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Learn Vedic Astrology, Chapter 6

Planets, Appearance, Prominent Quality and Profession

(Appearance) Honey coloured eyes, square short hair, hyper-irritability weak eyes sight, well proportioned.

(Prominent Quality)
Political, royal aristocratic planet, a natural atamkaraka.

(Profession & Occupations)
Economic occupation, ruling class, royal/ govt. appointment, magistrate, ruler, administrator, dealer in wool, commission agent, forest officer, creator, promoter, owner, surveyor, signaler, photographer, jeweler, designer.

(Appearance) Rheumatic phlegmatic constitution, circular shape, pleasing eyes, witty, oversexed, unsteady.
(Prominent Quality) Wavering, a planet of fecundation connected with water and natural forces, it gives strength to bear child, a crawling insect.

(Profession & Occupations)
Traveller, agriculture, salt, hawker, water works, mechanical engineer, sailors, pearls, shipping, navy, milk, petroleum, fish, coral, excise, liquor, cattle, women welfare, journalism, tourism, advertising, refreshment, bars glasses, nursery, chemicals, hospitals, mirrors, nursing homes.

(Appearance)  Medium built irascible, lean cruel fickle minded, bilious.

(Prominent & Quality)
A material planet, barren, autocratic, dictatorship, planet of action and expansion.

(Profession & Occupations)
Policy, military, medical surgery, involving, instruments, armament, chemist, geology, engineering, dairying- jobs, jail, cooking, bunting, circus, thieving, barber, metal trade, butcher, weapons, lands sports, property dealer, dentist, baker, fire- man furnace athletes.

(Appearance) Well build large body, polite talk, taste for wit and homour, bilious, rheumatic.

(Prominent & Quality)
Vidya karaka, bandhu karaka, janna karaka.

(Profession & Occupations)
Merchandise, business, law, transport crafts, accountants, drivers, stationery, teachers, travelers, astrologers, authors, publisher, auditors, P&T department, post- men, copyists, mathematicians, physicians, gem- examiners, arbitrators, journalism, writers, educationalists, counselors, advertisers, libraries, bookshops, newspapers.

(Appearance) Obese, fair complexion, phlegmatic, stout body.

(Prominent & Quality)
  A spiritual philosophical planet of expansion and dignity, gives spirituality and wisdom, idealistic.

(Profession & Occupations)
Venerable & respectable position banks, income tax, treasuries, revenue, temples, charitable institutions, law judges, law courts, lawyers, auditors, editors, professors, scholars, teacher, grocers, advertisement, saints and sages, priests, share market, financers, ministers, philosophers, councilors.

(Appearance) Handsome body, pleasing appearance and eyes, curly hair, poetic phlegmatic, rheumatic, poor eater, short stature, youthful.

(Prominent & Quality)
Poetical planet of materialism, planet of pleasures of flesh and denotes splendor, radiance, vitality, seminal fluid, sports and games art and culture, Biped.

(Profession & Occupations)
Artists, dramatists, musicians, cinema line, poets, painting, dress makers, perfumers, vehicle dealers, Jewellers, building engineers, dairy, navy railways, excise, transport, dealing with fair sex, weavers, income- tax wealth tax and revenue etc. If there is connection with Saturn of the nodes.


Tall lean body, yellowish eyes, big teeth, rheumatic, lazy, stiff knotty hairs, large and course nails.

(Prominent Quality)
Planet of logic, philosophy, renunciations, impotency, stingy planet, destructive forces, cold ice planet, secretive, barren.

(Profession & Occupations)
Serving class, hard- working jobs, Government service, menial & physical work, iron & steel, bricks glass tile factory, foot- wears wood or stone work, carpentry, oil digging, masons, jobs connected with punishment, agricultural implements, all kinds of responsible jobs, matters related with deep meditation & extensive study, house building, surveying contractors, miners, hangmen, ascetics, brothels gambling dens, black art and magic, umbrellas, sun- shades, servants, beggars cheats.

(Appearance) Irascible, rheumatic, fierce looking, tall stature, black complexion.

(Prominent Quality)
Vairagaya- karaka, jnana- karaka, eccentricity, foreign travels.

(Profession & Occupations)
  Research, speculators, lawyers, scholars, medicines, antibiotics, telephones, electricity, airlines, aeronautical, aviation computers, profession of erratic and cruel nature, sewerage, bone mills, hides and skins, corpses mortuary, slaughter houses foul, smelling dirty places, snake catchers, wrestlers.

(Appearance) Tall stature, easily excitable.

(Prominent Quality)
Mokasakarka, martial and spiritual planet.

(Profession & Occupations)
Hides and skins, corpses, mortuary, skeletons, bones, bone mills, slaughter house refuse bins, sewages, foul smelling places, dirty places.   

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