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In Deference Of Astrology

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Sanskrit based Astrologers have been the torch bearers for Indian masses since times immemorial. They have been instrumental in shaping and planning their various ceremonies like birth, bringing up children, education, aptitude, match making, marital problem, career counseling, illness and death etc. the smooth performance of these is indicative of a successful life. The ethic sprits of Astrology keep the society inclined towards righteous and controlled desires. This sustain the society against, not only their grief, but also against the misrule and maladministration of any Government. The upheavals, demonstrations, Crimes and corruption in vogue now are at the incitement of the minuscule class for high class living at the expense of many. That class considers itself above moral laws. In consequence they are despiteful to laws of land also. They have no faith in the cultural precepts which of source the masses hold in veneration. A typical example is the Indian Army. Majority in the army is composed of the personnel form the main stream of the Indian Society. It is the cultural mass syndrome which lends to it a disciplined and non-political character, which is under admiration world over. It is the healthiest organ of the Indian Union.
With its foreign language syndrome, the university education embraces a few of the Indian people, leaving out the bulk of talent of the country unspotted. The word University is misnomer. Westernized University education gives no merit to non-acquisitive society and to its indigenous learning, which are in wait; to be made fast food by the over-Bering exotic education gives no merit to non-acquisitive society and to its indigenous leaning. Vedant, Indian Medical Science Aurved, and Yoga are the indigenous branches of learning, which are in wait, to be made fast food by the over-bearing exotic education. Already dissenting voices against Yoga are being raised, that is against Christianity. Allopathic doctors call the Ayurved counter parts as quakes. As regard the caliber of the produce from the Universities, record of the Indians evolving any indigenous discoveries or technologies, is most dismal despite India having an enviable number of science and engineering and Medical graduates. They live up entirely on borrowed knowledge. How long would Indians live on doses of doles.

The curx of the matter is that evolution of knowledge takes place only when the natives are cultured to interpret the world and act as per milieu in which they are born and made to live. Thus the nourishing source remains active. In such a domestic atmosphere the foreign syndrome, howsoever exotic, gets ineffective.

There is reluctance on the part of the West to transfer higher theory and technology. Liberalist economy is confined to fast food, Cola drinks, MacDonald preserved chicken and such other ephemera, thus denting the style of fresh, warm and balanced Indian intake. Planting Astrology in hostile climate is going to be a daring move. It would beed the highest security with a spread out right from School level and that too using an Indian language. The intelligence and acumen of Indian educationists shall be on test.

A number of institutions in the Country impart courses in Astrology. An unhappy experience is that their syllabus, bereft of Sanskrit, Scriptures and Proptaian Technical leaves much, which is essential. Astrology without these is like a plant without roots. Astrologers without these are like a plant without roots. Astrologers from these institutions fail to achieve the standard as of those who are from Sanskrit Colleges. How could there be growth without roots. They are mostly taught mechanics of prediction. In astrology prediction and prevention of hand in hand. Later, being practical application, require deep overall knowledge. A person's inhibitions are deciphered from the horoscope. There upon it is the pious duty of the Astrologer to extract from his or her heritage and style of living, a psyche or a virtue which on being impressed, may prop up his or her failing spirits and pave the way for higher evolution.

Subject of Astrology covers a wide spectrum of knowledge. Sanskrit, ethics, Mathematics, Astronomy, Cosmic Science and Scriptures are its essential components. The curriculum may have to be spread out from School level with languages-Sanskrit, English and one national Language. Study in English (bereft of its are and literature stress) and in the national language may terminate at 10+2 level and Sanskrit combined with Astrology may carry over to graduation level together with Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics/Biology as at present. Preliminary lessons in Astrological Sciences could continue upto 10+2 level in the national language, starting from Class IX. This package may also be found adequate for students to diversify to the technical faculties i.e. Medical, Engineering etc. a rough sketch is given above. Of-course authorities in branch of education are the competent ones to formulate a suitable curriculum.

The proposed move for Astrology may require unprecedented courage and wisdom. If the move is not put off and is a fact non verbal, the present period would go down in the history of Astrology as the culmination of the Herculean efforts of the pioneers in astrology in the south who popularized astrology amongst the intelligential and showed its scientific temper.

Shanker Adawal
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