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Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Many things are wrought by prayer. Similarly, many obstacles are removed by giving something in charity/aims/donations etc. In India, the concept of charity is well known and looking to the ancient culture, many poor homes etc are being run and including those run by the Government.  Charitable institutions – voluntary organizations are doing their best to do service to the humanity. Thought the form and method differs from institution to institution. Actually all these institutions do not necessarily cater to the needs of poor for whom charity is meant. Similarly, the organizations (YMCA) and known hospitals in Delhi namely Mulchand Khairati Hospital, Ganga Ram Hospital etc. no longer purely exist for the poor though they may have some small section for general public and outpatients. Without dwelling on the actual facts, it is stated that in astrology, the remedial measures consist of charity, yantras, festing, mantras, and apart form gems.


Feeding the poor, i.e. charity in any form is the most accepted method of removal of personal difficulties and has been ranked as 'invaluable weapon' to over come the effects of bad planets. Charity can take various forms for that the Editor may be consulted.


Rich and poor existed, exist and will continue to exist. But what has been cherished even in the constitution of India is the equitable distribution of income, wealth etc. and concentration of the wealth/power in the hands of few has been deplored in the democratic set-up. But with 50 years of independence, the things have not improved and the poor remains practically at the same strata though in metropolises, some improvement is indicated. But, there is no solace for the man in the street.


 We have planetary cabinet – The Sun, the Moon are royal planets, Mercurry is Prince, Jupiter and Venus are Ministers and Saturn is the servant. Therefore the poor and rich must exist and co-exist together. When we have the king, we need the people to serve him.


Shanker Adawal



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