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Corporate Astrology: Rise and fall of Share Market

As for the commodities, the Zodiac signs also signify the same things as their Lords do. Therefore, a rise or fall indicated of things by a star is in relation to particular country and not necessarily a Global phenomenal. It applies to the country indicated by the sign. For example, Saturn in Capricorn created an historical rise in the share market of India whereas there was a Global recession in the World (in 1992 March). Capricorn rules India and hence the event. But as a rule a cruel star in affrication or in bad aspect with other cruel stars on the other hand creates fall. This too has happened in December 1992 during the Saturn, Mars in opposite direction with the Pluto on the last degree of Libra. Fall also took place on 8th January 1995 when the Sun opposed the Mars degree wise. Now the share market did improve slightly on the 14th January 1992 as the Sun (another cruel star) entered Capricorn. It improved further on from the 29th January as the Jupiter will be retry-grade. The improvement continued up to 12th February, 1993 and then started declining for two reasons. Firstly the cruel star Saturn shifted from Capricorn and entered Aquarium.  

As a result Saturn makes the shares fall down on the last three degree i.e. 29th & 30th of any Zodiac sign and also on the 1st degree of any sign, except if Saturn form a good aspect with a star during these 29th, 30th & 1st  degrees). By good aspects I mean 30 Deg. (semi textile) 60 Deg. (textile), 120 Deg. (trine). But the good aspect of Jupiter is not found to save the market from a fall, even a trine, 180 deg. aspect, i.e. the degree cal opposition of the Jupiter to the Saturn means the debacle, the D –day. In India, we faced this very tragedy of the Saturn on to 30 deg. and the 1st deg... Also unfortunately the share markets of the world and the commercial activities are largely influenced by Capricorn, though they have their separate and different ascendants and horoscopes to signify the unique features of their countries. A separate study is being taken up to shall go into the details of various Horoscopes of different share markets like those of New York, new Orleans, London
Now let us see the ruling signs of the major countries and cities of the World as some of them have great importance.


  • Aries: England, Denmark, Peru, Syria, Germany etc.
  • Taurus: Asia Minor, Ireland, Poland, Persia, Dublin etc.
  • Gemini: Belgium, North Africa, U.S.A., Wales, London, Melbourne, Plymouth, Versailles etc.
  • Cancer: N.W. Africa, China, Holland, Canada, Scotland, New Zealand, Venice, Stockholm, New York, Manchester etc.
  • Leo: Bohemia, France, Italy, Sicily, Romania etc.
  • Virgo: Assyria, W. India, Paris, Switzerland etc.
  • Libra: Argentina, Austria, Tibet, Japan, Lisbon, Vienna, Burma a, China etc.
  • Scorpio: Bombay, Delhi, New Orleans, Brazil, Norway, N. Syria, Liverpool, Washington etc.
  • Sagittarius: Arabia, Australia, Spain, Hungary etc.
  • Capricorn: India, Afghanistan, Iran, Bengal, México Greece, Oxford, Brussels etc.
  • Aquarius: Russia, Prussia, Abyssinia, Hamburg etc.
  • Pisces: Egypt, Portugal, Lancaster etc
The countries and cities mentioned above are assigned the signs on the basis of the main events that occur and reoccur in them. All of them are not still finally acceptable to all the astrologers. Scholars do differ on the topic. For example, India’s horoscope on the basis of their Independence time shows Taurus ascendant and Cancer as the Moon sign and single factor exclusively. India is said to be ruled by Capricorn and there is substance in it too. We must therefore, take into consideration all the available data and factors. We must note the dates of all the historical events, natural phenomenal etc. of all the countries of the world to reach the truth.

In case of the large countries like India different States are found to be ruled by different Zodiacal signs. Not only are that different city also ruled by different signs. But the traditionally known signs must be seen for the transits. Mundane Astrology therefore is complex in nature. But the horoscopes of the Stock Exchanges are simpler and more decisive than those of the countries. Still we must know the Zodiacal signs of different place with a view it knowing the country of Boom and Recessions. This is a very important. If you speculate and expect Boom in the Wall Street and if the stars cause a Boom in London stock Exchange, how can it help you? The country of the event is signified by the Zodiac. Fr example a slow malefic shall on the last degree of Libra causes long recession in the India Stock Exchanges. But it is not necessarily a global event. This is my observation from my past experiences.

With all our knowledge of the truth, the rules are finally established. But at times, they need a lot of research and observation to confirm, reform or reject the theory part or wholly. God alone is perfect, purest and finally precise. We have to Endeavour to be so.

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