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The Sun in Scorpio, Effects

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)
Scorpio is the other sign owned and ruled by MARS. Both the planets i.e. the Sun and Mars are energetic planets and become responsible for fire and explosions. Before we discuss in details the effects of the Sun in Scorpio, it would be apt to say that the span of Scorpio is as under with reference to Nakshtras and their:

00, 00 to 03.20 degree of Scorpio or
10. 00 to 13. 20 degree of Vishakha ruled by Jupiter.
00. 3. 20 to 16. 40 degree of Libra or
00. 00 to 13. 00 degrees of Jeystha ruled by Mercurry.

The Sun in Scorpio especially up to 16.40 degrees is capable of giving native a beautiful face and bright eyes though the Nakshtra Annuradha belongs to Saturn but at the same time where the combination of planets is not good, the native gets cruel looks- apparently on account of Mars and Saturn. The native have to face several obstacles in life though they have especially aptitude to handle all situations. Practically there will be no peace of mind throughout life as even a smallest problem becomes pinching. Always think of revenge. Such natives are hardworking and inspire of various reversals they achieve success. Firm believer in God and will not leave optimism even in several reversals. Such persons start earning at young age. Life between 27- 48 is full of problems and after 48 some stability would be indicated. With the Sun in Scorpio and Moon and Mars conjoining, the native has to be a chemist, doctor or manufactures of drugs. Such natives are bereft of benefits from father.

Person with the Sun in Scorpio i.e. falling in jeyshtha normally have defective teeth or tooth problem or there is a gap in the teeth’s. Clean in mind- sober but the good qualities are not noted by others. They cannot keep any secret with them, they must speak to some at the earliest opportunity. Such persons are hot tempered and at times obstinate. Such persons do take on- the – spot decisions but at times they are wrong and repent later. No help is expected from relations. Outwardly proud but they are just opposite when someone comes near to them. All earnings strictly on account of self effort and they show sincerity in all their duties. Period up to 50 years is full of trials and stability comes thereafter. Progress begin after 27 and combined with the luck of the wife/ husband. Sun in Scorpio especially with reference to Jayshtha make the native to have on personality though not like by some relations. His spouse will always have an upper hand. Diseases for such natives are frequent fever, cough and cold apart from pain in arms and shoulders. Women born under this sign normally have muscular body with long arms, height is above average, broad face and normally such ladies have short but curly hair.

Scorpio is a watery sign (timid constitution but fertile mind), fixed sign (lot of Sbubbomness, Practicality and firmness), reptilian sign (trick nature), violant sign (Mars is the ruler), mute sign (creatures without voice), strong sign (combined force of the Sun and Mars), but an imperfect sign.

Clues for prediction shall be provided by the Sun in Scorpio with reference to wells, sinks, operation theaters, lavaratories, blucher shops, secretive agencies or hidden places, buried treasures, haunted houses, poisons, crevices in mountains etc.

According to Compendium of Astrology, the Sun in 8th House (for Ariss Lagna) makes the native immoral, widow wooer, gets few, children and middle life. (Longevity principle need to be tested because of the Sun in 8th house is free from affliction of 8th house).

Scorpio is a centipede sign (other being Pisces) and/ entrance is ‘outside’. It represents vegetable (dhatu or minerals), is even and auspicious- and represents North direction.

Sun in Scorpio (for Aries Lagna) also gives luck after marriage and gain by partnership. The native can sacrifice his comforts for others or even perform an heroic action. But, afflicted Sun gives defective vision and in case of female’s chart, the husband may die first. This test is proved by the birth Chart of Late Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi who had the Sun in Scorpio. In general the afflicted sun in Scorpio also gives immoral connection, loss of wealth, litigation and poverty.

Profession wise, Scorpio is capable of giving profession relating to chemicals, chemists, doctors/ medical men, druggists, tea, coffee, apart from navy and dealer in oils and spirits being a watery sign, The Sun in Scorpio would enable to give some hint depending on the 10th house and 10th Lord.

Sun in Scorpio in the 9th house gives londivility to father if the 9th Lord Mars is well placed.

Generally the Sun make the native cunning, sharp, truthful, endowed with knowledge of various Shasta’s, including of past and future events (interested in Astrology, Mantras, Yoga’s, at   times rash in speech, sheeting by co- born, engaged in sensual pleasures, music and poetry (sickly on account of overindulgence), will not mind taking credit for the work done by others and may become proudly speaking high of his own work.

The Sun in Scorpio may also make the native firm and powerful (getting energy from Sun and Mars), inner silent force may lead to occult learning. Such natives do have magnetic power, critical perception and ability to judge all matters keenly. Afflicted Sun in Scorpio may make the native jealous and proudly with strong likes and dislikes. Self control and determination (secret and detective comes under this influence). Accordingly, such native are advised to avoid pride, cultivate sympathy and an effort to see things from other’s point of view.

Love marriage and sexual excesses cannot be ruled out especially when there is close proximity of Venus and Mars. Scorpio with Sun always have a desire of being ‘boss’ i.e. such native must have somebody to carry out their instructions. Such natives possess ‘foresight’ but may have little power of adaptation to the new set of conditions. For public affairs, the native with sun in Scorpio need more caution tact and courtesy. Some go to extreme specially a woman with Scorpio rising falls in love then her family, her position, her earner, all counting nothing against love.          

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