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Religious Conviction and Astrology

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

"Sat chit Anadam" is the prime motto of Astrology, Religion and Spiritualism considered for analytical thought provoking concept from ascendant, third, fifth seventh and ninth houses, its lord, location of planets and constellations (Nakshtras), significators of mind Moon (Chardra or Moon) or luna, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Sun. one may incline to religion and spiritualism on the basis of benevolent strength of Jupiter, Venus (planet for love), Saturn (longevity) and Sun (royal nature). Sati means honesty, chit means consciousness and anadem means glad (cheerfulness). Theses are the essential ingredients of Supreme Being, Brahma or God, to attain the realization of God, one has to have the essentials of Sat-Shit-Anadam. In Cosmos, many countries like UK, USA, Japan, USSR, Australia, Italy, Sweden, Africa etc. various avenues have been adopted for religion and spiritualism but only one similarity is to think of God.

"Sarbang Khallidam Brahmam" means the Supreme authority i.e., God is everywhere in the cosmos. This was mentioned in "Srimad Bhagvad Gita" and also in the Indian Philosophy. In Indian Philosophy, Vedantadarshan expressed the authenticity of God. In the west, SPINOZA opines that there is only one Supreme Authority i.e. God on the basis of which he propounded Monism. Leibnitz refuted the Spinoza's monism and established that God and the world both exists like  Shankar, the exponent of Advaita Vedanta, opines only God exists whereas Ramanuja, another exponent of Daita Vedanta, believed that both the God and the existing world exist.

Of late, research is going on around the Globe on the search of origin of live entity of human being/ or animal / or planets etc., specially in the western countries by means of arranging on environment wherein any sorts of living entry may come in such laboratory or not. It is believed that more than 450 billions of years ago living entity was first noticed inside the sea fish. Others opine that it was originated in planets and trees. On an average basis, some time after human birth takes place. All these are based on logic, argument and tales. Right now, I like to expose how a man/woman is fascinated to Religion in truest sense. In Indian Philosophy, Sankhya-Mimansa systems opine that "Purusha" and "Prakrti" are two entities, e.g. God and cosmos. Every human soul is having connation with Supreme Being God. God is indianite, omnipotent, omniscient, and invisible. Human being is composed of five earthy elements, viz., kshiti, aap, tej, marut and bom. That is, earth, air, fire, water and space. Humans being is having three qualities, sattva guna, raja guna and tamas guna i.e. enjoyers, king like and timid nature. The person, who may control emotional activities, performs saint like and having all sorts of wisdom of worldly happenings can have the concept of God by means of inner soul or introspection in mind. Obviously, human being is having two entities e.g. mind and body. Death take place when collapses in certain age and living entity mixes from human mind (soul) to soul of God. We say life comes out from human body when death takes place. We say,'Jib diechen Jini anna yogaben tini", means the food and shelter will be provided by the God who gives life birth to a human being.

Astrology makes known to human being the will of God. In fact, the ultimate aim of human life is the realization of God as enunciated in Sankhya-yoga school of Philosophy that attainment of liberation of soul and to mix up with the Supreme Being i.e. Moksha is the main target. If we assess from multifarious exponents views we find the love to hatred, to poor, to children, to beauty, to God, is the best mission to attain the successful venture to God's Bliss. The planet, Jupiter (Devaguru) or Brihaspati is the chief signification of inclination of mind to God as enunciated in RIG VEDA AND ATHRAVAVEDA wherein astrological matter is mentioned in India. It is fundamental that Jupiter is the planet of wisdom that had illicit affair of love with Tara's wife Chandrra or Moon (Luna). Divine love and wisdom are the similar affair for the attainment of the concept of God. Divine love, wisdom and truthfulness with law are the chief characteristics of Jupiter. Localization of Jupiter in 120 degree trine from Ascendant i.e. in ninth house cusps leads a man/woman towards the incarnation and fascination to plug his/her life to religion or for the love to God by thinking/ loving wordly happenings or hatred/poor/nature etc. Lord Krishna expressed that his mission was to merge God from whom he has emerged. The religious classic Gita opines universal religion which seeks to unite man with God.

Swami Vivekananda says, "The voice of Asia has been the voice of religion". Astrology is Divine, mystic and spiritual sciences in which the stars and planets are God's minister; to indicate mind to relies wisdom and love to God. Astrology on the other hand, is the wisdom of heavens. The idea of religion and fate is assessed from the ninth house in the Reshi chart or horoscope or Zodiac, whereas the fifth house in concerned with the human mind. Whether the person will be inclined to religion or not may be judged from ninth house, lord, planets posited therein, sub of ninth lord's location together with the beneficial connection with the lord of Ascendant. It is revealed that most of the youngsters do not find Cosmic Power. Lord of fifth and ninth is the chief indicators of aversion to religion. Meanwhile, sub pint calculation along with cuspal lord of ninth and fifth are to be analyzed for correct assessment. Jupiter being of sattvaguna insists the native to perform religious affair by means of aristrocratic mean and enjoyment etc. whereas Saturn being negative nature helps the person to perform the lives by means of Tyaga (aversion to enjoy). Psychical phase is to be assessed on the basis of the Moon which indicates the mental freeness – strength to incline to God.

Shanker Adawal

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