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Lord of 9th Bhava if in various Houses

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

First House: Fortune, respect by Govt., good manners, good morals, handsome, learned popular.

Second House: Learned popular, wealthy, and lusty and has happiness in regards to family and children.

Third House: Happy relations with brothers and sisters, wealthy, clever, good manners. It will be noted that third house is a dusthana; but lord of 9th gives good results in this house, firstly because he is the lord of very auspicious house and secondly because he aspects the 9th house (his own house) from this position making it powerful.

Fourth House: Comforts of houses, lands and conveyances, happiness in respect of mother.

Fifth House: Good children, native devoted to his preceptor (guru), good morals, religious minded, learned, respected, famous, and wealthy.

Sixth House: Fluctuating fortunes, not having good terms with maternal relations, troubled by enemies.

Seventh House: Good gains after marriage, learned, famous.

Eighth House: Unfortunate in every respect. This is the worst position for the lord of the 9th; as 8th is 12th to 9th and is, therefore, the house of loss for the 9th.

Ninth House: (Own house)- very fortunate, gets all he wants. If 9th may be in a movable sign he may go abroad and earn wealth, name fame there also. Has long lived and prosperous father. In this position, the lord of 9th causes a powerful Raja- yoga.

Tenth House: Becomes king or like a king or minister, prime Minister, President, a high Govt. official a very success full businessman. This disposition also gives rise to a powerful Raja – yoga.

Eleventh House:  Gains always devoted and obedient to elders and his Guru : clever charitable.

Twelfth House: Unfortunate spends lavishly on good causes and thereby becomes poor (there are many examples of people who give all their wealth for charitable purposes). It will be noted that 12th being 4th from 9th the father of the native is also represented.

Ninth Bhava (House)- Represents  loneliness, righteousness, preceptor, grandchildren, metaphysical studies, imagination and intuition, religious devotion, Law, sympathy, philosophy, science and literature, lasting fame leadership, charities, communication with sprites, ghosts and the like, long journeys, foreign travels and father. Faith, wisdom, divine worship and fortune.

Saturn owns two signs namely Capricorn and Acquires in the horoscope of any native. Broadly, it controls 1/6th of population. When the aspects of Saturn are taken into consideration (Saturn has 3rd, 7th (bhagya)), meditation, forethought, places of worship, charity, sacrifices, teaching, dharma, long journey, sea and air travel, higher education, foreign travel, knees.

If the week Moon occupies the 9th in a debilitated state or Venus is bad and occupies evil conjunctions or if the lord of the 9th is debilitated, the native will be guilty of improper relations with his preceptor’s wife.

If the 9th is occupied by benefices and the lord of the 9th combines with no malefic, the person rests contended with his own wife.

If the lord of 9th is in 8th or any moveable sign, the child will be born when father is not in the place.

If  the lord of 9th joins the navamsa of Jupiter, the person becomes righteously inclined and charitable in disposition.

If the 9th is occupied by Venus, Ketu and the Sun, proficiency in miscellaneous subjects is to be predicted; Ketu in the 9th makes a man interested in mesmerism.

If the lord 9th is in the 4th expected by Saturn, the person will be charitable in disposition, but irritable in temperament.

If the lord of 1st and the 9th are powerful and the Sun is expected by benefices, the native will be obedient and dutiful to his father.

If the lord of 9th is in quadrants or in trines, the person becomes well acquainted with metaphysical lore provide such a combination has the aspect of Jupiter or Jupiter is in Kendra.

If Rahu and Saturn occupy the 9th and otherwise badly situated, the person will be cold- hearted, engaged in inflicting miseries and injuries on innocent people and quite unsympathetic.

Mars and Ketu in the 9th with Jupiter in the 2nd, and Mercury, the Sun and Venus in the 5th, the 6th and the 7th respectively, make the man very rich.

If the lord of the Ascendant joins the 9th or aspects its lord and if Jupiter occupies an exalted position, the person will be highly learned in mystical philosophy. If the lords of the Ascendant and the 9th are combined or are in mutual aspect or in mutual Kendra’s, one will have foreign travels.

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