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Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)
Every (normally) wishes to have income/wealth and other comforts of life whether he has the beneficial planetary position or not. It is true that the changing period (Dashas and antra-dashas) of bring in good results vis-à-vis bad results. But, everybody cannot become rich and even at times the presence of raj-yogas or exalted planets fial to give the needed. Following are the important raj-yogas:


  1. If in birth chart there are planets occupying their sign of exaltation, the native becomes a king of kings – rulers over many territories.
  2. If there are only five planets in exaltation and there is Jupiter in strength in the Lagna (Ascendant), the native become a king.
  3. If the Moon occupies its sing of exaltation in the Ascendant (Taurus Lagna) and there are in all 6 planets in exaltation, the native becomes a king
  4. If all planets are occupying their sign of exaltation anywhere in the horoscope, then also the native becomes a king.
  5. In case all the planets are located in their own sing, the native though not a king becomes equal to king in status i.e. the present day VIP.
  6. If three planets occupy their Mool-trikona signs or if 3 planets are in friendly signs in retrogression and the rest are located in exaltation without occupying their debilitation Navamasha, the native may have status equal to that of a king.
  7. Even a single planet located in exaltation aspected by its friend make the native a king having much wealth and successful due to co-operation of his friends. On the other hand, it many planets are occupying inimical or debilitation sign, the native becomes devoid of wealth and comforts. Such persons may also foolish and diseased.

Shanker Adawal



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