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Saturn Force

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1)      Saturn owns two signs namely Capricorn and Aquarius in the horoscope of any native. Broadly, it controls 1/6th of population. When the aspects of Saturn are taken into consideration (Saturn has 3rd, 7th and 10th aspect in Hindu Astrology), it affects 5/12th of population. Saturn is the representative of all labor class and agricultural labor – rather all persons doing service. The concept of 'service' differs from person to person.

2)      In the ancient test including of Sage Orashara in his Prashara Hora Sastra, Sarvartha Chintamani, Uttarakalmrita and many others, such had been said and written about the planet Saturn. At the same time it is taken as the planet of awe and fear and is capable of bringing miseries and downfall to the native. In Prashara Hora, Saturn has been described as a native of long physique with tawny eyes, with big teeth is indolent, lame and has coarse hair, filthy ground is the place for Saturn, direction-wise, it becomes the representative of West. Even in the planetary cabinet, Saturn has been ranked as 'servant' (The cabinet of planets indicate Sun and the Moon as royal planets King and Queen), Mars is the army chief, Mercury is Prince (Kumar) and Jupiter and Venus have given the rank of Ministers or Advisers.

3)      The effects of Saturn on human beings are many-fold. Though the labor class and watchmen have more stamina and strength yet Saturn is representative of laziness. It is a planet for obstruction, distress, sickness and is capable of bringing miseries of all kinds but according to Uttarakalamritra, it is also capable of bringing happiness through women. While it gives a disfigured face but at the same time it can give handsome look. Some person under Aquarius is definitely handsome.

4)      Saturn has been ranked as 'neutral' gender wise i.e. it lacks manliness. It becomes responsible for the native to tell lies. If the 2nd house of the native's horoscope has Saturn and Mars or Rahu, the native may not be truthful. The abode of Saturn was indicated as that of filthy ground and it covers dirty clothes, dirty house, wicked mind and friendship with wicked persons. Saturn in Lagna coupled with other malefic i.e.  Mars and Rahu and other afflicted plants can make the native to commit all sorts of crimes.

5)      Saturn is representative of long life. Thus life saving drugs have been equated with Saturn. Other long lasting matters, connection with old matters also come under the domain of Saturn. Unrighteous conduct, cruelty, hard headedness and misdirected strength are also on account of Saturn.

6)      Worshipping God Yama, feeding and keeping of dogs, making the native a thief or stealing habits are other effects of Saturn. Saturn is also killer and Bad Saturn has its influence and it has been responsible for major accidents where many people die. The accidents can be by ship, air train, bus or by any other conveyance.

7)      Wicked and criminal tribes specially living on the banks of river are governed by Saturn. You have noticed some beggars/farqirs with anointed oil on their bodies and also pretending prophesy of the future through omens are also under the influence of Saturn. The present day slums – dirty things, ugly persons, aged and lamp men etc. Indicate the influence of Saturn.

8)      After death of husband, widow is also governed by Saturn. Humiliations at the bands of others, getting into debts, despicable women, unworthy conduct are other matters governed by Saturn. As already indicated, Saturn is servant (though in texts it is referred as 'Sudras' untouchables) but under the present day law, this tem should not be used. It would suffice to say if the Saturn is equated with 'service'/servant and all those who earn their living by sweat of their brows.

9)      Nobility is also indicated by Saturn. Saturn become responsible to make you a leader man of masses. With other benefic planets, Village Punches and other leaders come under the influences of Saturn – a planet for masses i.e. general public.

10)  Learning of trade i.e. any technical course- mechanical etc. (present day various courses of IIT for carpenters, tailors etc) also come under the influence of Saturn.

11)  With human beings you mush have animals. Saturn governs and gives horses, elephant, asses and mules, calf, young camel, snakes, buffalo, etc.

12)  Affliction of second house and 2nd lord inclusive of Saturn enables the native to tell a lie. The cases of false deposition in the courts if well known. Here again. I would streets upon the role of planets including Saturn of the life of human beings in all spheres.

13)  Agriculture and agricultural products also come under Saturn in addition to the agricultural implements. India is still and agricultural country in Indian' horoscope with Taurus Lagna Saturn becomes the Lord of 10th and 11th houses. 10th house is the seat of Government and 11th is house of gains. Hence Saturn has a major role to play in India's politics and also in prosperity. Earlier Saturn was in Pisces with Ketu (Saturn was in retrograde motion, Mercury was also retrograde). With retrograde Saturn in Pisces under the influence of Rahu-Ketu and Jupiter in its sign Sagittarius was responsible for judicial activism and also for astrological activism. This is the reason we had more astrological conferences and discussions.

14)  For those born at night, Saturn becomes the representative of father. Thus the need to look at the placement of Saturn when somebody comes to you to know about his father.

15)  Finally, it is stated that influences of Saturn can be multiplies but it would suffice to refer to few more items. Black grains/grams, black color, blankets, lead; darkness, night watchmen etc. are influenced by Saturn. With these influences of Saturn predictions can be given with reference to the house sign in which the Saturn is placed and whom it is aspecting and by whom it is being aspected. I will give one example from my personal experience. Baldness is indicated by Saturn in 7th house. I have done face reading of few persons who are baldy-fully or partially and they have admitted the position of Saturn in the 7th house or its aspect or other influence of Lagan.
Shanker Adawal
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