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Remedial Measures as per Maharishi Parasara

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

In Hindi Astrology the name of Brihat Prasara Hora Sastra is well known. To appease the planets different remedial have been suggested. It may be mentioned that sorrows, worries and other troubles come to the human beings on account of bad planetary position when the native is born. Some of these difficulties are removed by following the suggested remedies. Malevolence of the planets can be on account of various reasons including inauspicious birth, births on Amavasys. Curses in the previous birth, births in an inauspicious day including Krishna Chaturdashi, births in Bhadra and other inauspicious yoga, Sankranti births, birth in eclipses, births n Gandantas including Jyeshtha Gandasta and usual deliveries etc.

Astrology- the Divine Dcience has its guiding force; god and bad effects of planets are known and need not be mentioned here. But, it would suffice to day, irrespective of the position of the native-poor and rich, service man or business man including doctors and astrologers have to suffer the destined troubles though with the appeasement of the planets some of the misfortunes get mitigated. Any person who comes to the astrologer wants to be relieved of the troubles and wants to lead a happy, healthy and wealthy life. With all this ambitions in life, planets have to play their role and none is free from the force of planets.

Many remedies are suggested by astrology and other known occult sciences. Some measures are practiced by sages/pandits/fakirs etc. including tantrika on their own by way of experiences and god-gifted institutions. Be that as it may, here the discussion shall be with regard to remedies as suggested Brihat Prasara hora.

Persons desirous of peace, wealth, prosperity, and other comforts of life, longevity and health (disease free life) have to worship the planets in one form or the other. Apart from getting the desires fulfilled, the native is sure to get mental peace and feel contented. Worship of planets can be done by prayers, recitation of mantra, giving charity (donations) wearing of the respective gems etc.

Devotions and dedication is the first condition for worship apart from the firm belief in the respective idols of the planets. Do the following for the planet concerned:

              I.      Recitation of perspective Mantra for each planet (Mantra also given in this journal) number prescribed for each Mantra is 7000 for the Sun, 11000 for the Moon, 11000 for Mars, 9000 for Mercury, 19000 for Jupiter 16000 for Venus, 23000 for Saturn, 10000 for Rahu and 17000 for Ketu.

           II.      Haven should be performed with Aak, Plash, Khair, Shami, wood Pieces, Doob, and Kush for the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu mixed with honey, curd or milk. The number of offering to the sacred fire is 108 or 28

         III.      To appease the planets, Brahminis should be fed with

Sun- Rice cooked with jaggery
Moon- Rice cooked in milk
Mars- Havishya
Mercury- Paddy cooked in milk,
Jupiter- Cured and Rice,
Venus- Rice and ghee,
Saturn- Rice cooked with powder of sesamum seeds,
Rahu- Rice cooked with meat and
Ketu- Rice cooked with cereals

        IV.      To appease the planets, following things should be given in charity for each planet

Sun- Cow with calf, Jupiter- Robes, Moon-Conch, Venus- Horse, Mars- Bullock, Saturn- Black Cow, Mercury- Gold, Rahu- Weapons made of iron and Ketu- Goat.

           V.      The planet who is te cause of adverse effects to a person at any time should be worshipped and appeased because brahma has blessed the planets. Do good to the persons who worship you. It may be mentioned that development, progress and downfall of the people, creation and destruction of the universe are under the administration and authority of the planets.

        VI.      Now a word about inauspicious births. It is true that the ascendant (Lagan) may be well disposed but still the births taking place on a particular date (tithi) etc. may be regarded as inauspicious. The following births have been regarded as inauspicious:

Births on amavasya (the last day of the dark fortnight of the moth). Moon-Sun conjunction in the dame sign.

Births on chaturdasi (14th tithi-krishna Paksha-dark half of the month).

Births in Bhadra Karna.

Births at the time of solar and lunar eclipse.

Births in the Nakshtra of brother,

Births in the Nakshtra of father and mother,

Births at the time of entry of the Sun in a sign (Sankranti),

Births in gandatas of all three kinds,

Births of a son after three daughters or birth of a daughter after three sons.

The worship of the Sun, the Moon, ruling deities of amavasya recitation of mantras, performing Havana and offering gold/silver/black cow apart from feeding of Brahmanis is suggested.

Shanker Adawal
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