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Special Beneficial Yogas

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)
In this column, we shall be giving 10 special combinations normally considered to be beneficial for the persons concerned. If you are not reaping the indicated benefits, please do write to the Editor for research work with reference to modern times. At the same time it is mentioned that the research work with reference to modern times. At the same time it is mentioned that the result of these Yogas are broad and general and the totality of the horoscopes including the degree-wise strength of the planet can't be ignored.

  1. Jupiter in the Vth house or IXth house of a horoscope is capable of conferring high institutional powers if the native resorts to the Worship of Lord Shiva including recitation of Manta 'Mahamritanjaya' given in this journal.     (According to Hora Ratnam, Jupiter in the Vth house is capable of giving children, making the native philanthropist, prosperous and wealthy i.e. capable of given all comforts of life.)

  1. The Sun-Moon opposition i.e. The Sun in the Xth house and the Moon IV house, can cause changes in profession once in sever years. Or, the native should be in a position to derive income form two sources or should be in a position to do two thing at a time i.e. studies as well as services etc.

  1. A benefic planet, particularly Mercurry, the Lord of wisdom, in the IIIrd house from the Lagna (Ascendant) will bless one with a very beautiful handwriting.

  1. If Jupiter at birth of the native happens to be Retrograde, it is considered by some astrologers that one of the children of the native must be born with Jupiter Retrograde.

  1. Rahu in exaltation or otherwise well placed in the 7th house is considered by some astrologers that it may bring huge gain from in-laws.

  1. The native is likely to live with all comforts of life i.e. leading a princely life if Saturn is in Vargottama in Leo. Check the position or Saturn in various charts.

  1. The XII lord in the IVth house may bless the native with foreign education including one on scholarships.

  1. The native will receive distinction and scholarship education including some awards if a benefic planet or lord of 1st, V or IX house is in the IVthe house aspected by the SUN.

  1. One is likely to show deep interest in occult sciences (astrology, palmistry, numerology, tantrik etc.) if Saturn is in XII house reckoned from the Vth Lord's position.

  1. Jupiter in the XIth house gives a long span of life to the native's father.
Shanker Adawal
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