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Today Friday 17/12/10 is Gita Jayanti ,Vaikunt Ekadasi & Muharram ( 1432 ) .The lucky numbers are 1,5,9 & 4..

The Ephemeris for 17/12/10 is that it is Ekadasi , Aswini Constellation/Nakshatra , Parigha Yoga which is excellent . Spontaneity is the energy of today's constellation.The time from 6am to 10.3oam & 4.30pm to 7pm is a special auspicious time , USE IT.

All legal and corporate matters to be done with extra care today IE 17/12/10 but good for long term planning where you can be adventurous.A day beneficial for dealing with real estate issues.With your loved one do not be at conflict - try to understand there perspective and adjust - will help.

Venus - Mars  relationship for 17/12/10 - there mood - the fairer sex will be at there best and in a mood to enjoy there sexuality & the day but the men would be moody , secretive and would like to look intelligent -- so have fun . Sensitivity and passion will be key today

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