruments. Physician, gain through lands- mines, kerosene or petrol, chemicals etc.

“Husband with Aquarius sun sign”

1.      He is generally kind and tranquil by nature. Law abiding. Soft spoken and courteous. Handsome appearance will become flabby in middle age. Often has a feminine characteristic. Intelligent and researching mind. They spend little time with the family and children but are sympathetic, accommodative and generous, take care for the children, educate them and encourage them.

2.      They are of mixed nature- funny, perverse, original, conceited and independent but are also diplomatic and timid. Not many friends. He can read other’s character and likes solitude which should not be interrupted. Strong in likes and dislikes. Likes team work. Both fortunate and unfortunate. In love and romance, he does not show his love, but is cold, so if you are passionate, will not be satisfied. Chooses intelligent and beautiful girls. When heartbroken, leaves without fuss. He may not be a good bread winner as he is not greedy but hard worker. 

3.      He is unconventional, so bear with it. Do not interrupt his solitude. Give him a chance to express freely and frankly. Due to his rigid moral codes and high ideals, your cooperation will make him successful in life. He has love for cleanliness, so follow it.

4.       Politics fascinates him. Sports absorbs him. Automobile, medical discoveries, authors, astronauts, alcoholics, pianists interest him.

“Husband with Pisces sun sign”

1.      Pisces husband, has elastic and mobile features, more dimples than wrinkles. Skin is silky and soft. Big and protruding eyes, tall, face fleshy. Quick in understanding, inspirational, easygoing, loving, truthful, has little worldly ambitions, not so fond of ranks, power or leadership. Wealth holds little attractions for him. Lack intensity, and is careless. One is only impressed by charming manners and his lazy good nature. Very little will goad him to violent actions. Passionate, affectionate and charitable. Philosophical and leads romantic life. At times, can be sarcastic.

2.      Attracted to romantic life, prefers beauty and intellect of the partner. Suspicious nature kills his love but he likes flattery. Will lead a happy married life have faith in him and he will never betray you. Speaks slowly, thinks gently and minds his own business. He can be easily hurt. Tempted to fancies of life. Sometimes he is outspoken. Although he shirks from competitions, he can even reached heights. Frank, generous and humorous. Helpful to others. He hates to answer direct questions.

3.      If husband is Pisces-born, do not ask him direct questions, he will be offended. Be happy with him. His friends should be entertained well. Avoid suspecting him. Be generous but not over liberal. Do not allow him to live on others hopes and promises.

4.      He can be successful as accountant, banker, music and opera house, cinema, occult science, actor and a good businessman. Also can be a good liaison officer, managing director, organizer in Navy or Shipping Corporations. Dealing in drinks, beverages, cosmetics, chemicals, medical and education departments are suitable.

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