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The Life Line

Palmistry along with astrology has come to stay. Most of the Palmists have also to be astrologers as they must know about the planets governing fingers/mounts of the palm. From horoscope we delineate all about the native and do from the lines of palm every line has its own story to tell including deformations, cuts, breaks and markings in the major lines (Heart, Head and Life). Palmistry can be and is being used as a common-sense every-day guide for living as the Lines in hand go on changing as the stars change daily normally referred as transit of planet. Right from your thinking (emotions) the lines get printed in your hand so it can be said that the hand reflect the inner self, indicating the strength/ weakness of the native including his power of reasoning and so on.

To stat with we discuss some important facets of LIFE LINE though in an earlier issue of this journal compete discussion was made on THUMB (Know yourself from your own THUMB).

1)      All major events are marked on the Life Line.

2)      The major events must be judged with reference to other lines.

3)      The Life Lime starts at the side of the hand processes down toward writ.

4)      Palmists have coined a principle that the longer the Life Line-longer the life and shorter the Life line-shorted the life line. This has not come true always as our experience shows that with short life line also given live longer life. Therefore, as in the horoscope, so in the hand analysis, totality of the palm (rather both palms) must consider.

5)      A defect may not appear on the life line but it may appear on Heart Line or Head Line. Hence the need to study the various lines and signs on the hands and no specific inference should be drawn by judging a single line.

6)      Life Line may exhibit certain characteristic and they have to be different for different subject (natives). Life Line may appear as a straight unbroken line, it may show a chained character or it may have islands marked along on its length.

7)      Remember that Life Line represents the natural course of one's life – actually it is one of the three first lines that are developed in the embryonic (though some claim that Life Line is first developed).

8)      As already indicated, Life Line shows the vitality, strength and energy of the native. In other words a fully developed hand indicated its blood circulation and a look at hand may enable the palmist to determine the energy of the native – of course the age of the native must be taken in consideration as in old age the person may not remain energetic though in few cases even the person above 80 or so are as energetic as they were in youth practically.

9)      The length, the depth, thickness/thinness/less invisible and how the Life Line runs in continuity etc. reveal the quality of vitality. Hence the reading should be made carefully.

10)  Life Line also shows, inter-alia, great psychological aspect. If this line does not take a graceful curve and come down in some that a straight way, it shows that the native is cold, lacks natural human warmth and may be unresponsive.

11)  Normally, the Life Line will not be absent in any hand. It can be weak, it may not be properly visible and may have cuts, it may be chained etc. see the hands of certain patients indicating nervous breakdown i.e. lack of energy and spirit. Do not ignore the study of Thumb, heart line and head line to evaluate the energy in the man.

12)  On a study of the Life Line, it would be found that it first encircles the positive mount of Mars, the mount of Venus in full and then the mount of Neptune (not considered in Hindu Astrology). Thus taking a cue from astrology even the study of Life Line involves three planets – namely Mars, Venus, and Neptune. Here it would be apt to say that Mars if for energy, vigor and enthusiasm, Venus for love, romance etc, and Neptune indicate spiritual aspect of life.

13)   Greater sex urge and excess vitality is indicated if the Life Line sweeps into the plan enclosing greater portion of Venus. Generally, such a person enjoys happiness; he descends from a high family, remains healthy and lives long.

14)  Remember that the Life Line is in between the mount of Venus and Moon. But the Mount of Venus has to be writhing line of Life.

15)  Remember that the Life Line is in between the mount of Venus and Moon. But the mount of Venus has to be within line of Life.

16)  Childlessness and difficulty in child birth is also indicated if Life Line runs closer to the 2nd phalange of the Thumb and there is a STAR on the intersection of the lines of Mercury and Head Line. (This need a special study) in astrology. The cheesiness, would depend on the 5th House, 5th Lord and also the Nakshtra in which one is born. The above ruled of palmistry may not work always – what a Astro-Palmist need is to see and judge both horoscope (hands) of husband and wife. Study of one hand may give some indications but one can not arrive at sure predictions. Be that as it may, Life Line couple with study of other lines must be taken into consideration for study of the marriage life of the person's concerned.

17)  Ambitious nature of the native is indicated if the Life Line starts from / under the Mount of Jupiter. A good start of Life Line is from the bottom of Jupiter. A good start of Life Line is from the bottom of Jupiter mount quite independent of the Line of Head. This combination with Jupiter indicates honesty, honor, prestige etc.

18)  The closeness of Life Line and Head Line definitely indicated clarity of mind, good reasoning and understanding. The hands of writers, authors, editors, juges, advocates etc. come under this combination.

19)  Life Line emanating from the mount of Jupiter or near there to indicate child's upbringing in a happy and healthy atmosphere and also tell about the happy life of parents.

20)  Poor health specially in childhood is indicated and the native has to be satisfied with few opportunities for progress if the Life Line art from the positive Mount of Mars. Such persons have to term 'self-made' and may not get the desired results even after hard labor.

21)  Nature of the native is also determined by Life Line. If there is small space between Life and Head Line, it show independent nature and the native is capable of carrying out his plans independently. The native has his own potential and energy.

22)  If there is wide space between Life Line and Head Line, the native is of independent nature but is not guided by reason and intelligence. Being impulsive and hasty, he is likely to commit mistakes. The defect can be neutralized by other lines in the hand specially the 2nd phalange of the Thumb and knotty fingers.

23)  The chained Life Line is the symptom of the health problem and also ups and downs-change of various professions.

24)  Acute sickness or injury including accident is indicated by the Life Line.

25)  The Life Line with breaks indicated grave danger, accidents and even death.

26)  From the published analysis of the hand of Bandit Queen Ms. Phoolan Devi. It is found that here Life Line starts leaving a gap from Head Line and there is also break. A new line starts by its side and goes down indicating sickness and hospitalization and she may be recovered on account of the new supporting line.

27)  If the Life Line at its stat is closely connected with Head Line, the native is sensitive though otherwise it is a good formation showing food logic and reasoning. Such persons are interested more in intellectual pursuits than in physical work.

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