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Want to Know Your Lucky Month and Lucky Day

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1)      Numerology has major role to play in life of all individuals/nations. Nothing works without numbers and number is a must for all objects- whether animate or inanimate. Number gives identification to all moveable and immovable properties- be it a house number, car number, telephone number etc. it would be apt to say that the foundation for all facets of life in numerology and thus the need to know your lucky number in various matters.

2)      To know the lucky month (personal month number) it is necessary to know about the Personal Year Number and to know the lucky day (Personal day number), we have to know about the Personal month number.

3)      To find out personal year number, add all the numbers in your date of birth i.e. year, month and date. For example, if you are born on 15th May, 1992, the total of this day would be as under:

1992- 3          May 5               Dated 6                    (15)            Total 14.

Therefore the personal year Number would be 5 i.e. the final reduced number. In view of the year involved, your personal year number shall change every year.

4)      The influence of Personal Year Number beings in January and ends in December with some influence of the three months preceding and also for the first three months of the year. The influences of the first three months is considered waning and the year's energy gets increased thereafter and peaks around September and after October, the influence of coming year may also be felt in some matters. There is difference of opinion among the numerologists as some of such persons feel that the Personal Year Number start around your date of birth but others takes it from the Universal Year. I feel that the reckoning of the Personal Year Number must be with reference to date of birth as that is more practical and see the results after the birth month/ year.

5)      To find your personal month number, add the single digit value of the month to your personal Year Number. For example, if the above native with 5 as Personal Year Number, wants to know his personal month number for July, add the said 5 to 7 (July) and have the figure and therefore July would become 3 Personal Month number for someone in the 5 Personal Year. For example, a person with a personal number 4 (15th may, 1991 i.e. 6 plus 5 plus 20 or 2) and wants to know the Personal Mont number for August, 1999, then add 8 (August) to the said number 4 which comes to 12 and this number in turn is reduced to 3. The Personal Month Number for the native for the month of August would be 3.

6)      Now we analyze the reckoning or personal Day for august. To find personal day for August 23, 1991, we would add 5 (23), plus 3 (for the personal month) and this total ups 8. Therefore the personal number for August 23, 1991 born persona would be 8th day of August.

7)      Now we give general characteristics/ predictions etc. about the combinations of personal month and personal day number for all;

No.1 as personal month and day number; new beginnings, new ventures, meeting new people, new ideas, will power, courage independent, leader, inventor and initiative, wear red/orange.

No.2 as Personal Month and Day Number: - sensitive but tactful, cooperative and persuasive, modest but friendly and romantic, to over-come negative side wear gold/ white/ yellow.

No.3 as Personal Month and Day Number: attractive, loving, lucky and happy and the negative side include ego, moody and gossipy. Wear wine red/ forest green.

No.4 as Personal Month and Day Number: hard working, opportunities, detailed oriented, punctual and practical/ methodical but slow, rigid and frustrated. Wear blue/ grey/ light brown.

No.5 as Personal Month and Day Number: dynamitic, primitive and progressive, sociable but original. Lack focus and unreliable, Wear Red, Pink, Black or Blue.

No.6 as Personal Month and Day Number: domestic, helpful and loving, compassionate skilled in legal affairs. But selfish and instable and guilty in self. Wear violet, purple or turquoise.

No.7 as Personal Month and Day Number: - business like efficient, strong, rewarding, respectful, powerful planner. But, greedy, dishonest (not necessary) money problems, aggressive (few). Wear gold, blue, grey or lime green.

No.9 as Personal Month and Day Number: complete but detached, artistic, serviceable, humane, and broad minded. But, aloof, indifferent and self-pity. Wear gold, green, red, white or olive.

Shanker Adawal
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