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Saturn - The Planet of Destiney

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)
  1. Some aspects of Saturn were discussed in first article conditioning our discussion and progressive transit of Saturn (degree wise) we precede further about what the Saturn has in store for you in 1998 and thereafter so long Saturn remains in Aries.
  2. Health-wise some discuses were indicated. In addition. Saturn in Aries represent diseases which proceed from cold and obstruction-melancholy, epilepsy, black jaundice, toothache, fistulas, dropsy, leprous and so on.
  3. as is known that each sign of the Zodiac speak of some portion/part of the body will be more sensitive to indicate which portion of the body and the placement of Saturn would disease resulting from poor circulation including in connection with excretory functions. In Aries, Saturn indicates sensitiveness of the head including deafness in some cases. In Taurus, Saturn may indicate tonsillitis, glandular tubes, chest lungs etc. since the present write up is only for Saturn in Aries. Astrologers may easily determine the threat to the body (health) with reference to affliction of Saturn.
  4. From 11th June, 1998 Saturn would be in Aswini-3 (6.40 to 10.00 degrees). Practically it remains in this pada of Nakshtra including in its Retrograde motion upto 22nd October, 1998. Therefore the effect this portion would be more felt as Saturn would be more felt as Saturn would be affecting previous houses when in retrograde motion.
  5. From 11th June, 1998 to 15th August, 1998 Saturn in its Direct motion transits Aswini-3. The planets involved are Mars, Saturn and Ketu. Natives Bom in Aswini-3 with Saturn are found to be clever in their business and may have to travel extensively for business purposes. Normally, they keep cordial relations with their employees and are interested in their welfare. Most of them are ambitious but also short-tempered.
  6. Practical knowledge about Saturn in Aswini-3 is provided by the horoscope of N.V.Godes who is known for the murder of father of Nation-Mahatma Gandhi. Mars in lagna also become the lord of house of injuries (6th house) and the native apparently become more cruel with Ketu ruling Aswini getting to Practically same degrees of Lagna and Mars add influence of cruelty including on account of Saturn and Ketu- apparently brain becomes thoroughly violent. The Moon-controller of mind is nor free from the influence of Mars or from the Moon as Ascendant. Even when the Sun is taken as Ascendant, it comes under the influence of Ketu adding to the violent thinking.
  7. For Saturn, benefic signs are 3, 6 and 11 and malefic signs are 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10 and 12. Aries is malefic sign for Saturn, here a word about the transit of Saturn is inevitable. Though the position of planets at birth is fixed but there is no stoppage of planetary movement (transit-Gocher'). Gochar (transit) means the passage of planets through certain angular positions from the natal Moon (Rasi). Gochar results should never be interpreted without reference to rule Dasha/Antra/Prantara of the native. Gochar records the effects of the changes in the positions and movements of the planets on individuals and nations for any particular time. Mark the position of natal Moon and position of other planets and then read the combined transiting influences. Regarding Saturn transit in 12th, 1st and 2nd house from the Neatal Moon goes under the technical name 'Sada-Sati-7 and half years cycle. This particular period of 2 and half year's in one sign is dreaded by many as 'highly manlefic' though it may not be so as there may be improvement from the position of other planets and the ruling DAsha/Antra/Prastantra. If all the circumstance i.e. strength of the planets, prevalent Dash etc. Are bad and malefic, results have to be very bad such as quarrels, misunder, standing, implication and entanglement in litigation, failure of business, restlessness of mind, change of place, sickness of self and in the family and metal worry on various counts. One having good longevity, Sade-sati period may be thrice in life, first time, the result may be bad, in the second time there may be no evil effects and in the third time, physical health may suffer including death unless longevity is given by other planets and combinations.
we shall be averting in details about the Tranist of Saturn but briefly the results would be with reference to each sign from the Natal Moon: (1) Danger and loss of money, (2) sorrow and accidents, (3) gains and prosperity, (4) expenses, sickness and worry, (5) grief and trouble, (6) happiness and access to property, (7) mental and physical addictions and great suffering, (8) fear, bad reputation and worry, (9) loss of money, ill health and misfortune, (10) loss of wealth, (11) cruelty and access to money, and (12) danger, worry and financial strain . All these results may or may not happen. Hence the need to give well-guarded pronouncements by astrologers. These results must not be applied blindly

Shanker Adawal
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