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Learn Vedic Astrology, Chapter 8

Planetary friendship, aspect, nature, direction & natural beneficence
v      Planetary Friendship:
i.)                  Natural Friend:
Ø      Planet in 2,5,9,4,8,12 from M.T. and in exaltation sign.
ii.)                Rests are natural enemies.
iii.)              Temporal friend:
Ø      2, 3, 4 and 10, 11, 12th planet from itself.
iv.)              Rests are temporal enemies.

v      Planetary Neutral Friendship chart:

Friends: Moon, Mars, Jupiter
Enemy: Venus, Saturn, Rahu
Neutral: Mercury

Friends: Sun, Mercury
Enemy: Rahu
Neutral: Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn

Friends: Sun, Moon, Jupiter
Enemy: Mercury, Rahu
Neutral: Venus, Saturn

Friends: Sun, Venus, Rahu
Enemy: Moon
Neutral: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn

Friends: Sun, Moon, Mars
Enemy: Mercury, Venus
Neutral: Saturn, Rahu

Friends: Mercury, Saturn, Rahu
Enemy: Sun, Moon
Neutral: Mars, Jupiter

Friends: Mercury, Venus, Rahu
Enemy: Sun, Moon, Mars
Neutral: Jupiter

Rahu/ Ketu
Friends: Mercury, Venus, Saturn
Enemy: Sun, Moon, Mars
Neutral: Jupiter

v      Other Planetary characteristics:
i.)                  Sex:
Ø      Male  :  Sun, Mars, Jupiter
Ø      Female: Moon, Venus, Rahu
Ø      Eunuch: Mercury, Saturn, Ketu

ii.)                Caste:
Ø      Kshatriya (Nobility)                        :   Sun, Mars
Ø      Vaishya    (Merchant Class)          :    Moon
Ø      Shudra      (Peasant/ Serf)             :  Mercury   
Ø      Brahmin (Clergy)                             :   Jupiter, Venus
Ø      Chandala (Outcaste)                       :   Saturn

iii.)              Planetary Aspects:
Ø      Parashari Aspect:

Sun  (Planet)      :  7 (Full)
                                4, 8 (3/4th)
                                 5, 9 (1/2)
                                 3, 10 (1/4th)

Moon                   :  7 (Full)
                                  4, 8 (3/4th)
                                 5, 9 (1/2)
                                 3, 10 (1/4th)

Mars                     :  4, 8, 7 (Full)
-    (3/4th)
5, 9 (1/2)
3, 10 (1/4th)
                     Mercury                  :  7 (Full)
                                                       4,8 (3/4th)
                                                       5, 9 (1/2)
                                                        3, 10 (1/4th)

                  Jupiter                 : 5, 7, 9 (Full)    
                                                        4, 8 (3/4th)             
                                                          -      (1/2)
                                                      3, 10 (1/4th)

                   Venus                :  7 (Full)
                                                  4, 8 (3/4th)
                                                  5, 6 (1/2)
                                                   3, 10 (1/4th)
                Saturn                   : 3,10,7 (Full)
                                               4, 8 (3/4th)
                                                5, 9 (1/2)
                                               -  (1/4th)
Ø       Tajik Aspect:
·   Friendly 5/9 (openly); 3/11
·   Inimical 1/7 (openly); 4/10
·   No Aspect 2/12, 6/8.

Ø      c.f. Bhakoota (sign) compatibility where male/ female moon sign is friendly and considered good when in 1/ 7, 4/ 10 or in 3/ 11 aspects.

v       Mobility:
Ø      Movable : Moon, Mars, Venus, Rahu
Ø      Fixed: Sun, Jupiter, Saturn
Ø      Dual: Mercury
Ø      Alternate (krishnacharya):
·   Movable: Moon, Mars, Saturn, Rahu
·   Fixed: Sun, Venus
·   Dual: Mercury, Jupiter
v      Nature:
Ø      Fiery Sun, Mars
Ø      Earth Mercury
Ø      Airy Saturn, Rahu
Ø      Watery Moon, Venus
Ø      Etheral (Aakash) Saturn

v      Directional strength:
Ø      Mercury, Jupiter in 1 H
Ø      Moon, Venus in 4 H
Ø      Saturn in 7 H
Ø      Sun, Mars in 10H

v      Natural beneficence:
Ø      Benefic: Strong Moon; Unafflicted Mercury, Jupiter & Venus
Ø      Malefic: Weak Moon; Afflicted Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu

v      Planetary humors:
Ø      Kapha (Phlegmatic) : Moon, Venus
Ø      Pitta (Bilious)             : Sun, Mars
Ø      Vayu (Windly)           : Saturn
Ø      Mixed (all three)      : Mercury, Jupiter

v      Parashar friendship groups:
Ø      Group I : Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Ketu
Ø      Group II: Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu

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  1. Vedic Astrology is an ancient Indian science which explains planetary motions and positions with respect to time and their effect on humans and other entities on earth. Vedic astrology can be traced thousands of years back. Early Vedic astrology was only based on the movement of planets with respect to stars, but later on it started including zodiac signs as well.


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