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Palmistry – What Do the Hands Indicate – Part - 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

ELEMENTARY HAND: The hand is short and clumsy. The thumb is unusually short and hardly reaches the first finger of the palm. There are very few lines on uh a hand. In are cases, more than three lines, viz, heart, head and life are found. Persons with this type of hand have little mental ability and are engaged in occupations requiring only unskilled labor. Very often they are violent in temper. They have little control over their passions and are brutal in their desires.

SQUARE HAND: By looking at the upper portion of the hand, we can make out whether the wrist, square at the base of the finger and the fingers themselves are square hands are considered genuinely intellectual and are found in many vocations of a useful type. The square hand is very practical and logical. They respect the law and weight the pros and cons of everything. They put their heart and soul into the job undertaken by them and are generally successful. They prove their worth better than planning as they have comparatively less originality or imagination. Their sincerity is unquestionable. They become good executives, lawyers, doctors and businessmen.

SPATULATE HANDS:The spatulas hand may be wider at the base of the fingers, or very broad at the wrist and sloping towards the base of the fingers. Persons possessed of speculate hands hesitate to follow old conventions and customs. Persons with a wider hand at the base of the fingers are more practical while persons with a broad development at the wrist are of an inventive nature. Such persons are better suited for outdoor work.

PHILOSOPHIC HAND: This type of hand is long and angular. The fingers are bony and the mounts developed. People with such hands are philosophers. They are of a friendly nature but the friendship is confined to a few. They are generous by nature and are known for their distinct personality and peculiar habits, actions and ideas. They are religious and devoted.

CONIC HAND: Persons with conic hands are impulsive. They prefer a luxurious life. They may be swift in thoughts and ideas, but they re seldom able to carry out their intentions as they are prone to tiredness. They are shrewd and can pick up anything very rapidly. They get easily offended over small matters. Their likes and dislikes are extreme. Generosity and sympathy are among their qualities. Persons possessed of flabby conic hands are concerned with their own comforts.

Such hands are beautiful to look at but so far as worldly comforts are concerned, their possessors are not fortunate enough to enjoy them. The fingers are conic, almost pointed. The hand is small, smooth and soft. They succeed in art or design. They are not businesslike or logical. They have belief in destiny and take things as they come.

MIXED HAND:This is a mixture of six types of hands and contains good and bad aspects of the same. The first finger may be square, second speculate, third conic and fourth elementary. Persons with mixed hands may do things half-heartedly, and do not have patience to stick to anything to earn their reward.


Large Hands: - Persons possessed of large hands would like to go into the minutest details and want perfection. They would like to observe protocol and etiquette. They have analytical talents. Large hands are considered the best hand and their possessors can manage daily routing well. They make good clerks, contractors, drivers, gardeners, hotel managers, stenographers, etc. they generally write in a small hand.

Very Large Hands: Persons with such hands would like to go into each and every detail, which may not be necessary. Though they are hand-working, they are seldom satisfied and are termed whimsical.

Small Hands:- Persons with such hands have sharp intellect, broad ideas and are emotional. They do not like to go into details, are interested in main points and take quick decisions. They do their best and adopt all means to succeed in their efforts and ambitions. They generally write in a large hand.

Very Small Hands: Persons with very small hands have a ferocious instinct in them, which, on occasions, leads them to do cruel acts. They do not have consistency in their thoughts and actions although they are of a scholarly type.

Average Hands: Persons with average hands are possessed of a healthy imagination. They maintain balance of mind and temper. They have common sense and face the problems of life without a murmur.


Soft Hands: People with soft hands are of a poetical temperament. They have imaginations. Men with such hands have more of the woman in their nature. They are of a compassionate and sympathetic nature.

Flabby Hands: Persons with flabby hands are lazy, lethargic, selfish, easy-going and heartless. They are very mush concerned with their own comforts and use their intellect and speech to hoodwink others.

Hard Hands: Persons with hard hands are of an industries nature and are moor practical in life and less imaginative. They face hardships with courage and determination. They are steadfast, reliable and of a straightforward disposition.

Heavy Hands: Persons with heavy hands are of a cruel nature and oppress others for their own benefit and for the sake of showing of their authority. They desire pleasure by inflicting cruelty on others. They have no ethics.

Thick Hands: Persons with thick hands are whimsical, superstitious, sensuous, selfish and narrow-minded. They are of an obstinate nature.

Thin Hands: Thin hands indicate lack of energy and vitality to face the problems of life. The possessors lack alertness of mind and expect others to extend to them all care and comforts as infants do.


The presence/ absence of hair on the hands, and their color, are significant.

1)      Very Hairy Hand: Violent nature and inconsistency.
2)      Absence of Hair on the Hand: Womanish type and indulgence in unmanly pleasures.
3)      Slightly Hairy Hand in a man: Persons possessed of prudence, energy and calmness of mind.
4)      Hairy Hand in a Woman: Cruel nature and possessed of masculine instincts.
5)      Hair on the Thumb Only: Endowed with the highest point of intellect and creative faculty.
6)      Hair on Lower Phalanges of the Fingers: Off a stiff nature, devoid of simplicity.
7)      Hair on all Phalanges of the Fingers: Off a stiff nature, devoid of simplicity.
8)      Light Colored Hair: Easily influenced, lacking passion.
9)      Dark Colored Hair: Quick and of a passionate nature.
10)  Reddish Colored Hair: Most excitable nature.

Shanker Adawal
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