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astro tips for DEC,11, 201O by ME

Tithi is Panchami today - 10/12/10 - Sravana- Nakshatra and Dhruva
yoga - this will be good /bad - a mixed day for you , take care .
Stocks &
Numbers - 6 , 2 , 7 & 5 will be lucky and buy stocks on each dip -
...will have a pay back - use your judgment though - this is in astro
inclination read ,

Mars& Venus relationship - the mood for 10/12/1- for majority - The males will
be inclined to talk of family/values/commitment though the fairer sex
will be moody/tough and rather unconventional in approach to love &
relationship .

ASRTO TIP FOR 10/12/10- work with cooperation and be secretive - you will gain. Haste
and flash to be avoided. Be careful in messages - they should be clear
or will lead to misunderstanding warmly

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