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Dr. Shanker Adawal's Articles - III

  1. Mars- Effect of its Placement in Various House/ Signs
  2. Results of Mars in Various House ‘Kujaphala’
  3. Strained Relationship in Married Life – Wife
  4. Sugar & Jaggery Markets Corporate Astrology
  5. Want to Know Your Lucky Month and Lucky Day
  6. Learning Palmistry through Astrology
  7. Mars & Its Effects
  8. Know about sign of Saturn
  10. Remedial Measures as per Maharishi Parasara
  11. Your Moon Power and Your Education
  12. Saturn Force
  13. Know yourself via Nakshtras
  14. Principles for Declination of Horoscopes
  15. Color & Gem Therapy in Curing Diseases
  16. Your Belief in Astrology 
  17. Sun in Taurus
  18. Know all about Gemini (Mithuna) Lagan Persons

  19. Your Education and Moon’s special effects
  20. Your Career in Various fields
  21. You Can Study Your Own Birth Chart
  22. Study of Chandra Kundli
  23. Sade-Sati Imminent
  24. Rising Sun and Moon - Principles
  25. Religious Conviction and Astrology 
  26. Religious Conviction
  27. Properties and dasha of Sun, Moon and Mars
  28. Native’s Horoscope and Wealth
  29. Meaning of Maha-Mritunjay Mantra
  30. Look for your Soul though Meditation - II
  31. Look for your Soul though Meditation - I
  32. How Planets linked with your Disease
  33. Horoscopes description philosophy and events variations
  34. Forecast for those who born in the month of March
  35. Features of glorious and injured planets in your Horoscope
  36. Fate and Boom in the Grain (food) Trading
  37. Extraordinary Yogas
  38. Case Study for Academic and Professional Qualification
  39. Avoid Your Marital Pitfalls
  40. Astrology Rules for Business, Part - I
  41. Astrology Rules for Business, Part - II
  42. Astrology Principals and extraordinary Combinations
  43. Affects of Rahu and Ketu
  44. 10 Degree Mars Properties
  45. “Rudraksha” and its Cure

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