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Air Crashes – Why? Know Astrologically !

1. Unexpected deaths for many by way of rail/ road or air accidents is attributed to ruling planets for the day. Be that as it may, mass deaths are also attributed to Saturn though a friend and a foe but for such accidents, Saturn is taken and considered to be dreaded planet.

2. For air accidents, the planets responsible are Jupiter and Venus- both significations of airplanes. In addition, the major role is played by Saturn and Mars in addition to two Nodes of the Moon i.e. Rahu and Ketu. The Sun when debilitated and when having no force also plays its part. Mercury- the Planets of Wings cannot be ignored. In addition, the outer planets i.e. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto also contribute to such tragedies.

3. The mode of death in personal horoscopes of the victims can be seen depending on the sign (rasi) of 8th house and position of the 8th Lord. But this cannot be considered here.

4. The Moon is controller of mind and it is to be seen how the mind of the pilot is affected at the moment leading to the tragedy.

5. Out of chronology of some major air crashes in India, I have selected few dates on which ‘Chandra Lagna’ has been prepared as the time of crash is known. Even otherwise astrologically prepared as the time crash is not known. Even otherwise, astrologically, predicative notes can be given on the basis of Lagna (Ascendant- rising sign) or Chandra Kundli or Surya Kundli. For the purpose of study of air crashes, the Moon has pivotal role to play being the fastest planet.

6. Normally, such tragedies take place on Saturday or Tuesday. In the study of various charts given below it would be seen that the accidents did take place on Saturdays and Tuesdays. Even the accidents on Monday/ Wednesday may be attributed to Tuesday as the time is not known and in Hindu Astrology the day/ night is from Sun- rise to Sunset. Even the accident on Friday may have the shadow of Saturday.

7. From the Charts, in most of the cases, the Moon was in the sign of Mars or Saturn on the fateful day. It may not be possible to discuss all the charts (selected dates for few accidents) but a mention is considered necessary to highlight the rules of astrology.  Rising sign (lagna) ruled by Mars, Mars in turn inspecting sign of Jupiter and Retrograde Saturn. Sun, Venus, Mercury in 12th house (an inauspicious house) aspect by Rahu and with Ketu. Further the Sun in was in debilitation.

8. The rising sign belonged to the planet Mercury but in the grip of Rahu and Ketu. Venus, Saturn and Mars in 4th house aspect by Jupiter Retrograde and the Sun had feeble degree in the 6th house sign of Saturn and Saturn inspecting the Moon, Mars inspecting the signification Jupiter and also the sign of the Moon in 11th house- left side of the plane.

9. In chart No.10, all malefic influenced the Moon- controller of mind. Moon in sign of Saturn with Ketu, with Uranus and Neptune (Retrograde) inter- se aspect by Rahu, Sun and Venus. Here again the Sun was rising at feeble degree in Nakshtra of Jupiter who was with Saturn. Further Mars- Mercury combined together in another inauspicious house and Retrograde Pluto was in 11th house in the sign of Mars.

10. The common features noted are that the Moon was under affliction, one of the planets specially Jupiter and Saturn was in retrograde motion, the Sun was weak, and malefic specially Mars and Saturn played their role.

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