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Instant Relief from the following remedial Measures

 Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

If any of the planets is afflicted in the horoscope, the following remedial measures shall to be beneficial:

The Sun -gur’ should be thrown in running water.

Propitiate the Sun including by ‘Surya Namskar’.

The Moon- A small container of milk (unboiled) or water be kept near your head at night and offered to kikar tree in the morning. In addition, donation of white things rice, sugar, ‘atta’ etc. may be given in donation or distributed among the poor on Mondays.

Mars- Sweets/ Patasha to be thrown in running water (river).

Mercury- A piece of copper with a hole should be thrown in running water.

Jupiter- Saffron should either be eaten or applied on forehead or naval especially on Thursdays.

Venus- Donation (offering) of cow, jower or milk may prove beneficial.

Saturn- Donation of mustard oil.

Rahu- Coal to be thrown in river. Offering of radish is also recommended.

Ketu- Part of your food be given to dogs.

For any specific problem,

Other Remedial Measurers:

1.  (Mantra for removal of fear)

Recite the following Mantra for 108 times on Deepawali day. One will forget what is fear in his life.

Om Namo Siddhanam Panchenam”

2.  (Mantra for the cure of all disease)

Recite the following Mantra for 108 times- morning, Noon and Evening. One will be free from diseases.

Om Aem Hreem Kleem Klown Klown Arha Nama”

3.  (Mantra for mastery of all Siddhis and all-round success and for fear from snakes.)

Recite the following Mantra for 108 times. One will have Sarva- Siddhi and all round success. Recite the Mantra for 7 times and put a knot in a cloth. There will be no fear of theft i.e. the theif cannot enter the place where this Mantra has been recited. It also remove fear from Snakes.

Om Arahantha Siddha Aayariya Uvajhaaya
Savva- Saahoo, Savva Dhammathi Thyaraanam
Om Namo Bhagavayeea Suyadevayaaye Shaanthi
Devayaanam Sarva Pavayanam Devayaanam
Dassanam Dissa Paalaanam  Panchloka Paalaanam.
Om Hreem Arahantha Devam Nama.
Sree Sarva Jumooha kuru Kuru Swaha”

4.  (Mantra for self protection and purification)

Recite the following Mantra at least once a day. The Sadhaka will be protected out of all evils.

Patamam Havaye Mangalam Brajamaye Shilaamasthakopari Namo Arahanthaanam
Anguahta yo Namo Siddhaanam Tarjanyo: Namo Aayariyaanam Madhyamayoo:
Namo Uvajhayaanam  Anaamikayoo: Namo Loye- savva- Sahoonam Kanishtakayoo: Iso Pancha Nanoyaaroo Brajamaye Praakaaram, Savva- Paavappa- naasane Jalabrtharavaathika, Mangalaanam Cha Savvessi Khaadirangaara Poorna- Khathikaa.

5.  (Mantra for the removal of fear from theft)

Recite the following Mantra for 21 times. Whenever one travels to a distant Place he may carry valuable things with him. It is natural, particularly now a days that one cannot have good sleep as the security of his belongings pass through his mind. As a safe guard against theft or loss of his belongings he may while entering the place as also enroot to that place, recite the following Mantra for 21 times. All his belonging will be safe.

Om Namo Arihanthaanam Aamiranoo Mohanee Mohaya Swaha.

6.  (Mantra for the fulfillment of desires)

Recitation of the following Mantra daily in the morning as many times as possible will fulfil one,s desires. This is a very powerful and effective Mantra.

Om Hreem A Si Aa U Sa Nama: (Maha Mantra Supreme Mantra)
Om Si Aa U Saa Nama: (Mula Mantra- Root Mantra)
Om Hreem Arhathe Utpath Uthpath Swaha (Thribhuvana Swamini)

7.  (Mantra for the Removal of evil effects Nine Planets)

Recite the following Mantras for 10000 times for the removal of evil effects of the Planets concerned. Concerned Mantra is indicated against each planet.
For the removal of evil effects of all the Nine Planets, recite the following five Mantras simultaneously.

Mantra for Sun- Om Hreem Namo Siddhaanam
Mantra for Moon & Venus- Om Hreem Namo Arahan- thaanam
Mantra for Saturn & Rahu- Krtu- Om Hreem Namo Loye Savva- sahoonam.

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