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4)      The Ashwini born natives can conqour their restlessness by meditation though it has been seen that male native conqour this void at the age of 40 years and females at the age of 45. With reference to 'Yonis', this group belong to male (Pursh) Yoni and such persons normally turn out do be doctors, good orators, writers expert in Shastras. They show their supremacy in the fields of their work until other planets have a difference sotry to tell with reference to personal horoscope. Such persons are also known to welcome the challenge of the circumstances and normally come out with flying colors. It may also be mentioned that such natives belong to Divine (Goldy) category.

5)      In this chart, the native was born under Ashwini Nakshtra at 10.40 degree in the sign of Mars (Aries) but in the sixth house with other planets as indicated in the chart. In Navamsha, the Moon comes to 7th house in its own sign Cancer with Exalted Jupiter. The native has turned to be a leading Dental Surgeon. It has been found that such natives are stubborn in their nature and would not like to change their decisions. At the same time such natives experience patience even at the time of greatest peril. Firm though at times hated by their own men and relatives because of stubborn attitude.

6)      Female natives born under this Nakshtra tend to show more of the characteristics of male and are not vulnerable to men folk. Such females (Ashwini Born) have the capacity to earn from themselves. They have been found to be weak at heart but their outward expression tends to show arrogance primarily due to inherent quality of Yoni at birth. At times, if the native is born at 2 degrees or 3 degrees, they suffer from migraine headache and heart trouble also. Depending on their personal combination, there is delay in the marriage and at times even the betrothal (ring ceremony etc) is broken. From the astrological contexts, it is found that the marriage normally takes placed between the age 26 years to 30 years i.e. may be at 26, 27, 28 or so. In this chart, there was break in the marriage proposal and the next suitable match is being searched. This supports the astrological context that the earlier proposal for marriage was not at the ripe time. Even otherwise such natives have to be capable to earn for themselves have to be capable to earn for themselves and thus they take time in acquiring the requisite education and set-up for life. It may be noted that the Moon was in Aswini with Saturn and that too in the 8th House. The 7th Lord Jupiter thought with Venus is aspected by Saturn apart from the fact that 7th Lord also comes within the axis of Rahu-Ketu. Hence delay in marriage.

7)      Without multiplying the examples of Ashwini born natives, it would suffice to refer to another chart which belong to high ranking Government Officer. The native was born under this Nakshtra at 3.56 degree only i.e. in the 2nd charan of Nakshtra. Though having all comforts of life and high position, the present Dasha of Mars and analysis of 10th house have put him in mental tension with reference to some service matters. It would be seen that such native are known to get their works done and without being noticed by others and welcome all circumstances and come out with flying colors. This is what was expected in this case also because such a native come out with flying colors though in this case Mercury and Jupiter are combust and the Venus though exalted is near the Sun who himself is in the grip of Rahu and Ketu. In this case the native was born on 11.03.1951 are  if such native is born between 14th April to 28th April when Sun is transiting Aswini at exalting point and from 14th to 28th October hen the Sun will be transiting his debilitated place in Sawati (Libra) the stubbornness become more predominant.

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