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Is Astrology a Divine Science?

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Media has important role to play and has very big responsibility to society. Media can put any heading to any news but heading should not be such as to way the mind of the persons concerned.

Astrology- the Divine Science- a perfect Science has come to stay with us ancient times. Mere opinion of one person irrespective of his age and experience- Refer to News item in the Times of India dated 17.12.1995 saying that ‘Astrology is not a science’ as per the respected Shri Dwruwalla’s view. The news item with regard to author and publisher could be captioned otherwise also. Be that as it may, the known and admitted fact is that Astrology is a science- a perfect science as compared to any other science though the astrology does not have the basic infrastructure available to other sciences including medical science which has failed at times- rather astrology has come to the rescuer for the patient as well as for the mental peace.

Whether astrology is a science or not is big debatable question of dogmatism but I would say that these persons have no authority to comment on the same. Accordingly, with due regard to the learned correspondent of theTimes of India News Service, the interview of Shri Daruwalla ought not have been captioned to give massage that Astrology is not a science.

I need not say here as to what is ‘science’. All sciences convey that it is a knowledge co-ordinates, arranged and synthesized, it should have metrology, repetition and well laid down principles. All these elements are well founded in Astrology to be ranked as a science- you may admit or not. Apart frommedical science, jurisprudence is also a grand science. If law is science, there should be no room for failure of justice or prevalence of injustice.

Astrology is an ancient science- a divine science and even in the present day, without facilities and infrastructure, is holding its head high and it is time that sufficient patronage is extended for its revival. Rather, most of the functions recently held including by a voluntary organization Bharat Nirman (BuildIndia ) are steps for revival of the science with reference to modern times. Similarly, some conference was organized by the learned Dr. B.V. Raman and Ms. Gavatri Vasudev on ‘Vastu Shastra’ and the same being practiced is confirmed from recent news items. Many more astrological functions recently held in all parts of the country also support the scientific validity of astrology.

Planetary position affects all human beings in this living world, whether he is a peon or a Prime Minister. Nobody can be free from the effects of planets. Without discussing this aspect, it would suffice to say that Astrology is derived from the word ‘Aster’ and ‘logos’- that is stars and reason or logic. In Sanskrit word astrology is called Jyotish - the science of light.

Much has been written and said as to what is astrology and it had been treated and is being as science- all animate things are governed by the planetary forces. The mathematical basis of astrology is so precise that even the persons not having belief inastrological principles have to believe and feel convinced about the scientific nature of astrology. It is also started that Astrology is followed by all human being in almost all countries though methodology may differ. Hindu astrology is followed by all – by some openly and by others secretly.

All the heading specially the one indicated above affect ‘public interest’ at large and even according to Bill Kovac - The Hindustan Times dated 17.12.1995, the public interest should not be relegated as ‘ secondary by the Press.

To care the damage done to Astrology, publication of this write-up may improve the version created in the minds of people that Astrology is science or an open question for debate.

Shanker Adawal
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