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2)      The Lord of Ashwini is Ketu. Other Nakshtras owned by Ketu being Magha and Moola. Aswini falls in Aries ruled by Mars; Magha falls in Leo ruled by the Sun and Moola falls in Saggitarius ruled by Jupiter. Here comes the point for consideration that an Ashwini born native would be governed by Ketu, Mars if the degree of the Moon upto 13.20.

3)      Persons born under Ashwini Nakshtra are of Tamasic Guna and as per astrological canons, such persons possess more resistance power and even if at times they are wrong, they have a tendency to resist their point of view. Depending on the placement of the Moon (sign and house) such natives, though negatives but are not bad at heart. Their internal energy gives them positive idea and energy exposed gives the negative ideas. Be that as it may with reference to Tamasic Guna, normally there is friction in the family life as also in the public i.e. indication of restlessness all the time specially when the Moon happens to be weak i.e. in the immediate vicinity (upto 72 degrees) of the Sun.

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