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Learning Palmistry through Astrology

 Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)
1)      Some say palmist is also a branch of astrology. To some extent the version seem to be correct. Even if tracing the origin of palm-reading including a reference to the 'Lal-Kitab' – a well known classic of its time, the palm refers to planets (all of them i.e. the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn)as they are referred to in astrology, actually, the palm itself has classified with reference to the portion of the palm owned by the planets. Similarly, the 12 part of the fingers represent the twelve signs as used in astrology. How to count signs from fingers shall be discussed later. It would suffice to mention the following twelve signs referred to in Astrology as well as in Palmistry:

      English                                      Hindi                                        Lord
1.   Aries                                  -     Mesha                                      Mars
2.   Taurus                                -     Vrishabh                                   Venus
3.   Gemini                                -     Mithun                                      Mercury
4.   Cancer                               -     Karaka                                    
5.   Leo                                    -     Sigh                                          Sun
6.   Virgo                                  -     Kanya                                      Mercury
7.   Libra                                  -     Tula                                          Venus
8.   Scorpio                              -     Varishchka                               Mars
9.   Sagittarius                           -     Dhan                                        Jupiter
10. Capricorn                           -     Makara                                    Saturn
11. Aquarius                             -     Kumbh                                     Saturn
12. Pisces                                 -     Meena                                      Jupiter

2)      The idea is to acquaint the reader about the inter-mingling of astrology and Palmistry. Whether Astrology itself is a science or not, the persons knowing astrology would claim it to be a perfect science. Palmistry comes next to the science of astrology and even many of known Palmists have admitted the fact that the palm cannot afford to time the happing of events as accurately as astrology can.

3)      We have the expressions connected with palmistry i.e. chirognomy, chirsosphy, physiotonomy numerology.

4)      We had known classic 'Smudrika Shastr'. A small part of is represent 'Hasta Samudrika'. It is admitted by all that many of the treatises on 'Samudrika Shastra' are now stand destroyed and with the passage of time, they have become extinct. The present version of palmistry has come to us in various distorted ways and the modern writers, with their own experience and keeping in view the modern conditions, have made some observation which do hold good. Be that as it may, the science to palmistry was well developed science in ancient India. Actually, the classic Samudrika Shastra, enabled the parishioners of palmistry to study the shape of various organs of the body and indicated the tendencies of that person including his forecast for the future.

5)      A point further for debate and consideration is whether the science of Palmistry traveled from India or it has come to India from other places. Some claim that the science of palmistry traveled from India to China, Greece, Rome, Tibet and even to Eqypt and Iran. But some claim its origin to Greece. However, in modern times, this science of palm reading has traveled and has developed in all counties including Europe, the United States of America and other western countries. Rather, Indian experts/authors do take help from the books written on palmistry by foreigners. As far as I see, most of the scientific developments in the field of palmistry have come in the 19th and 20th century. Some of the writers take to 384 BC and even earlier as reference in some of the books is made to Aristocrat, the famous Greeks Philosopher who was considered to the erudite scholar of both branches of palmistry i.e. (1) the shape of the hand and (2) lines on the palm. Before proceeding further in our discussion, it would be apt to say that every line, apart from the shape of the hand has its own story to tell as we have a different story to tell by the rising ascendant (lagna) at the time of birth.

6)      When any branch of knowledge take the status of 'science' would largely depends on the method it adopts, steps to be followed, results to be obtained and the application of results. Even Medical Science, though grown to a major extent. But all the results are not found correct. Hence, this point has to be found correct. Hence, this point has to be kept in mind whether it is the field of astrology, palmistry or numerology.

7)      The role of NATURE cannot be denied by any scientist. Rather, NATURE continue to be supreme and except to little extent, the Nature- forces of planets, continue to play their part. Actually, we read nature too much in the light of books rather than with reference to the character of its own known and set circular movement- rising of the Sun regularly and so on. Palmistry practically fails with regards to Mundane – rising of the Sun regularly and so on. Palmistry practically fails with regards to Mundane matters. Actually, our Sages/ Rishis were gifted with spiritual powers to read the NATURE.

8)      It hurts me to say that an in complete man doubts the other incomplete man. I have seen some of the books saying where astrology has been dubbed as 'doubtful science' and some of the book on astrology make no mention of palmistry at all. Both palmistry and astrology are complimentary to each other. Actually, an astrologer should also be a palmist and a palmist should be an Astrologer. Hence the modern-time coined term 'Astro-Palmist'.

9)      Without deviating from the field of palmistry, the science under discussion, it is stated that there is nothing really new under the Sun/ DKY. Actually, all these doctrines and laws about the palmistry were known in the ancient times in more or less in rudimentary state. Briefly, all these principles having been dying their own death and giving rise to new principles to be adopted by the persons living at particular point of time. It is not wrong to say that palmistry is an old friend of human being with a new dace rather with persons born with new hand (new set of lines).

10)  Some say that the palmistry is 'damnabale' and should be discouraged as it results infallibly in superstition and error. Those who have no faith in astrology or palmistry may hold this opinion. Faith in these sciences (all occult sciences) serves as the foundation.

Shanker Adawal
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