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Specially For Aswini Born Females

*Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA*)

1) Though the principles of astrology are universal i.e. applicable to males and females yet respect certain matters separate treatment had been given to female natives- apparently because of the physical constituents.
Matters relating to physical appearance and other limbs of 'Kal-Pursh' do make the difference in delineating the results attributable to female natives. Even in Prasara Hora Sastra authored by the father of astrology Maharishi Prasara refers to the fact that the effects to be separately deduced for the female natives i.e. physical appearance, progeny, menses, widowhood, etc therefore, those effects which are impossible to be ascribed to the female, should be declared to be applicable to their husbands.
2) From the sages, 'Stree Jataka' has traveelled to us separately.
Without multiplying the aurhorities, it would suffice to say that Sage
Prasara treated 'female horoscopy' separately. In Brihat Jataka, it is
stated that the effects that have been described in the case of female
horoscopes, all those that may be sound in female horoscopes, all those that
may be found in female horoscopes suitable to females should be declared as
applicable to them alone, the rest should be described to their husbands.
Further, the death of the husband has to be deduced from 8th house from
Lagna or the Moon which is stronger. Similarly, the welfare and happiness of
the husband should be ascertained from the 7th house from Lagna or the Moon
whichever is stronger.
3) It hardly need to be said that there are 27/28 Nakshtra and the
first of them is aswini ruled by Ketu and falls in the sign Aries ruled by
Mars. The sex-wise division of Nakshtra is also well known i.e. Male
Nakshtra, female Nakshtra and some writers refer to few of the Nakshtra as
Eunuch. Without dwelling in to minor details about Nakshtra, the topic for
discussion is the effects of Aswini born females i.e. those female natives
who are born in Aswini Nakshtra i.e. with 00.00 to 13.20 degrees in the sign
Aries. In other words when the moon was in Aswini. Though separate result
are3 attributable to each pada of Aswini but for our purpose it would
suffice to refer to the following general effects of Aswini born ladies.
4) Aswini born ladies have come to occupy high posts in the government
service i.e. Indian Administrative Service, Indian Revenue Service, doctors-
all types of surgeons, dental surgeons etc. Ayuvedic etc. without dwelling
on the professional side of Aswini born natives, the following special
characteristics have been noticed in the case of females' natives born with
the Moon in Aswini.
I. Inherent technique of bringing
anybody near to them is indicated.
II. Such natives have sweet speech.
III. Depending on the personal horoscope of
the native, inclination in sex matters occupy high position in their mind.
IV. Utmost patients is another characteristic
and they achieve their targets in due course of time.
V. While living in the modern age, they
continue to maintain their old age tradition of respecting the elders
including 'touching of feet' for blessings. (But, in this age, this aspect
needs more research).
VI. Those in service try to leave the job at
the age of 50 years i.e. either by way of voluntary retirement or because of
the good financial position of their husbands and/or children because they
need not do service for their livelihood.
VII. House-wives are devoted to the family
apart from some social work/charitable work as per disposition of the
planets in the personal horoscope.
VIII. Aswini born natives (including females) are
capable of taking extra responsibilities.
IX. The normal age of marriage for Aswini
born females has been seen to be between 23 to 26 years of age unless, the 7
th house, 7th lord, Jupiter and Venus are under heavy affliction. A look at
the lagan and lagan lord also becomes necessary. It would be better if the
parents of Aswini born females are advised not to marry their daughters
before the age of 22-23. As the classics say, in such a situation, there are
chances for divorce, separation and even death in some cases if the yoga for
widowhood is noticed in the horoscope. Aswini born ladies are prone to
produce more females.
X. Aswini born females are quick to
respond to the needs of their children and are deeply attached and
interested in fulfilling the desires of children apart from helping them in
their career.
XI. 'Cleanliness' come to minds of these
natives only when time permits them. Depending on the time, say a holiday,
they will attend to clean the house-hold and would also force other members
of the family to the cleanliness.
XII. Venus in Aswini – 4 (10.00-13.20 degrees)
and aspected by the Moon would enable the astrologer to enquire about the
abortions, if any, number of children and death of children. No prediction
on this issue unless the horoscope is fully delineated.
XIII. Aswini born ladies normally keep good health
(with some a visit to a health club becomes inevitable – health club
includes beauty parlor) but their mental imbalance keep them swinging. Such
ladies have to be advised not to worry unnecessarily i.e. without any cause.
XIV. Aswini born ladies are capable of learning
scooter/car driving but they have to be advised to drive carefully.
XV. Though a point for research, Saturn in
Aswini-4 (10.00 to 13.20 degree) aspected by the Sun wither denies the
marriage or delays the marriage or beings some misfortune.
XVI. If Saturn in Aswini-4 is aspected by the
Moon, the natives becomes a characterless woman and in some cases, is said
to have an ugly look. This is another point for research with reference to
many horoscopes. Moreover, this result is not capable of verification.
XVII. In some cases it has been seen that Aswini born
natives over-ride their husbands as well as others with whom the come in
contact in the discharge of their duties.
XVIII. Freedom is the love of Aswini born ladies.
Hence, they need to be handled with care. In view of their fiery nature,
they have to be controlled with love and patience.
XIX. By and large, Aswini born natives are
trust-worthy depending on the personal horoscope of each person.
*Shanker Adawal*
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