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Search Your Inner Soul via Mediation Part-4

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1)      Recitation of correct and particular Mantra produces not only sound waves but also thought waves. It is stated that Mantra also contains a umber, a musical note and has astrological significance apart from color and gem/metal etc, to be used for the purpose of recitation of Mantra. I lean from the sages that Manta is not sound alone- rather it is revealed stuff of sound. For example, we have Panchakshriya (5 words) Mantra NAMA SHIV AYA preceded by powerful word OM. This Mantra has beej mantra Hraum (referred to in our earlier talk). It also becomes associated with a geometrical from called 'Yantra'.


2)      Now it will be seen that how mantras become remedial measures for the cure of diseases and other discomforts of human life. From ancient times, it is seen that Mantra is applied as a cure for diseases. Poisons, fevers and other health related matters. In Sanskrit, its 50 letters become directly related to physical and psychic centers of human body-there are 108 psychic centers and 108 wave lengths emanating from brain. Actually, this may be reason for suggesting recitation of a Mantra 108 times. We have a Mantra of Lord Shiva i.e. Om tryamabka-Gayatri Mantra, Devi Ashtotra and Durga Mantra and many others to activate energy and to be used before and during the healing of the patient and at times mantras to continue even after the healing.


3)      Mantras recited  during a rite are so designed to create appropriate vibrations within a psychic field. It is therefore suggested that the person concerned for whose benefit mantra is recited or Homa or Havana is performed should be physically present to get the optimum benefit through sound vibrations.


4)      The Upanishadas' describe the sound 'OM'. This refers not to OM as it is spoken or chanted but to OM as the most subtle- the point at which it touches formlessness – shunya. Nature of OM becomes Jyothi (inner light). When in deep mediation (climax of meditation) light and sound become identical. Jyotisha (astrology) has also come from Jyoti (light).


5)      Knowledge of subtle bodies is necessary to have an indepth study of Mantra Shastra. In Ancient Indian Kundalini Science, it is stated that there are six other subtle bodies existing along with human body – etheric body, astral body, mental body, spiritual body, cosmic body and bodyless body. I have heard but not seen the recent development of Kiran photography which is recent discovery of Russian Science that subtle body (Sukshma Sharira) can be photographed. It is stated certain types of diseases of the part and present and future can be ascertained.


6)      Experiments are conducted on human beings, planets and animals to study the subtle waves created due to changed sound of Matnra. The Rishis state that the human body discharges 64 types of subtle waves which are known as Dhi Shkti (energy) and when this energy is lost and this curries to be known as 'vayaya- dhi'- vayaya is expenditure and dhi is energy i.e. energy expended or lost. In astrology, 64th Navamasha has relationship with diseases and its effect with reference to birth chart is unfavorable.


Shanker Adawal


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