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My Astro Read for May 11, 2010, if it is your Birthday, Stock Trends. For Queries become member of “Dr. Shanker Adawal’s Fan Club” on Facebook. Platform for Research & Learning.

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Predictions based on Bhrigu Nadi Tecnique

MY GENERAL ASTRO TIP FOR MAY 11, 2010: A day to plan, communicate and atretegize on finances /partnerships.

IF IT IS YOUR BITHDAY TAODAY. Be crative but not unrealistic. Born entrepreneurs and avoid being hypochondriac. A year when you will focus on wife, family and financé. Will be a positive year for material growth generally.

STOCKS: Stocks dealin with liquid loke chemicals and home rpoducats will do well  - trend.

ARIES: You will be in a light mood .Good day to spend time woth opposite sex. People in glamour/sales/PR will benefit.

TAURUS: Self will be dominant – planning will be key – issues of partnership can be resolved – not a good day for property matters – can have satisfying time if in love.

GEMINI: In issues of plnning – communication/ authority dealing – need to take care – do not go beyond a point. People in relationships should not argue.

CANCER: Not a satisfying day with office / issues with job – search / subordinates – maintain low key – also be cautious if dealing with property today – a day of change . Those with bad health to take care today.

LEO: While daeling with autority / elders – some disconnect possible – will have to plan and the ned will be satisfying. To take care if you have migranes/ bone pain ect – do not neglect.

VIRGO: Changes with regard to plans/communications / sudden changes will dieturb you. Be steady.Take care of mother if health issues with her. A day for a good drive and a stop over with a loved one – will be soothing -- .
LIBRA: Plans will not be going as your desire. Problems with wife /partner . Do not plan a property deal today .Physical aspect will be dominant in relationship and younger brother – if health or other issues to be taken of seriously.

SCORPIO: You will with your mercurial part be able to set things in order for yourself and also plan an overseas trip today. Do not dabble with property today – avoid if possible. The crnal instinct high in love and realatioship – will be soothing.

SAGITTARIUS: A day to take things in lighter vein. Will take it easy and best to party / spend times with the loved ones – whomsoever. Also a good day for those dealing in electronics and allied things. Venus related activities will do well.

CAPRICORN: Be careful in the job space .Do not do important things today – stars not inclined. Do not change action plan – be calm for today. You would like to have someone with whom you can boast about yourself – a loved one can only be of help. If mother / grandfather not well – take care of them.

AQUARIUS: Problems with family, finance and job – some fears may creap – just be level headed. Any lady in the house if unwell – take special care in diagnosis etc. Time with family the best medicine today for you.

PISCES: Though everything looks good in the  job and allied space but keep a watch on negative backend plans . You will be able to control. A mix of time with family and some strokes by your partner /lover will be good.

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Bless Me


Shanker Adawal
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