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Some aspects of Face reading

Among the parts of the Face, CHIN is an important part of the face and conveys many things about the native. Every chin of a person (both males and females – also children) have a different story to tell. Chins are normally classified in four broad categories:

i) Pointed, ii) Narrow, iii) Broad and iv) Cleft. Then these categories are further classified in Narrow pointed, Broad pointed, Narrow- pointed and Broad Cleft.

2. It would not be too much to say that manifestation of love/romance/emotions for sex and love for the opposite sex (at times chin becomes indicative of perverted sex but difficult to determine) are indicated by the chin of the native. Delicately pointed chin and slightly projected chin denotes considerable attention for the opposite sex and a great desire for love and  to be loved. Similarly, a curved projecting chin shows a great desire to love- an intense inner feeling for love and attraction for the opposite sex. Such a chin on the face becomes a representative of 'sex appeal'.

3. The square and indented chin denotes a passionate affection for the opposite sex. Normally, this type of chin is found more often among men as compared to women. Females normally have pointed and delicately shaped chins. Such a native has an urge to meet persons for easy satisfaction but in some cases it has been seen that such a lady suffers miseries and never marries. Some call it a feminine type chin.

4. Cleft chin (also referred to   as masculine chin) speak of desires passionately to be loved and a partner with pointed chin would be more appropriate thus both are likely to have and give warm reciprocation in loving. The nature of cleft is passionate but with well formed lips and mouth, the passions are controlled. The cleft -chin natives normally have excessive indulgence and are after love and rarely, depancing on the birth chart, remain unmarried.

5. A dimple chin- often in women (adding beauty to the faces considered less passionate as compared to cleft chin. But it may not be always so. We go by the placement of planets in birth chart and natives born with association/ aspect/ conjunction of Mars/ Venus/ Saturn who may speak of love and are considered harmless flirt typ. It has been noted that females with dimpled chin enjoy the society of the opposite sex- normally taken as society girls- some of them taking to modeling, acting etc.

6. The broad chin/ square chin shows endurance and permanence in friendship and love. Such a native has strong will power. On testing, this principle is supported by the thumbs of the natives concerned. Other qualities of such natives indicate apart from permanent attachment, fidelity in family affection, demanding, jealous and also a keen lover.

7. Some short/ round chin natives are found to be easy going, warm in affection ardent but not passionate to the expectation of others. But, there will be fondness of kissing, a desire for marriage and also for children.

8. Chin getting downward in length indicate will power and authority to command others. A short chin belong to a more yielding fellow i.e. lack self confidence. Here again, we get to astrology and those of you born with Leo Lagna and strong Sun/ Mars may not yield.

9. A receding chin indicates weakness of will power and often indicates obstinacy. However, this would depend on the depth and amount of recession of chin and that will precisely determine the degree of weakness of will- power. Some of such natives become obstinate/ cruel and rigid. In some cases, weak chin denote indecision.


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