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Venus – Zero Output

*Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA*)

Astrology is divided in two categories, benefic and malefic. Benefic planets
are Jupiter; Venus (well placed Mercury and Moon). Malefic planets are
Saturn, Sun, Mars, Rahu and Ketu. Whenever there is major period of benefic
planets, generally prediction given is positive and in the alternative,
whenever there is major or sub period of malefic planet, result declared is
bad. Do this happen in real life, I have been in astrological field for the
last two decades, I found benefic planet so not bear the fruits we expect
from them. I have seen hundred of horoscope and found that people running in
major period or sub-period of benefic planets are weeping, even lost their
jobs and starving. I would illustrate through few example.

1. Horoscope native is born in Cancer ascendant. Venus the most benefic
after Jupiter is placed in the 10th house. Astrology emphasis benefic
planets and Kendra or trikona houses. Venus is the lord of 4th ad
11thhouse. 4
th house represent house happiness, mother education, peace etc.
and 11thhouse for income desires etc. Venus is the planet of love,
beauty, pleasure,
music etc. Venus is not auspicious for Cancer ascendant but nevertheless
Venus is a benefic planet, auspicious, represent 4th house, Kendra and
also posited in the 10th house, again in the Kendra aspecting her own
house. But when major period, ahadasha of Venus started, the native of this
horoscope was in bad shaped and out of 20 years of Venus period, almost 2/3
period was the period of darken. I have given here only the Venus position.

1. Horoscope native is born in Capricorn ascendant. Venus is placed in
the Lagan, 1st house, native of this horoscope is running in the major
period of Mercury being the lord of 9th house luck and placed in
the 11thhouse, which is the house of income and desires. Mercury is a
planet. Venus again the benefic planet placed in the lagan being the lord of
5th and 10th Kendra and trikona. Venus is also Verboten in Navamsha
Chart. When sub-period of Venus started the native of this horoscope lost
her job, Mercury and Venus both are benefic and placed three and eleven from
each of her the position was the worst in Mer-Ven-change of place-job and
even at the verge of starvation.

1. Horoscope native is born in Libra ascendant. Venus in the 8th house
being the lord of lagan and 8th itself. Venus is also exalted in Navamsa.
When Venus Mahasasha started the native lost his job, the worst period
dawned for the native. Again Venus being the benefic in his own house again
lagna lord could not help the Native.

We can give many logical reasons to keep out statement or prediction on the
top but in real life when the person is passing trough a difficult phase we
do not need any logic.

To the best of my reach and two decades of experience in the astrological
field. I can say firmly that benefic planets are not always result oriented
as we expect. But Venus among benefic planets is the least result oriented.
Venus can give sensual pleasure but in reality Venus shine from a distance.
Malefic planets are even more rewarding than benefic planets. If someone
agree with me or not.

*Shanker Adawal*


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