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Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Marriage in India in the social sense is a sexual relationship enters into with the intention of making it permanent for continuing Human Race. Marriage can be classified into 8 types. They were common in ancient times. They were common in ancient times. They are: Braham, Dev, Aarsh, Gandharav, Asur, Demon, Paishach and Swayamvar.


1)      Braham Marriage:- When the groom and the near relatives and friends are invited in marriage and bride is sent with Istri Dhan. This type of marriage is quite popular in modern times also and popularly called as Settled Marriage.


2)      Dev Marriage:- Marriage solemnized when groom is chosen in an auspicious ceremony at once place is called 'Dev Marriage'.


3)      Aarsh Marriage:- In' Aarsh Marriage', the groom offers gifts to the parents of the bride. These type of marriages are now a says solemnized in Far East.


4)      Gandharav Marriage:- Marriage solemnized without the consent and knowledge of elders in private is called 'Gandharav Marriage'.


5)      Demon Marriage:- Marriage solemnized with the lady won in war is called 'Demon Marriage'. The question of such a marriage usually does not arise now-a-days.


6)      Asur Marriage:- Marriages solemnized with the demand of dowry are called 'Asur Marriages'.


7)      Paishach Marriage:- Marriages solemnized by deceiving and pressurizing by the use of power or otherwise are called 'Paishach Marriages'.


8)      Swayamvar:- These type of marriages were popular upto the medieval periods in India. The bride use to exercise her own will in choosing the groom. These types of marriages were popular among the people of kingly status.


As already indicated some of the marriages are solemnized in modern times also. In addition to this, court marriages are quite popular in the Western World. Court marriages in India are not common since they are not according to our social norms and oblivious too since contract of marriage is something more than a civil agreement between the partners. No law can promise happy married life since these are very private and personal matters.


In India, elders of both bride and groom take great care before engaging them to sacred wedlock. Normally family background of both the partners, difference between the age of bride and groom, income-height, their education, features, health, general behaviour and agreement between both boy and girl are taken into account before solemnizing the marriage. These are important factors for the happy married life between the boy and girl.


Shanker Adawal



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