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July,17, 2010 - Trends of Today by ME - SHANKER ADAWAL

Today you will need to take decisions which would mean changes with regard to family and finance issues.

Aries Leo & Sagitarious - Good for achieving goals and a day to enjoy.Propose and good for relationships .

Virgo Capri & Taurus - change plans/communicate and resolve family issues today.

Libra Aquarius Gemini - A day to enjoy and spend time with spouse / your love one.

Scorpio and Cancer - communications and travel, a day to enjoy and attend an art function/like.

Pisces - A day when you should avoid arguments with authority and keep ego/anger in control.

These are trends and if you want to ask a specific query do ask on FB & if very persoanl write at and in case you want a complimentary book of mine do send request wil add details/tel no/ occupation to

Be calm, meditate, courage is required when you fail and be calm when you win & acieve.

warmly - bless me and add friends in the group - any inputs?

Shanker Adawal
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