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Learn Vedic Astrology, Chapter 1 - Part - 3

Introduction to Vedic Astrology - Veda and relationship with Vedic Astrology

11.  Scientific Basis of Astrology:

i.)      Science means knowledge ascertained by observation and experiment, critically tested, systematized and brought under general principles. Astrology strictly fulfils all these criteria. Two aspects of astrology deserve a special mention:

Ø      The cause and effect phenomenon: In physical science, there may be a gross cause or a subtle cause, producing a physically visible or gross effect. Gravitation, which is a subtle cause, produces a gross effect of attracting a physical body towards the earth. In the case of astrology, the cause is always subtle while the effect is appreciable and predictable according to rules that have been developed and refined over the centuries. The subtle cause in case of astrology is the cosmic force represented by the disposition of the various heavenly bodies or ‘planets’.

Ø      The Phenomenon of replication: It may be pointed out here that every correct astrological prediction, in fact, underscores the principle of replication is astrology. Since astrology is a complex science, its every known principle has to be applied carefully, considering the numerous parameters and weighing the various pros and cons. In the ancient India scriptures, for example, numerous astrological dicta lie hidden. Unfolded and carefully applied today, they prove their eternal applicability and give dazzling results.

ii.)    The Vedas describe an ultimate reality, which they call Brahman. The awareness of this reality is attained through the practice of yoga and meditation. “Aham Brahmasmi” (I am Brahman) is the statement of this realization and identification, which is synonymous with the concept of nirvana. Conceptions of Brahman and nirvana are integral to the different schools of Indian and Buddhist Philosophy. However until, recently, they had not been subject to scientific scrutiny. Physicists have discovered that the various quantum fields, which underline all physical reality, arise from one common source, namely the unified field. There is an overall connection between two primary realities- the unified fields and consciousness.

iii.)  John Wheeler and Roger Penrose, the foremost theorists about space and time believe that the mysteries of consciousness and quantum physics are linked. Penrose insist that a universe whose laws do not take consciousness into account is not much of a universe. The theory that consciousness emerged as a natural consequence of the unique features of our universe has become a topic of much scientific discussion. It is called the “Anthropoid Cosmological Principle”. 

iv.)  In quantum physics consciousness could scarcely play a more pivotal role. No quantum phenomenon is a phenomenon until is observed in a communicable form by a conscious observer. For example, a photon exists both as a wave and as a particle, but the individual property of a wave or a particle becomes manifest only then it is observed.

v.)    According to Vedic and Buddhist spiritual traditions, consciousness is not something that comes about merely though the functioning of neural connections in the brain but is a basic characteristics of all reality, a spirit pervading all manifestations. The role of the human nervous system is to provide an appropriate material structure to individualize consciousness. In other words, we are the tuners of the all- pervading field of cosmic awareness. The discoveries of modern quantum physics seem, therefore, to parallel Vedic and Buddhist conjectures about the nature of reality.

12.  Vedic Astrology and Welfare of mankind:  

i.)                  There is intimate relationship that exists between the movements of those ‘mysterious intelligences’ – planets in the heavens and the fortunes and misfortunes of men, rise and fall of empires, ebb and flow of human passions and the regeneration and degeneration of arts, sciences, literature and philosophy.

ii.)                A certain sublet power, derived from nature, pervades the entire universe, and the earth we inhabit is also subject to this mysterious and sublet power is evident to all. The motion of this ethereal power alters the various element encompassing all matter. The acts of creations (sristhi), protection (sthiti) and destruction (pralaya) are embedded in the womb of the all- powerful Time and these variations are brought about as a consequence of this sublet power.

iii.)              The Sun by his daily movements and the changes of seasons brings to perfection the embryo in plants and animals and brings about various changes on earth exercises much influence on it and as she wanes and waxes- Rivers swell, the tides of the sea are ruled and the plants and animals affected. The Sun as the central figure predominates over the entire arrangement of the celestial system.

iv.)              Thus, it invariable follow, that all bodies in nature, whether animate or inanimate, are subject to the motions of the celestial bodies. Astrologer interprets what it conceives to be the future of man as molded by this previous ‘karma’ and indicated by the planetary position at the time of birth.

v.)                The greatest man of the world believed in and practiced astrology. Dante declared it to be the highest, the noblest and without defect. Kepler, Bacon, Pythagoras, and Democritus were masters in astrology. The ancient Hebrews called the astrologer ‘Asphe’ meaning ‘the mouthpiece of the stars’. It is recorded that Newton was attracted to the study of mathematics and astronomy by the contemplation of an astrological figure of the heavens.

vi.)              When one has acquired a thorough knowledge of the everlasting and ever changing influences of the stars, he will be able to prognosticate correctly the mental and physical qualities of any man and the fortunes and misfortunes that await his and his progress in the world thus by knowing the future correctly, man can so create an environment that: he can cope with the adverse period s of his life and alleviate the evils, indicated by the planets to a great extent. The human will is free to a certain extent and advance one to mitigate many evils. There is a proverb: ‘Fools obey planets while wise men control them’.

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