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Passion, Emotional, Menses and Conception - Some Principles

Menses of a woman are due to interaction of the Moon and Mars. Both the planets have a major role to play with regards to passions, emotions, menses and conception for a female native. Apart from emotions, the Moon governs the fluid matter of a female and Mars signifies the blood and the combinations of two cause’s menstruation- a monthly cycle and a special significator of a female native.

2. The effect of the Moon would be different when in Apachayasthana signs (Rasis) i.e. 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 12th and unapachayasthanas are 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th signs. The Moon in Apachasthans enables the woman to unite lovingly with a man (husband). Jupiter is the most benefic male planet and if the Moon in transit is accepted by Jupiter specially on the 5th day after menstruation, the women, if joins her husband is likely to conceive.

3. For most of the purposes of interpreting horoscope, the counting is done from Lagna and Chandra Lagna. But, Apachayasa and Unapsehhayas must be counted from Lagna and not from Chandra Lagna (Moon’s sign- rasi). This is what is stated in Jatak Parijat. For the version given in para 3 above, it is necessary that Jupiter must throw his aspect on the Moon or 5th day after menstruation.

4. Where any hermaphrodite planet, (Mercury and Saturn) strong in its position, aspect the Moon in transit, conception cannot take place. Further, Mars, would aspect three places by accepting the Moon but it would only be two of such places which are referred to as ‘Peedarksha’ i.e. unupachaya houses.

5.  In the case of a woman, as soon as she takes a bath after the stoppage of menses, the Moon in her horoscope should be in Upachaya Rasi and should be aspected by powerful Jupiter, specially 5th aspect. With this combination she is likely to have sexual intercourse with her husband. Now, Jataka- Parijat indicates the following types of men with whom the above lady is likely to have sexual inter- course but I have not been in a position to verify either of these principles for obvious reasons as nobody would tell this type of truth:

If the Moon in the above Upachaya position is aspected by:

i.)                  The Sun- Sexual union with an officer of the king (Government).
ii.)                 Mars- Union may be force voluptuary.
iii.)               Mercury- Union may be with a fickle minded person.
iv.)               Venus- Union may be with a beautiful lover.
v.)                Saturn- Union may be with a servant/ employee.

If the Moon is aspected by several mayflies or has the influence of several malefic, the woman is likely to be a prostitute or may have associations with many men.

6. We have various forms of sex satisfaction and it includes perverted sex, oral sex etc. The signs (Rasis) have also a major role to play for giving the needed satisfaction to the person concerned or when a particular native becomes helpful for a particular type of sex:

i.) Aries and Taurus- Enjoyment of a quadruped say of the ram and buffalo kind.
ii.) Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius (first half) and Aquarius Enjoyment of a human being.  
iii.) Scorpio, Capricorn (latter half), Cancer and Piseces- Copulation among centipeds.
iv.) Leo- Enjoyment by force (Lion is a forcible animal).

7. Connected with passions/ emotions, it is considered necessary to mention about the basic nature of planets/ signs/ houses in the horoscope. The odd houses are considered as male houses (bhavas) and even houses are considered as female houses. 7th house rules, marriage and 8th house speak of sex life- where as 12th house speak of extra- marital life. The Sun, Mars and Jupiter are known to be male planets and their placement specially in the 5th house determine the birth of a male child. The Moon and Venus are female planets. Saturn and Mercury are considered to be eunuchs. Moon and Mars rule the menses in a female.

8. Jupiter is a highly benefic planet and his relationship with Venus is always good for balanced and normal sex life. Venus when associated with waxing Moon and u unaffiliated Mercury are also considered good for normal sex life.

9. Well placed Venus increases the happiness in sex life but association of Venus with Lords of evil houses (6th, 8th, and 12th) is normally not considered good unless position is improved by other planets. When Venus is in evil house or in its debilitated sign (Virgo) harm is caused to a male in his sex life. Afflictions of Scorpio, 8th house, lord of 8th house etc. are considered bad for sex life including troubles and scandals.

10. The Sun rules over body, reputation, position, authority etc. The Moon controls our mind and both these planets with involvement of Jupiter give the needed guidance to the native to have sexual affairs and with whom. Actually the Sun and well placed Moon and Jupiter always act for sexual desires and also counteract to stop the native from illegal action and more malefic influence may not save the native from committing sex crimes including secret sex/ romantic affairs.

The Moon control emotions and women are mostly led by their emotions, thus must look to the Moon in the horoscope of the native to know about her inner feelings and ambitions. The weak Moon speaks of a weak- minded female who can be easily influenced by others. If Mars is also afflicted then she can easily be swayed.

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