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All about Lord Shiva

Recite, Preach and Practice Thousand Names of Lord Shiva

Recitation and preaching- rather even listening of thousand names will enable the natives (Sadhaka) to achieve their desires without serious danger. There is no doubt that those who recite and preach these thousand names will have no misery at all even in dreams. The thousand names of Lord Shiva stand for destruction of distress and would give learning and wealth, bestows all desires and also inspires devotion to Lord Shiva. These statements are from the Shiva Puran and are stated by the Lord himself.

One method of worship of Lord Shiva is to offer water/ milk and other items but the ‘Bilva Leave’ is considered a must. The native must pray to forgive for all sins and also forgive if the worship is devoid of the requisite materials, any. Continue reciting ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ and other Mantras of Lord Shiva including Maha- Mrityunjaya Mantras.

It is stated that the word ‘Shiva’ signifies HIM who controls everthing and whom none can control.

On analysis of the word ‘Shiva’ the following interpretation has been noted:
-          The syllable ‘SH’ means Permanent bliss.
-          The letter ‘I’ means Purusha (male energy).
-          The Syllable ‘va’ means Sakti (the female energy)

Persons born with Jupiter in Lagna, 5th house or 9th house of the horoscope certainly get blessings of Lord Shiva and evil effects get neutralized. Others also get blessings of the Lord by remembering/ worshipping the Lord. Namah Shivaya/ means ‘Obeseisance to Shiva’.

Now know about some Names of Lord Shiva.
Surya- Identical with the Sun.
Sani- Saturn.
Sarvakarmalaya- Abode of all rites.
Sthvistha- Grossest one.
Savatsara- Year.
Savatsarakara- Above of all.
Srimat- Glorious.
Sarvasasana- Chastiser of all.
Samana- Impartial.
Sistesta- liked by the cultured.
Sarsodhana- Purifier of the essence.
Sarvabandhav imochana- Realiaser from all bondages.
Sipivista- entering and stationed in rays.
Susarana- Worthy refuge
Sarvasdhana- having all equipment.
Samsara Cakrabharti- Holder of the wheel.
Sastra- Chestiser.
Savitra- Sun
Satpathacare- Travelling the path of Good.
Sisu- Infan.
Surasatruha- Slayer of the enemies of Gods.
Sarvasware- Lord of all.
Sidha- Mahatejas- Of great luster.
Sidhi- Achievement.
Sarvapapahara- destroyer of sins.
Satya- of truthful existence.
Sukriti- of good fame.
Sobhana- of good beauty.
Sragvin- warning garlands.
Sasvata- Permanent.
Santa- Quescent.
Sarvaacharya- Preceptor of all.
Spastaksara- of clear words and syllables.
Sarasamolava- floating the essence.
Sulabha- easy to approach.
Suragana- having Gods as attendants.
Sthanada- Bestower of proper position
Sivalaya- Of auspicious residence- happy home.
Sudhapati- Lord nectar.
Sara- Essence.
Sancaya- Collection.
Skanda- Krittiikeya.
Sanuraga- Loving.
Survira- Good hero.
Sakalgamoparaga- One who hasmastered all Vedas.
Susena- Having auspicious army.
Svayamjyoti- Self luminous.
Siva- Pure.
Sadacare- Of noble conduct.
Sarava- All in all, a bestower of welfare.
Sargasadhna- Achiever of creation.
Surasattaya- The most excellent God.
Sarvapyamasayudin- In whom all authorities and proofs agree.
Subhaga- Comely.
Skendaguru- Preceptor of skanda.
Srikantha- Who can be realized through trance.
Suresa- Lord of Gods.
Suryatapana- Scorcher of the Sun.
Smasananilaya- Residing in cremation grounds.
Sukshma- Subtle.
Smasanastha- Stay in cremation grounds.
Somapa- Imbiber of Soma Juice.
Saumya- Gentle.
Sudhapati- Lord of nectar.
Suniti- Good justice and police.
Sudhatman- Pure Soul.
Soma- Accompanied by Uma.
Somatara- Excelling the Moon.
Sukhim- Happy being.
Sidh Vradaravandita- Saluted by the Gods.
Sutrakara- Composer of Ephorisms.
Sanatana- Eternal.
Svastida- Bestower of wheal.
Sarvada- Bestower of all.
Sarvagicara- Visible to all.
Saraga- Creation.
Sikha, Visakha, Gosakha, Siva- The cause of welfare.
Satphapati- Architect.
Sthira- Steady.
Sagana- Accompanies by Ganas.
Sukriti- Of good fame.
Samavarta- Who whirls the wheal of worldly existence.
Sadasiva- auspicious forever.
Sarvayudhavisarada- expert in wielding weapons.
Sutantu- wearing good fabric of universe.
Subhanga- having auspicious limbs.
Suppressor- Of (wicked) people.
Sudhavigraha- Of pure body.
Sadhusadhya- achievable easily by the saintly.
Srimat- glorious.
Sulabha- easy of access.
Suvrata- Of good rites.
Sura- heroic.
Satrujit- conqueror of the enemies.
Saramana- ascetic.
Suparna- Garuda of good wings.
Sasigunakara- Storehouse of the qualities of the Moon.
Satya- Truth.
Satayapara- devoted to truth.
Sarvaloka prajapati- Creator of worlds.
Sukrata- meritorious.
Sudhi- Intelligent.
Sadyogin- Of good yogas.
Sakra- Indentical with Indra.
Samartha- Capable.
Satyaparakrama- Of truthful exploit.
Sikhisarthi- having fire as charioteer.
Supratika- of good symbols.
Sunispanna- bell born.
Sreshtha- excellent.
Samamnaya- well recited Vedas.
Sahasramurdhan- thousand headed.
Saranya- worthy of taking refuge in.
Sarvadevottamattama- most excellent of the Gods.
Srimat- glorious.
Sriparvatapriya- Fond of the mountain Sriparvata.
Surdhyaksa- presiding deity of Gods.
Svadhama- Self housed.
Silocana- Of good eyes.
Siddhida- bestower of Siddhis.
Sarvasastrabhrdvara- Foremost among the wearer all weapons.
Svadhisthana- Self based.
Shanti -    Peace.
Sugata-   having good gait.
Sabdapati-  lord of worlds.
Satrupramthin-  suppressor of enemies.
Sukhanila-  of pleasing wind.
Surabhi-  fragrant.
Sisiratmaka-  winter.
Saila- mountain.
Sarvarupa-  uniformed.
Sarvasastra Prabdhanjana-  breaker of weapons and missiles.
Sarvesa – lord of all.
Sarvalokadhrik- Supporter of all the worlds.
Sivajnanarata- interested in the knowledge of Siva.
Sikhi- Fire God.
Sidhinhadga- Having steady sword.
Svagata- Self pervading.
Svara- Accent.
Svaramaya svana- Novel sound.
Swargin- Attaining heaven.
Sedgati- Goal of the good.
Satyaparayana- devoted to truth.
Sucismita- Of pure smiles.
Remember and recite the name of Lord Shiva and reap material and spiritual benefits. Those of you want to contribute about other names of Lords Shiva are welcome to do so.

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