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Skin disease and its cure

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

We have noticed that there is a colored aura around the back of the head of our God, Goddess. In fact this aura is also with every person. The brightness of the aura is the main criteria. The more the brightness of the aura the more the person will be powerful. He will have all the eight powers (sidhies) like make oneself tiny, or very big in size of weight or weightless etc. Sun is kind amongst the planets on account of its highest brightness heat and other factors. There is a certain proportion of colour in this aura provided by the nature. Any variation in the propoition of the colour of the aura eill becomes the cause of the disease of that particular colour.

This can be traced back to the Indian system of the medicine which entirely is based on the aura and treatment of the patient is done by balancing the colour of the aura. According to Hindu mythology the Chariot of the Sun is driven by the sever horses.

Newton knew astrology. He co-related these seven horses with the colour of a Spectrum.

According to the Spectrum, the red colour has the following properties.

-It has the maximum wavelength.
-It does not bead easily
-It has heating property

The violet colour is just reverse of the red colour and has the following properties :

-It has the minimum wavelength
-It bends vigorously
-It is cold by nature.

Photo Synthesis

Leaves are green because they contain cell bodies called chloroplasts. Thus green colour material is called Chlorophyll. Green plants use chlorophyll to trap energy from the Sun. they synthesis an organic compound called Carbohydrate, using carbon dioxide and water from the environment and energy from Sun light. Oxygen is thus released in the process. Carbon dioxide used in photosynthesis comes from air and water from soil. The photosynthesis takes place in the presence of a catalyst called Chlorophyll is present in the plant.


Respiration is the process by which living things break down food by burning out the oxygen breathed in the form of air, to form carbon dioxide and water. As such respiration is the process just reverses the process of photosynthesis.

Here the leave which traps the Sun's rays is through the skin and the role of difference veins and respiratory system is involved. As such Mercury in astrology refers to skin, deafness and stammering and the central nervous system and the reparatory system.

As has been mentioned the disease ruled by Mercury are based on photosynthesis and the respiration.

Newton's law is 'Similar pole repel each other'. In the case we have to regulate the green colour. If we use emerald it will, no doubt provide relief but it has the qualities of repelling of the green rays. It does not balance the proportion of green colour.

The best way to cure the Skin disease is to balance the proportion of the colour in the body. Chartty works as a voltage stabilizer. The stabilizer reduces the supply if it there is high voltage, it increases if there is low voltage. As such we recommend charitty of a few products, let us discuss a case study.

Let us discuss a case study.

Saturn (R)

Ketu 24 50

Moon 17.10

Jup. 14.17

Rahu 24 50

Mercury (R) 18 59
Sun 29 53

Mars 6.20

The family of the girl visited us with the girl. She was in very-bad shape. Whenever she wanted to laugh, the wrinkle appeared and she looked quite older than her age. She was hardly 24 years. The face bore the patches and instead of glow of face skin on account of the young age. She had a deserted look. She was most frustrated on account of her weak memory. The family was very frantically in search of a suitable boy. They were losing the hope day by day.

The author told him (father of the girl) that before we make efforts for marriage it is necessary to restore her health so that there is proper and fruitful discussion. They agreed to perform the astral remedies. It is the primary duty of the astrologer first to prove mental relief to the person and his family. Moon rules over this. The degree of Moon 17 and Ketu 25 influencing the Moon. They were advised to do the following astral remedies in order to have proper equilibrium in the body:

-         To distribute 30 Kg, Rice to 30 needy persons (One Kg. each)
-         To distribute 2 Kg. Suji Halwa to the needy persons
-         To distribute 10 Kg. black gram fried in mustard Oil
-         To feed the cow daily 40KG of green grass

Rice will maintain the imbalance of the Moon rays which are very weak.
Halwa will repel and regulate the rays of ketu.
Black gram will provide yellow colour rays which are very necessary for the body. Mustard Oil will regulate the Violet rays.

She was passing through the Sub-period of Mercury in main period of Saturn from 17-07-1995. When she fell sick and the nature deprived her of glamour.

They were advised to discontinue any medicine which they might be giving her to control disease.

They visited after a month. There was remarkable improvement in her behavior. The mother who was not able to walk properly seemed to be too much relaxed. Moon is the signification of mother and distribution of rice will control the rays of Moon. So the mother also felt happy.

No doubt it took three months to restore her health but it was only through the repelling of the ray and no medicine was prescribed to her. Thereafter they were advised to settle the marriage.

Shanker Adawal
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