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Search your inner soul via Meditation, Part - I

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1)  Believe it or not, Mediation has been around the world even before the written history. All religions be it Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism etc., Meditation has a traditional placed in all though only few person resort to mediation in search of peace for self and for the world. Who gets to mediation intern, depends on the planetary forces with which the native was born. In other words, apart from other planet, placement of Jupiter has a major role to play via mediation. Other persons are induced to meditation on advice fro the improvement of their SELF-morally, physically and mentally. Meditation has various facets and it depend on the native to the extent he is devoted to do meditation some do it seriously with all devotion where as some would just complete formality i.e. by recitation of a mantra or so.

2)  The unanswered question is what MEDIATION is. Some say to attain spirituality Moksha, meditation is the Path, other are satisfied in saying that Meditation is a process that is an end in itself. A systematic technique fro taking hold of and concentrating to the utmost degree our lantant mental power. It consists in training the mind, aspecially attention and will, so that we can set forth from the surface level of conscienoseness and journey into the very depths."

3)   By deep concentration, the native gets absorbed by the object of his attention to the point where he no longer feels separate from it. Result one feel relaxed yet alert and receptive yet undistracted. Desires to get anything and to go any where – the native simply pays attention and relax in the moment of mental bliss. Meditation gives enhanced ability to focus attention and concentrate. But how to control the Mind (In astrology our mind is the Moon). Hence the Moon has a big role to play in the field of meditation and it is stable mind (MOON) which is messing in searching your inner-self.

4)  Meditation is an act (Deed)-Karma. Mental stress etc, can be controlled or removed via mediation which has been accepted as a technique ideally suited to a persons' physical, emotional and mental needs.

5)   In medical science, the doctors have been using and advising meditation to the patients. Mediation is use to help people to manage pain or reduce/remove any type of illness via meditation which includes recitation of some Mantra –even the recitation of one word – ALL-IN-ONE-'OM' is sufficient for concentration of mind and getting recovered from the diseases. It is known to all that in yogas and naturopathy mediation has been given a high place and physicians and the rapists have trained patients in meditation to help them to recover from the illness-at times imaginary. I have read about one Dean Ornish, a well known physician and author from Palo Alto Calif. It is stated that he used meditation as part of his programmed to help heart attack victims with severs arterial blockages via meditation (apparently depending on the condition of the patient). Further, it is stated that Meditation help the blood in the body to flow more freely-thus reducing future risks of heart attacks and strokes. Recently, a Mantra Healing Centre had been established at Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi though the move had been criticized by some of the opponents including been critcised by some of the opponents including Doctors. I had congratuled the Delhi Government specially Shri Sahib Singh Verma and Health Minister Shri Harash Vardhan for the good move keeping in view that the whole infrastructure i.e. medical science, astrology, yogas, naturopathy, Ayurvedic system of medicine etc. exist for the welfare of mankind removal of their troubles – mental and physical.
6)   The concept of meditation has spread to westerners and Indian's system of Mantras and Vedic Astrology had been received well. All are in search of mental peace though the peace has to come from 'within' of the native – hence the need to search your soul. If this concept of meditation is practiced, accepted and preached by Nations, the global tension would come to an end peace would prevail.

Shanker Adawal
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