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Palmistry – What Do the Hands Indicate – Part – 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

6)      Elementary Thumb: The thumb look likes a mass of flesh stuck to the hand. Brtishness, obstinacy and lack of refinement are the characteristics of the possessor.

7)      Flat thumb or Nervous Thumb: Thumb of this type look like as if the flesh has been sucked out of them but pressing. These thumbs are soft and the possessors have been overcome by nervous power.

8)      Clubbed Thumbs: The thumb with the first phalange being thick and round or broad and thick and round or broad and thick, and with the nail short and very coarse in texture is the clubbed thumb, owing to the thickness and coarseness, it is timed the murderer's thumb. Brutal instincts being strong in them, in fits of violent rage, they may take human life. The clubbed thumb is largely hereditary,. But it would be unsafe to say that the possessor or clubbed thumbs have committed or necessarily will commit murder. The other features of the hand must also be taken into account.

Thumbs with upper part wide and the lower narrow- Such thumbs indicate troubles and miseries in life.

Thumbs with upper part narrow and the lower wide - The possessor of such a thumb is of a quarrelsome nature.

Flexibility/ stiffness of the Thumb:-

A flexible or supple thumb which bends back easily indicates lavishness in everything – in expending money, thought, charity and adaptability to circumstance. They are impulsive. A stiff thumb which bends back very little, if at all, is an indication of firmness, caution fairness, common sense and decision-making talent. The possessors have little feelings for others and generally confine themselves to their own family and to the persons who in some way or the other have contact with them or are of utility to them.

Phalanges of the Thumb:- There are two schools of thought about the number of phalanges on the thumb. While some authors take them as being three, others thing there are two. As a matter of fact, the thumb has only two phalanges ad the third small portion can be treated as part of the Mount of Venus. The upper phalange from the nail side is called the first phalange while the one below it the second phalange. The phalanges are demarcated by grooved lines at the end of each phalange.

1st Phalange – The first phalange denotes will power, self-reliance and domineering spirit.
2nd Phalange – This phalange is the indicator of logic, reasoning power and judgment.

The length of each phalange and the comparative length of one vis-à-vis the other will indicate the qualities possessed b the possessor. If the length of the first phalange and the second phalange is equal, rather, the first phalange is a little smallest than the second one, it will indicate a good combination of (a) will power, self-confidence and determination and (b) logic, reasoning power, judgments, prudence and perception. The characteristics of the possessor will vary according to the size of each phalange and the shape of the tip and form.

Ist phalange is much longer than the 2nd phalange. It indicates that will power is much stronger than reason. The possessors are obstinate and of a tyrannical nature and lose balance of mind. Persons with thick broad and very long 1st phalange are unable to control their furious impulses, and indulge in crimes.

2nd phalange is much longer than 1st phalange – In this case the possessors have excessive reasoning power and will cleverly reason and are not good in execution of the work entrusted to them. Such people spend their energies in reasoning alone, being reasoning, not doers.

1st phalange is very small – When this is very small and entirely out of proportion to the 2nd phalange, it indicated the weakness of the possessors. They may be ruled by any person and stand no chance of being anything but servers.

2nd phalange is very small – The possessor will have no reasoning power and will be guided by will power alone.

Signs on the Thumb-

A well formed barley shaped figure called 'Yova' in Sanskrit on the inner side of the thumb, between the 1st phalange and the 2nd phalange is an indication of the possessed of wealth, intelligence and children.

When the Yova is divided in two by a vertical line, the possessor will have riches in the latter part of his life.

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