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The Sun in Cancer

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)


Mercury 10.34

Ketu 28-58

Saturn (R) 16 43

DOB- 17th July, 35
TOB- 14:00 hrs
Lat- 31.54 (N)
Long- 72.20 (E)

Sun 0-57

Moon 16-33

Venus 15-03

Rahu 28-59

Lagna 5-21
Jup 20-29
Mars 0037

The native was born in Distric Gujaranwala now in Pakistan. Though born in family of those-times Rich families owning agricultural lands but lost his father in 1945 (Mars-Saturn) followed by partition of the country giving innumerable problems. Break in education and earning livelihood were difficult question. Rahu-Rahu made the native to do all odd jobs but Rahu-upiter enabled the native to pass Matriculation Exam in 1951. In Chalit Mars moved to 12th house and the Sun moved from 10th house to 9th house though caused Buth-Aditya Yoga but in the grip of Rahu and Ketu. With little Raja Yoga and the Sun in 1st house, the native retired as Assistant Commissioner of Income-Tax. Jupiter in Lagna and Vargottama gave the native insight to study and ultimately succeeded to become a Law graduate, Company Secretary apart from passing various departmental examinations. This apart, the native is author of various book (about 21) on Income Tax, Excise Duty, Company Law and latest being an 'Insight into Restrictive and Unfair Practice'. The 10th house Sun continued to give favor after retirement. This proves the role of the Sun (representative of Government) though weak degree-wise.

Case 2:

Sun in Cancer make a person independent, indolent, harsh, wealthy, unhappy, sickly, astrologer. In 9th house, he bestows luck, success, well read, godly, devoted, and dutiful sons, a man of action and thoughts, charitable, self-acquired property, lands, post, musician, astrological and occult science, ambitious and enterprising. Sun-Moon opposition makes indiscrete while helping others. Mars, Venus, debilitated Rahu and Ketu are malefic. Mercury is badly associated. He has Shasha Yoga Karaka. He has Gaja Kesari Yoga with Mars accompanied. Sun in 9th relatives, favor to relatives. Has good relatives, rich, addicted, charming, honor Brahmins, beautiful wife limited, sons, Gain through women, dress attractively, knowledge of arts and crafts, egoistic, haughty, happy, intelligent, poet, charitable, many friends, disturbed family life. 9th lord aspecting 9th house makes him fortunate. Sun in Cancer aspected by Moon makes him enterprising, rich. Sun in 9th also grants royalty. Lagnesh and 5th lord relation make combination of love affair. He is a leader in himself.

Shanker Adawal
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