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Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

We are all governed by STARS but it has been seen that some time you are given something by it has been that some time you are given something by surprise and even when not expecting. This is on account of auspicious time which comes in everybody's life. In other cases, it has been seen that natives believes more in karma and follow the principle 'rule the planets instead of being rules by them'.


The latest example of unexpected luck is of the Prime Minister Shri Inder Kumar Gujral who became Prime Minister of India on 21.04.1997.


Every thing is fair in love and war the hold good in politics also. The entry of some persons known for their criminal record had gained entry in politics through their respective parties. This is not true in Indian politics but all over the world. In the Hindustan Times dated 7th October, 1995, it was reported 'politician's concern 83' Criminal' to contest poll in Russia and from the news item it was found that leading Russian politicians urged electoral authorities to take action against 83 suspected criminals who were running as candidates. Mikhail Molostson, Press spokesman of the Communist Party said' In almost every region of Russia, there are people who earned money through illegal means and now hope to escape criminal investigation by elected to the Duma'.


How people and the country is better now is left to be judge by the readers. Tracing history, Pandit Nehru had appealed to the nation for hard work and January 26th was said to be a day of significance (The Times of India dated 26.1.1950). So continues the appeals by the leaders and others. The progress of the nation is dependent on many factors including high character, integrity and the principles of Gandhiji. Apart from the planetary position governing the nation from time to time, it is time to rejuvenate our youth and the older persons also to work sincerely for the country. Be that as it may, IT CONTINUS TO BE A BIG QUESTION MARK.


It was also on 26th Jan., 1950 that President Elect. Dr. Rajendrea Prasad suggested 'CLASSLESS SOCIETY SHOULD BE OUR AIM' and continuing he said: "We must rededicate ourselves --- for establishing a classless, co-operative free and happy society in the country". The present day 'United Front Government' does speak of co-operation among the parties but inside fighting-whether from major parties i.e. the Congress or BJP or among the members of the United Front continues to mar the situation. This indicated that we have not stood to the principles enshrined and advocated with promulgation of the Constitution of India.


Some glimpses of the way how our political parties worked: and how the planets had a role to play with reference to India's Horoscope Taurus Lagna:


1)      Rao-Kesri flex their muscles – Cong. Chief for expulsion of convicted leaders – Ex.P.M. to strike back at leadership – The Hindustan Times dated 16.11.1996 (Sun in Scorpio (8th House) aspected by Mars – Saturday.

2)      Election for the Congress Party President – Shared Pawar and Rajesh Pilot lost the elections.

3)      Congress (Karnataka) expels 33 rebels- See the The Hindustan Times date 15.11.1994. This shows that seed of rift was sown long ago and may continues. (Sun in its last degrees in Libra-Saturn  and Venus Retrograde in Libra and Acquirus)-Tuesday.

4)      Gowda Govt. falls – Trust move defeated – The Hindustan Times dated 12.4.1997 – BJP not likely to stake claim. (Sun in last degrees in Pisces (11th house) Retrograde Mars aspecting the Sun - Saturday).


The above examples can be multiplied but it may not be possible to do the same in view of limited space in this journal.


What is the solution – all parties must work together and the defeated political leaders must have patience to wait for their turn. All the parties have one common object-service to the country and its people – this purpose is defeated in view of rifts among the parties. The Divine Advice – ALL PARTIES MUST WORK TOGETHER and solve their differences for the country and its people.


Shanker Adawal



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